Week #3 Lets Go

When I first looked at the syllabus, everything seems fine but when I started the class on the first day I was lost. I had no idea what I was doing or how to navigate the platform. I was a needle in haystack  . Completely lost!

As time when by and we venture into the third week of class, I was blown away. My initial reaction was wow.

I was blown away when I realized what the class was about and whats the actual work I would be doing.

Currently, I’m an Accounting major and this is a completely different field of work for me. I have never taken a class of this nature and this is the first time. The work is absolutely different and so is the material being covered.

As I mentioned, I had never embarked on sucks a task before and I am extremely interested in learning something new to add to my life, resume and potentially my career.

I also took a look at your profile and your work . Prof Ryan Seslow ( click here to view)



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