Aside From My Mid-Semester Stress, Here’s My Mid-Semester Progress

How am I doing in CT101? What grade do I believe I am maintaining? 

We’ve reached the midpoint of our semester where many of us are reminded of the halfway distance towards freedom, whether it’s freedom from York because graduation, or freedom from the strain of distance learning. However, we’re also assessing how we might be doing and where we may need to pick up the slack before closing the book on this semester. For me in CT 101, I’d say I’m doing just average. I could be doing a hell of a lot better for sure. So maybe– a B.

What I’ve learned, most of all, would be how one can harness creativity in something as mundane as a class assignment. This  is a class where creativity in a class assignment is appreciated, and I do appreciate that myself. I don’t often get the chance to be creative with my writing as a journalism major. I think the greatest asset I’ve gained from the class so far is that I’m learning to use many tools that have existed on the internet that I’ve never used before, such as meme generators. 

(I’m not one to create memes, I usually just laugh and share them). 

As of this point in the semester, I’ve used my CT 101 digital skills to embed and create GIFs, generate memes, and explore meanings of art that go beyond the stroke of a paintbrush, pencil, pen or whichever artistic utensil you choose to create art with. 

If I take the time to self-reflect and examine my performance, I would say I could use some improvement. There’s two assignments I’m missing, which includes the ds106 project. I kind of felt overwhelmed by that particular one and didn’t know where to start. Definitely should have reached out for help on that one…

There were TONS of things I didn’t know prior to the class. Some of it I mentioned before, like the meme generator websites to memes being a form of art. Maybe that last one was more of a “realization.”

I definitely see my weekly posts becoming more creative but more in thought than actual content, such as my last post with the domain names. I could definitely work on the content aspect, but part of it is just me, admittedly, slacking on some of the work. But each post is different, so you’ll get a different outcome for all of them, especially depending on how passionate you may be for a select post. 


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