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Its the final week of class and my final week as an undergrad student here at York and I’m having mixed feeling about it.

It’s been a hell of a 4 years of college!

Nonetheless, CT 101 was a cherry on the top of my final semester as an undergrad. CT101 aka “Digital Storytelling” class took me through an excursion I was anxious about in view of clear reasons. As I have referenced a couple of times previously, I am not at all creative or so tech-savvy by any means. Yet, I delighted in acquiring minimal technological complexities in this class *cough cough* CODING.

I became addicted with including GIFs and hyperlinking everything just to get my point across. CT 101 caused me to understand that the web is a foundation of limitless freedoms exceptionally assuming you have an inventive attitude. Beginning from making GIFs, images to tweaking my own site I didn’t see myself here prior to taking this class. The motivation behind this class was to extend our inventiveness even a little with every task. Prior too taking this course, I never actually thought about how memes and GIFs are “art.” After watching this video:

it prompted me to think outside of the box and look at what art really is. Arts is not just the Stary Night by Van Goh,

“The goal of art is to express a person’s truth, and if the purpose of art is art, then memes fit the bill.”

Prof. Seslow urged us to communicate our imaginative personalities on each blog entry. We were urged to utilize the immense choices out there on the web to be inventive, innovative, and expressive with regards to them.

Will Jida Styles Live On?

I hope to continue blogging on the site and expand on my creativity. I would like to set time aside to learn about the other features on WordPres. There are SO many plug-ins that I have yet to use and I am sure it will take my website to a different level.

Since I am using the theme “Ashe” I need to learn about all the features to use it to its fullest.I found this video on YouTube explaining how to use the theme:

Blogging is  very therapeutic for me. I don’t have anyone telling  what I can or cannot do! There are no rules, there are no actual restrictions. It’s just a little world I like to escape into.


This is always a tricky part for me because when I am actually doing my work I don’t ever stop to realize how I’ve grown in my creativity. Before I go any further, I’d like to link all of my blogposts here to make life easier:

Blogpost 1

Blogpost 2

Blogpost 4

Blogpost 5

Blogpost 6

Blogpost 7


Blogpost 9

Blogpost 10 Part 1

Blogpost 10 Part 2

Blogpost 11

Judging from my first post to the 10th post, I can firmly say that I have improved tremendously. As someone who couldn’t care less about hyperlinks and its importance to someone who cannot function without making sure her audience gets the full deal it’s surprising. With all that being said, I believe I deserve an A-A+. 


Tour of My Site


I really love my homepage because it gives a general overview of what my website is about. I like how a user can see my most recent blog post. On the right side of the page there is a search engine and the recent comments right under it. I also love this feature because users will now know that they leave me feedback and new ideas!

As you can see, I have added a quotation block that quotes Coco Chanel and then right under it I have inserted TikTok videos of a modest outfit inspo.

About Page:

On the ‘About’ page I have inserted a little bio of me and my internet as well as explaining what my website is really about. However, I feel like this will change as I keep blogging and figure out what my main focus is. In other words, what is it I am talking about. I have inserted a combination of GIFs and an image that explain what I am trying to say.

Blog Page:

If a user clicked on the ‘Blog’ page then they will be be able to see a snippet of both blogs that I have posted thus far. If they click on ‘view more’ then the entire post will be visible.

Links To Fashion Page:

The Links To Fashion page are just stores that I believe have the best “modest” clothing or clothing that allows you to be different and play around with styles. I have copied in the images from Google and then hyperlinked the websites with the images so the user can be redirect to the shopping sites.

Left Side Widgets

On the left sidebar, I have added widgets which can direct a user to to any page they want to visit. I have also added a Home Decor Inspo page that I will be developing because that is another thing that I have interest in!

 Home Decor Inspo:

Here is the start of Home Decor Inspo. I have added buttons above the image to helps users shop what they like from the images so they can also have it in their homes.

and that’s a wrap of my tour, I hope you enjoyed the aesthetics.

1 thought on “CT101 Final Blog Post / Shanjida Choudhury”

  1. Excellent work!
    Thank you for this very thoughtful and stylistic final blog post! The semester wrap up, recap and future energy source! Each week you took on the CT101 challenge and completed them diligently. Thank you for the hard work ethic, participation and passion for the class!
    We had a blast and have all learned so much from each other.
    You must keep making GIFS! And you must keep expanding your new website!
    Blogging is so therapeutic, and such a great way to connect with ourselves.
    I never stopped!
    Have a wonderful holiday!
    And congrats on your graduation!

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