Assignment 9 – A domain in my own name …. kinda

Dorks are cool now a days !!!
Dorkdom has invaded almost every facet of multimedia. Most of the top grossing films of all time involve superheroes or some other type of sci-fi elements.
That and being a life long nerdy boy had me hoping and praying the domain name I wanted to use was available on
Some friends and I have had an idea floating around for a while. We would gather and create a space for ourselves to express and entertain others who are also of the nerdy persuasion.
So check the availability of the domain I want to use and Boom is born.
The process was simple and smooth, though I can’t imagine everyone had the same experience as me.
Thanks for footing the bill York, can’t wait to set up the site !!!

1 thought on “Assignment 9 – A domain in my own name …. kinda”

  1. Wow!
    I cant stop laughing as the domain name itself! Super fun and funny!
    Looking forward to seeing the dope ass dorks site evolve!!

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