Assignment #1 – Hardstyle, B-front, The Mandalorian & D23

What makes me happy on the internet are Hardstyle, B-front, The Mandalorian and D23

Hardstyle? What is Hardstyle you say? Well….. it’s the most energetic and pumping music ever and that is why this music makes me so happy.

Here is a gif of a famous Hardstyle DJ named Rejecta dancing to it, which is how most people of the Hardstyle community dances to it:

I have been listening to Hardstyle since 2013 and there is not a day that goes by without me listening to at least one Hardstyle song. Even though people now a days will like this specific genre of music and some probably make fun of how it sounds, which I don’t blame them because in a way it does sound like what they saying which are bird sounds and someone knocking/banging on the wall or door really hard.

Another thing that makes me happy from the internet is recently one of my favorite DJs named B-Front released a music video for his new song called “We Will Never Break” for the WiSH Outdoor festival anthem and I really love how both the music video and song are well-produced. The way that the music video is filmed from different perspectives/angles is very creative. Also I like that the beat drop syncs with the switching of the camera angles, it even makes me want to dance like nobody’s watching.

His Instagram page is filled with recaps and highlights of his accomplishments over the years as well as amazing music releases. Every time I get a notification from B-Front’s Instagram, I get excited and anxious to see what’s next for his career or what crazy news/surprise he has to show/tell us.

Me when I get a Instagram notification from B-Front

Also, It’s really nice to always be updated from him with upcoming releases and collaborations with other DJs. This music video shown below will make you get up from your seat and start dancing away, so GO and Click that YouTube video and I promise you won’t regret watching and listening to a masterpiece from the melodic master himself, B-Front, as I like to call him.

If any of you guys are Disney, Marvel and Star Wars fanatics, then you know that D23 was this weekend. The reason why I love D23 is because of the trailers that they announce and show at the panels for any upcoming series streaming to Disney+. Who wouldn’t like the shows related to Star Wars, especially if it has lightsaber battles between Sith and Jedi and the dark side of the force which I love so much. I even went to D23 one time with my dad and sister and it was (extremely hot) for three days, but it was a very nice experience, overall. So, my all-time favorite show is “The Mandalorian” and the season 3 teaser trailer had came out yesterday and it looks FANTASTIC!!!

Not to spoil you on anything, but the teaser trailer includes two people reuniting, Bo-Katan and the planet Mandalore. I’m not saying anything more and leaving it up to you to interpret and guess what else is to come from this before you watch the teaser trailer.

But, Here I will leave you the YouTube link to watch the season 3 teaser trailer for The Mandalorian or you could click the video (below):

Let me know what you think of this after you have watched it. Thank you for letting me give you an insight of what makes me happy on the internet.

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  1. Excellent work on this!
    Great display and application of content and supporting media embedding!
    The visuals help connect to the emotions and sentiments in your words, as you can see, this is a creative process!
    Thank you!

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