Assignment #1 What makes me happy on the internet .

Hello everyone I’m Kyla and I’m 22 years old. Because of this pandemic we’ve all been staying home a-lot more than we normally would . With that being said we also have been on our phones a whole lot too . I usually have been pretty active on social media but not as much as the average young adult my age . Ive always told my friends and everyone around me , Once they see me in Tik Tok that they finally know that I am bored beyond words. Originally I thought we would be quarantined for a matter of months not a whole year . When we first went into quarantine I was 5 months pregnant and now I have a 7 month old . although me and my fiance are grateful to have had the opportunity to grow with each other as well as get to see our baby girl grow up we really wish we could do more with her. http://

Things like this help a-lot because it helps me with little hacks for my baby.

http:// .

they also have things I think is super funny . this is one that ive been loving currently at the moment.

I cant figure out how to add gifs on here 😔.


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