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The DS106 Assignment Bank has so much potential to both show off your current work and learn new skills. An assignment that really caught my attention, titled “Looking Back To The Past” made me reminisce on my past publications on the Web and also made me think about where I want to go with this class and how I can utilize the tools in CT201 to improve the skills I already have.

My Media Journey

I’ve always been fascinated by the internet and its’ possibilities. Living through an era where YouTubers made bank just by posting their daily lives was both inspiring and intriguing. For years I imagined being a creator but later on I realized it was not what I wanted to do since I would much rather being a creator. Creating and publishing pieces whether it be graphic work or pieces of writing is both rewarding and challenging. There is no better feeling than troubleshooting something you created and then realizing that it works and that it looks appealing. (and also receiving compliments from collogues is also fun).

My First Publication

My first ever published work that I worked tirelessly behind was posted about a year ago in my Writing For Business class. We were asked to create a business where we catered towards our customers. I decided to create a DayCare service for low income communities. Besides creating a proposal and 3 year long budget plan, I needed to create a website!

I used WIX to create my site and because it was a writing intensive course, I got to create my own narrative and link my other work to the site. After I was done, at that time, I was so proud of my website. i still am but I want to get better at web development.

My Last Project

At the end of last year I completed a Mapping project where I mapped all the places Issabella Whitney mentioned in her poem “Will and Testament”.

This project was exciting and it also made me feel accomplished in the digital humanities field. I hope to complete similar projects in the future and maybe even work in a similar field.

Looking back at my publications throughout last year was a journey and it is interesting for me to see how far I’ve come and also where I can go from here.

What I want to Learn

I’ve always been interested in designing. It is a fascinating venture and I want to pursue various exercises and learn about different software I can utilize to create designs.

This specific project prompts the user to create a poster which I think is fun to do because it allows you to add your own elements into a poster for advertisement or even just for the fun of designing.

In order for me to become verse in designing I think it would be ideal for me to complete at least one task per week and it should take about 4 to 6 weeks before I become confident in my skills.



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  1. Hey vinka this is a great blog it’s nice knowing about you, I to wanted to be a youtube but being a content creator is more fun and doable. Good luck with your future projects.

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