Exploring Gifs

A New Perspective

At the beginning of college I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to study. But, eventually I decided, that I liked writing so why not study it? For about 2 years, as an English major, all I did was write and read and write some more. Eventually, by the end of Sophomore year I got really tired of research and writing and I am almost finished with my major requirements.

So, after some exploring with the Digital Studies minor, I realized I can take cool classes like CT 101 that allow me to create, edit and publish my own media! That was definitely something to get excited about and also to look forward to for this new semester since it fits right into my interests!

And it’s safe to say that after 3 weeks of working, I really like this class. It’s definitely my favorite class so far because there’s not as much pressure for me to write or read and it is actually a relaxing class to be in for a morning session.

Giphy VS Imgur

After scanning through both Giphy.com and Imgur, I’ve realized I prefer Giphy since it generates actual reactions. Even though Imgur is popular with reddit (Which I love) I am less likely to visit their site for my reactions. But, they do have some funny (and dark) memes like this one:

Making My First Gif

After some thinking, I decided to make my first Gif about One Piece, an anime I grew up watching and I still watch ever so often to keep up with now because it is still a running show. One Piece has its’ funny moments and one particular aspect that I find funny is Luffy and his continued fight with zombies. For some context, this is a YouTube compilation of those funny moments (so you can check it out if you want!).

Completing the process of making my own Gif was both intriguing and rewarding because I realized it isn’t as difficult as it looks and I can now make so many other gifs based on things I like. I am even more excited now to see where this class goes and I also like that we have our 1-Hour sessions each week to check in and talk for a bit!

5 thoughts on “Exploring Gifs”

  1. Well done here! Love the GIFs and the way that you communicate your story! There are many creative ways to share a narrative, visual images (moving or static) are such a big part of our experience here in this world, connected to a sentiment and we have a good story! More to come!

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