Assignment #3 – Memes . . . Tis It Art? or Tis it Not?

“Are Memes Art?” is the question the internet continues to debate and as with many wars in the history of the world, there are always two main sides, and I personally in this on-going battle choose the side of MEMES BEING ART!

There are varying definitions of what constitutes “ART” and based on several definitions, internet memes fit into many categories of what is traditional art. According to Merriam-Webster, art is “the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic options”. Simply put, Art helps one to express themselves in creative ways, and like me and many others, MEMES help us to express our inner thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and ideas.

So  . . .  YES!

argue with yourself

I personally see memes as being a good thing for art. It has opened up a new realm of artistry, comedy, self-expression, and communication in an age of technology. Not everyone is good at traditional art like painting, drawing, etc. but memes give people the opportunity to create something unique, in their own vision but much easier to grasp. It’s not an “exclusive” club or something that people gatekeep.

Memes are not just for self-expression, it’s much more than art itself as well. Memes are therapeutic, and a cultural sensation that I don’t think will go away. For example, a trend on social media is to keep track of what meme went viral for the month, like a “meme calendar”.

Just to end off this blog, I’d like to share some of my favorite memes as of right now and one I made for CT101.

Favorite Memes (of right now)
me in 2020
DW is always a mood!

My CT101 MEME!