6 thoughts on “Coming Soon! – CT101 – Fall Semester 2021”

  1. Hi everyone, my name is Kiara Gapour but you can call me Kiki. The qualities that make me who I am are my personality, past, and experiences. I am an enterprising person and am extremely ambitious, am determined to accomplish all my goals in life. I am also a very silly, sweet, and down-to-earth type of person. December 2021 I will be earning my bachelor’s degree in psychology. My favorite movie is Titanic. My favorite activities are swimming, dancing, traveling, and watching videos. My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream. My favorite place on the Web to visit is YouTube. I am most interested in at this moment is my vacation to Jamaica during the Christmas holiday.



  2. Hello everyone,
    My name is Simeon Seegobind, I am a Junior year in York College. I love math problem or people who invented math that I really like so that is why I am taking mathematics as my major. I don’t have a Favorite movie. My favorite activities is reading and video games. My Favorite ice cream is orange sherbet, rainbow sherbet, and vanilla. My favorite place on the web that I used a lot is youtube and gogoanime(anime website).

    1. Welcome, Simeon! Great! The first anime movie I saw was called “Fist of the North Star” I saw it in 1990! It was amazing at the time and still holds up today!

  3. Hello everyone, my name is Elijah Adkins and I am currently in my Junior Year. I am studying Journalism to help myself become an Investigative Journalist. My favorite movie is Avengers Endgame and loved the Avengers saga. The activities I like doing includes playing basketball, watching movies & videos, playing video games and writing. My favorite Ice Cream flavor used to be Chocolate, but got tired of it and transitioned into Vanilla. I’m most interested in a future.

    1. Welcome, Elijah! Excellent! I flip flop back and forth with chocolate and vanilla ice cream at least once a year, both so good! I too am excited about the future, especially the technology!

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