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My First CT101 GIFs.

No doubt now, I have control of creating a gifs. I just will keep working its different aspects.

At that time, I commited to do better in this class even though I am wondering whether I have really did. It has been like you are entering into somewhere with in mind you can be misleaded with little chance to recur. Sure, I have done better, but I remained doubtful until the end, saying that I can’t handle all these new stuff.

css.phpAre Internet Memes Arts?

My third assignment.

Why would not Internet memes be arts because ? Like any other art they are from human universe and welcomed into human universe. On the contrary they appear more complete for associating creativity, talent, skills, etc., which make the user fell being an integral part of the Game.

Like any art, internet memes are  cultural elements that attract us all around the Table while we each keep our freedom of coding, decoding and encoding.  What if we interated/assimilated/appropriated it better and quicker funnily?

My mind has not changed until the end about CT101. It has been a nice class class with a high pedagogical teaching.


My Domain Name Assignment

In fact, it was like a dictation, with the tutorial from my cellphone while I operated on computer. Lol! This remind me my beginning at school.

I am from wild nature. I feel pleased admiring hill crown with swollen river. I love rustic view…


One of my preferred color on my dream house


I think I have been lost as from this assignment or even before. For this reason, I have stopped counting and dating. There have been plenty of factors for which I was seriously thinking about giving up. But, it is not necessary to mention them in this post.

css.phpThis was a post with no title. Yet, it was the post in which I was the most inspired, confident…

My domain name is the act of birth of a website for the bottom leaders.


My point is that there should be plenty of leaders across a company, but they are not emerged for one reason or another. Some leader, for instance, have the only weakness which is making sure of removing bars from the ladder after being climbed it or even parachuting to an upper position. Doing so, they condemned other leaders to remain in the bottom.

I think that the latter needs to be heard. My website would be a platform for them to make their case on leadership. They would express their experience as a leader at the bottom of the ladder wile positioning themselves on leadership above them and Leadership globally. Such reports could inspire other workers positively and lead the senior officials to a self-awareness in relation to their conception of leadership. That does not necessarily refer to top-down leadership. I just figured that sometimes the true leaders perform from and remain in the bottom.

Perhaps www.guadelead.com would sound better as a domain name?

Finally, as I am a passionate of History, I would take the opportunity to report my readings on Georges Washington, Winston Churchill, Charles De Gaulle, Toussaint Louverture, Julius Cesar, and others political leaders.

css.phpBefore CT101 I knew that movies affected us emotionally and impacted our choice in live thanks to different sort of contents and technics, but I was barely unaware that I could use one or some of these visual contents to share my own feeling and even influence others. CT101 granted me that awareness, and all I can say is thank you!

Not only CT101 helped me to use GIFS, memes and logo to communicate my gladness, sadness, anger, embarrassment, desire, skills, etc., but also it taught me to create them. I do not know for others, it has not been easy for me because I only used to click and watch. Maybe this and other circumstances slow my learning during the semester.

But, no worries! I surely will reach the destination.

What are my strengths and weakness so far? I think  I need to improve every aspects of what we have learned. But, our bigger weakness lays in our lack of time. We have so much things to do at a time. Beside mastering tools to design a logo,  completing the customizing of my  website remains an exciting challenge for me.

I had been still struggling, and I liked this Obama’s funny picture. I did not dare proposing a grade. Bad position to do that…


Through this post I have admired  images overlaid which appeal to a large possibility of artistic expression. css.phpAlthough it remains a little challenging to me, but I know that “vaperwave is a macrogenre of electronic music, a virtual art style, and an Internet meme that emerged in the early 2010s”(wikipedia).

Sure, There are a thousand reasons to love Vaperwave. By dint of working on it on can can master it and use it in a variety of ways. For my part, I plan to apply it journalistically.

But using artistically, Vaperwave seems allow to perform amazingly. In realty I was not sure that I was able to work it. It appeared out of my rech to the point I was about to give the class. But, this Friday, I committed to try again. I took some time to produce this image, but  after finishing it, I told myself that I can if I go on.

As I just figured out that this assignment should have bee submitted before noon this Friday while it is right now 10 pm, I am going to quickly and only say which part of the class I have not exploited enough. DS106 remain a mystery that I have to penetrate. I must understand better the wordpress template so I can progress with my website. This is very important and even too important to finish my website because I have planned to do it the tool of my success.

I have been implemented a schedule so I devote 2 hours a day on www.guadelead.com. At first, I wanted it to be destined to only leadership, but I found out that I can extend it to others fields. Sure, there are leadership actions everywhere, but I use it to publish my thought on any topic, this will incite me to read more and be more attentive to what happens around me.

The idea to propose a grade for myself makes me laugh. Anyway, I my work in this class is not worth more than a C+.


3 thoughts on “CT101 Final BlogPost / Guamacice Delice”

  1. Thank you so much for the hard work this semester!
    you took on the challenges and worked through them!
    I think you are a little hard on yourself and need to give yourself more credit for the great work that has been completed,
    and for how much you have learned and applied what you have learned. You are on the path and will continue to make improvements.
    you are a dedicated and hard worked and I know that you will continue to grow and evolve in this field and in life!
    Please stay in touch and take a little rest to reflect more on this challenging semester.
    Im really proud of you and the commitment to our class!
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Thank you Professor for being so encouraging. I think all students need a person like you to teach them. All along the semester you have spread positivity over the class. I will never forget the phrase “It’s still time to catch up”. To me this phrase has been an antidote against the giving up.

    Sure, I am hanging up! Count on me! Thanks to God! Thanks to you!

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