A little backstory…

So a few weeks back I decided to make an animated cartoon for my Writing for Media class. After scouring the internet for ideas, I came across Animaker which is a great software for creating animated narratives. After I completed my project (which is posted on  my Website BTW), I received feedback from my Professor and she mentioned that the site keeps a copy of my work and I should explore other software for copyright reasons. After hearing about copyright for ages on the internet, I finally realized that as a creator now…I myself have to worry about copyright!

What is copyright?

I like animated videos explaining things so I thought I’d insert one into my post that explains copyright.

So what is it? Well copyright is simply put is the legal rights a creator of any content has over how his/her product is used. From the view of creators, copyright laws protect their property and gives them credit for the work they’ve done. However, copyright laws can sometimes become annoying and even confusing given all the components it has. Fair use allows certain amounts of creative work to be used by others in certain situations. But even fair use has limits!

A special condition that was explained in the video above states that if a parody of a piece of media is made, it isn’t considered unfair use since it creates something new. The new product however has to be completely new meaning… it shouldn’t exactly copy every feature of the original.



Why is there copyright?

Because artists deserve to get paid and be credited for their work! No seriously, I exists so that the owners of products or services can get recognition and gain profits from their work.

 Larry Lessig’s TEDTalk


In his TedTalk one specific quote that caught my attention from Larry Lessig was:

“Technology has made children different and as we see what this technology can do we need to recognize you can’t kill the instinct technology produces.”

I found this specific quote compelling because growing up in an age witnessing technology change I was able to explore the internet myself. Yes, there was a time I did not have Spotify and would listen to music other ways that did not give credit to artists. But on the other end I was just a teenager trying to get some music without paying. Because technology offered me the chance to listen without a subscription I took it and kids after me will too. I also believe that naturally humans will try to find their way around things and given the availability of technology, children from our age will be able to do so much more than copy and paste to make the obvious mistakes.


Of course my post wouldn’t be complete without the mandatory Luffy GIF… in this case.. it fits the copyright laws I’ve skipped over a few times…



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