Final Post For CT101

I Guess it’s Time to say Goodbye

A little trip down memory lane…

I remember reading the prompt for my first blog post. At the time I had no idea how to respond to a prompt like in CT101 since it was VERY different from what I had been accustomed to (essays, more essays and more essays). So it pretty much sucked as a blog post 😑.

BUT my second blog post was a little step up because now I understood how to include GIFs AND Memes (and I made my favorite One Piece Gif included above). I think my peek for blog posts would’ve been My Aaron Swartz Documentary post and THAT is a story I will never forget! During that same time I also made a post from the DS 106 Assignment Bank which gave me a chance to reflect on all my past creative work. By then I had posted my midterm and honestly, it was just up from there on…

I started to scour for website ideas and names. In the end I knew exactly what I wanted for my Website and after posting 2-3 blog posts up there I finally see my work going Somewhere. I even had the chance to review and interact with some of my classmates website and leave a few comments on their blogs. As a creator now I also got to explore the features of copyright, which is still a little confusing but I get the main idea!

My Website Journey

Website URL—>

At first Creating a website was intimidating but after working on it I’ve created something I’m excited about! Even though I watched the tutorials posted by Professor Seslow I enjoyed play around with my customizations and finding new things on my own. Eventually I ended up adding a Photo Gallery to my website’s menu. I like the collage feel of the 2021 Theme by WordPress so I decided to keep it and make my background Black because it goes well with all my images. My posts so far work as reviews of restaurants and at the end I always leave a score of recommendation for my readers.

Where to Next?

At the beginning of my website, I didn’t think much of it. However, as I’ve gotten to work with it I think over the summer I will continue to post and add features to it. I even posted an animation I made for another class on there and I am thinking to create a separate menu that features all my digital work on the site in addition to my food blogs. I also wanted to create a Instagram specifically called VinikaEats (like my website name) to features images and also create a community that can always refer back to my blogs.

What Have I Gained?

The question should be what have I not?? Not only am I now more versed in Digital creation but even my writing has gotten better. This class was very flexible and I’d recommend Professor Seslow to anyone! It was probably the least boring class I’ve had and also the only one I had my camera on for most of the time!


I totally crushed it so I should get an A+!

Bye Guysss! 🥰


A little backstory…

So a few weeks back I decided to make an animated cartoon for my Writing for Media class. After scouring the internet for ideas, I came across Animaker which is a great software for creating animated narratives. After I completed my project (which is posted on  my Website BTW), I received feedback from my Professor and she mentioned that the site keeps a copy of my work and I should explore other software for copyright reasons. After hearing about copyright for ages on the internet, I finally realized that as a creator now…I myself have to worry about copyright!

What is copyright?

I like animated videos explaining things so I thought I’d insert one into my post that explains copyright.

So what is it? Well copyright is simply put is the legal rights a creator of any content has over how his/her product is used. From the view of creators, copyright laws protect their property and gives them credit for the work they’ve done. However, copyright laws can sometimes become annoying and even confusing given all the components it has. Fair use allows certain amounts of creative work to be used by others in certain situations. But even fair use has limits!

A special condition that was explained in the video above states that if a parody of a piece of media is made, it isn’t considered unfair use since it creates something new. The new product however has to be completely new meaning… it shouldn’t exactly copy every feature of the original.



Why is there copyright?

Because artists deserve to get paid and be credited for their work! No seriously, I exists so that the owners of products or services can get recognition and gain profits from their work.

 Larry Lessig’s TEDTalk


In his TedTalk one specific quote that caught my attention from Larry Lessig was:

“Technology has made children different and as we see what this technology can do we need to recognize you can’t kill the instinct technology produces.”

I found this specific quote compelling because growing up in an age witnessing technology change I was able to explore the internet myself. Yes, there was a time I did not have Spotify and would listen to music other ways that did not give credit to artists. But on the other end I was just a teenager trying to get some music without paying. Because technology offered me the chance to listen without a subscription I took it and kids after me will too. I also believe that naturally humans will try to find their way around things and given the availability of technology, children from our age will be able to do so much more than copy and paste to make the obvious mistakes.


Of course my post wouldn’t be complete without the mandatory Luffy GIF… in this case.. it fits the copyright laws I’ve skipped over a few times…



My 2nd Blog Post + Social media added


My Second blog post is now up on—->

For my second blog post I decided to talk about my experience with Cantina Rooftop. I linked their Instagram to my blog post since I don’t usually use Twitter (other than for the viral memes sometimes).

Looking back at the start of this semester versus now when I blog on my own website, or even on other posts here on CT1o1, I find it so much easier to include text, Gifs and images in my posts compared to my very first blog post which was a little wonky.

I am also happy with the layout of my website now that I finished most of what I wanted to do on it for this semester and its’ nice to see how far the entire process has come!

Thoughts on My Classmates’ Websites

First off, I looked at quite a few websites and its’ so good to see how far everyone’s come and I can also relate to the struggles that many of my classmates have in regard to their websites’ customization.

Exploring Websites

The first website I visited was Angel’s:

His website is very user friendly. So far his customized widgets makes navigating his website pretty easy. Since his website’s domain name is his very own name it is also helpful that a lot of his website’s features reflect who he is. As a first time visitor to his website, even if I didn’t know who he was from our class, I certainly would’ve known after exploring his site because he added that personal touch to his work.

The second website I visited was Justin’s:

Justin’s website is used to promote his talent and business and from interacting on the site I could tell he’s put a lot of work into making his site reflect who he is and what his interests are. His first blog post is very informative and he even adds YouTube links so that his readers get an idea of what he is referring to. Even though I’ve never paid attention to anything about haircuts, his posts and customized website gave me enough information.

After looking at these websites, all I can say is that by the end of the semester, everyone’s work is going to look great!

(Of course my post wouldn’t be complete without a Luffy GIF)


My First Blog Post

In my previous post, I discussed my journey on creating my own website. Generally while I was creating my Website, I did most of work in a different order. So I’ve had my first blog post up now for a while. But, for those who haven’t visited my website yet, here’s a little note on my first blog post!

What Do I Blog About?

For the most part, my website focuses on me visiting different food places within NYC. My first blog post was a review of my first time trying Korean BBQ . I tried to include some different perspectives and a lot of images so that my readers get to feel my experience and possibly also visit the same place I went to (maybe).

Happy reading!

Direct Link to my post:


Vinika’s Website

As I was scouring around for ideas on what my website should be about and what audience I wanted to attract, I decided that I would create a food blog filled with my adventures eating around NYC. Beginning work on a website can be intimidating at first because its’ like “Where do I even begin???”. But after rewatching our class tutorials and going through my photo gallery filled with various dinning images, I started to work on my website vinikaeats

The idea behind my website is that I want to share my experiences in a single place online so that both I can have a sort of “memory box” and so that people looking for somewhere out in the City to eat can find possible recommendations by looking through my blogs or photo gallery.

Website Style

Specifically for my website I liked the idea of the collage styled pictures on my homepage that came with the 2021 WordPress theme so I decided to keep it and place my pictures over each other instead of in alignment. I also prefer a darker colored theme (as many people today also do!) so I decided to go darker rather than lighter. I still have some work to do on my site but so far I’ve done some little things with it.

Content vs Coursework

My website will particularly focus on my personal posts while here on CT101 I will continue to post my progress with the course as I keep exploring and learning new things which will eventually give me a website that I can look back on someday or maybe even continue to post on even after this class has ended.


Mid-Semester Evaluation

How am I doing in CT 101?

Short answer- I am doing great!

Long answer- The past 6 weeks just flew by and like they say, times flies when you’re having fun. Unlike some of my courses, CT101 has been fun because I am able to create little things weekly while interacting with my class and also not having the pressure of deadlines. Even though each post contains simple content, it is rewarding to publish something every week. I also realized that with CT101 I get to discuss the things I like and also I could base my assignments on what I am passionate about (even though I’m not that passionate about anything I do like food, as I mentioned in my last post).

What have I learnt and what have I gained from CT101?

I remember in my first post, I was trying to insert a Gif but I couldn’t do it because I was unsure. But by my second post, I realized it wasn’t as difficult as I had thought- and that is my most gained asset this semester from CT 101; Creating anything digitally isn’t complicated, you just need to review the tutorials and take it one step at a time.

What do I know now that I didn’t know before taking this class?

Even though this class is creative in nature, there are some things that through videos and discussions that I was able to pick up on. One of my favorites so far was the Aaron Swartz documentary because it introduced me to who he was and his work but also had me thinking about the internet and how databases can be biased and misused.

Do I see myself expanding creatively?

Yes, each week I try to model my posts like Professor Seslow and they are slowly becoming quite like his even though sometimes I try to add a little tweak to mine. I do enjoy the fact that unlike other classes I can be more chilled in this class and work at my own pace while still completing the work. In my first post however, I think i might have to go in and edit a few things to make it a bit more interactive. Since it was my first post I was less interactive and even though I included some media forms, I think it needs a little something. I am also looking forward to creating my website (even though at this point in the semester I am tired and patiently waiting on Spring break)


I do think I am in line for an ‘A’ since I have been doing what is required of me and I am all caught up on my weekly posts. I am also pretty interactive in class and on our online platform so that should count towards my grade too 😅.



The Internet’s Own Boy


A post I found under #aaronswartz on Instagram
Who was Aaron Swartz?

Aaron Swartz was an intelligent and curious individual who fought to give credit where its’ due. As highlighted in the documentary “The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz”, Aaron didn’t just want to make money through his discoveries but he wanted to make the world a better place (1:09:18). Due to his determination and commitment to the fight for rights of users on the internet,  he is known as “The Internet’s Own Boy” Aaron at as early as the age of 14 presented his theories and discussions on various platforms and to this day is known as an important figure in the technological world.

What intrigued me about Aaron Swartz?

I was intrigued by Aaron’s drive to share knowledge and make resources available for anyone that wants to pursue any topic. He wanted to grant creator’s and researchers for their work credit rather than the credit going towards big companies with hidden agendas to maximize profit. Aaron figured that databases like that Jstor  require mandatory sign up to utilize their services tend to discredit researchers who work to make these materials and they also stand as a barrier for students who don’t have access to but need the information they hold in their journal articles. Aaron however, wanted to change this system and he fought for that.

My Reaction To The documentary

At first watching the documentary I was intrigued…

However, by the end of the video I was more like…


Vinika + Food


If I’m being honest, I hardly pay attention to blogs, podcasts or websites because I hardly have the time to keep up with them. I do however like to watch a good YouTube video to either pass the time or to be updated on my latest interests.

My interests


I love eating out (but not cooking) and I will try almost anything. So, it is only natural that I pay attention to the food YouTubers. Some of my favorites are Mark Weins (because he eats food all around the world and tries all different types of cultures) and also Steph Pappas because she loves Taco Bell like me!

My Domain Name

For my website, I’d like to focus on food and reviewing the different types of foods I try around New York City and also where ever I visit. My website will also be connected to my social media pages (which might also be a project I pursue for my writing class).

Potential Domain Names:

  • Vinika.Eats
  • Foodie Adventures
  • NYC Foodie
  • Little Girl/Big Eats
  • Vinika Eats Out

Being a Creator


The DS106 Assignment Bank has so much potential to both show off your current work and learn new skills. An assignment that really caught my attention, titled “Looking Back To The Past” made me reminisce on my past publications on the Web and also made me think about where I want to go with this class and how I can utilize the tools in CT201 to improve the skills I already have.

My Media Journey

I’ve always been fascinated by the internet and its’ possibilities. Living through an era where YouTubers made bank just by posting their daily lives was both inspiring and intriguing. For years I imagined being a creator but later on I realized it was not what I wanted to do since I would much rather being a creator. Creating and publishing pieces whether it be graphic work or pieces of writing is both rewarding and challenging. There is no better feeling than troubleshooting something you created and then realizing that it works and that it looks appealing. (and also receiving compliments from collogues is also fun).

My First Publication

My first ever published work that I worked tirelessly behind was posted about a year ago in my Writing For Business class. We were asked to create a business where we catered towards our customers. I decided to create a DayCare service for low income communities. Besides creating a proposal and 3 year long budget plan, I needed to create a website!

I used WIX to create my site and because it was a writing intensive course, I got to create my own narrative and link my other work to the site. After I was done, at that time, I was so proud of my website. i still am but I want to get better at web development.

My Last Project

At the end of last year I completed a Mapping project where I mapped all the places Issabella Whitney mentioned in her poem “Will and Testament”.

This project was exciting and it also made me feel accomplished in the digital humanities field. I hope to complete similar projects in the future and maybe even work in a similar field.

Looking back at my publications throughout last year was a journey and it is interesting for me to see how far I’ve come and also where I can go from here.

What I want to Learn

I’ve always been interested in designing. It is a fascinating venture and I want to pursue various exercises and learn about different software I can utilize to create designs.

This specific project prompts the user to create a poster which I think is fun to do because it allows you to add your own elements into a poster for advertisement or even just for the fun of designing.

In order for me to become verse in designing I think it would be ideal for me to complete at least one task per week and it should take about 4 to 6 weeks before I become confident in my skills.



The World Runs on Memes

My time is now because memes are finally part of my homework assignment!

My Favorite Memes

Most of the time, I find memes on Reddit and Instagram very relatable. I sometimes fall into the habit of saving memes but really why am I even saving them? When am I going to use them? Here are some of my recent favorites:

Are Memes Art?

Over the years, memes have evolved and are now a part of the world. Even if someone doesn’t utilize social media platforms for the social part, they are aware of what a meme is and in some cases they even have a few stacked away in their phones that they laugh at.

I would say that memes aren’t exactly art. But as Kate Knibbs highlights in her post “Can internet memes be art”, even though memes can be temporary, some can be impressionable and prompt great memories of a specific time on the internet. I would agree though that memes are powerful in communication. One of the main reasons memes became popular was due to their relatable features. Memes have the power to bring people together and give us all a good laugh.

It is good to note as well that memes do not always have to have pictures for them to be funny. For example some memes are still funny because of what they communicate. Like this one for example: (I know I’m not the only person in here that cannot take morning conversations)

Making my own Meme

In my previous post, I talked about how Ct 101 was my favorite class so far in the semester because of the fact that it takes the pressure off by having fun assignments. So I made a meme that reflects just that.

PS: For the meme above, I utilized the story features on Instagram to cut and paste text on to my image. Usually, some people would look at creating memes as being a difficult task but you don’t always need to utilize a different software or website, all you need are the same platforms we use everyday.

I also made a few memes on including  another one about CT 101.

Yes, this almost happened to me once

Hopefully you related to some of my memes and had a laugh or two. See you in the next class!

Exploring Gifs

A New Perspective

At the beginning of college I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to study. But, eventually I decided, that I liked writing so why not study it? For about 2 years, as an English major, all I did was write and read and write some more. Eventually, by the end of Sophomore year I got really tired of research and writing and I am almost finished with my major requirements.

So, after some exploring with the Digital Studies minor, I realized I can take cool classes like CT 101 that allow me to create, edit and publish my own media! That was definitely something to get excited about and also to look forward to for this new semester since it fits right into my interests!

And it’s safe to say that after 3 weeks of working, I really like this class. It’s definitely my favorite class so far because there’s not as much pressure for me to write or read and it is actually a relaxing class to be in for a morning session.

Giphy VS Imgur

After scanning through both and Imgur, I’ve realized I prefer Giphy since it generates actual reactions. Even though Imgur is popular with reddit (Which I love) I am less likely to visit their site for my reactions. But, they do have some funny (and dark) memes like this one:

Making My First Gif

After some thinking, I decided to make my first Gif about One Piece, an anime I grew up watching and I still watch ever so often to keep up with now because it is still a running show. One Piece has its’ funny moments and one particular aspect that I find funny is Luffy and his continued fight with zombies. For some context, this is a YouTube compilation of those funny moments (so you can check it out if you want!).

Completing the process of making my own Gif was both intriguing and rewarding because I realized it isn’t as difficult as it looks and I can now make so many other gifs based on things I like. I am even more excited now to see where this class goes and I also like that we have our 1-Hour sessions each week to check in and talk for a bit!

Internet Happiness

What is making me happy on the internet?
TV Shows

As I try to keep up with this very busy semester, I’ve been watching Brooklyn 99 and I love it so Far! One of my favorite moments happened in season 2 when everyone showed up with the same cheap bottle of wine.



Other than my obsession with BK99 right now, memes generally make me happy as well on the internet. I have been wanting to delete my Instagram for some time, but I can’t do it because it also makes me laugh when I need it the most.


Aside from the memes though I also like the internet especially right now, because it allows me to communicate with my friends even those that don’t live anywhere close to me and honestly, sometimes all you need is to talk to your friends


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