Final Post For CT101

I Guess it’s Time to say Goodbye

A little trip down memory lane…

I remember reading the prompt for my first blog post. At the time I had no idea how to respond to a prompt like in CT101 since it was VERY different from what I had been accustomed to (essays, more essays and more essays). So it pretty much sucked as a blog post 😑.

BUT my second blog post was a little step up because now I understood how to include GIFs AND Memes (and I made my favorite One Piece Gif included above). I think my peek for blog posts would’ve been My Aaron Swartz Documentary post and THAT is a story I will never forget! During that same time I also made a post from the DS 106 Assignment Bank which gave me a chance to reflect on all my past creative work. By then I had posted my midterm and honestly, it was just up from there on…

I started to scour for website ideas and names. In the end I knew exactly what I wanted for my Website and after posting 2-3 blog posts up there I finally see my work going Somewhere. I even had the chance to review and interact with some of my classmates website and leave a few comments on their blogs. As a creator now I also got to explore the features of copyright, which is still a little confusing but I get the main idea!

My Website Journey

Website URL—>

At first Creating a website was intimidating but after working on it I’ve created something I’m excited about! Even though I watched the tutorials posted by Professor Seslow I enjoyed play around with my customizations and finding new things on my own. Eventually I ended up adding a Photo Gallery to my website’s menu. I like the collage feel of the 2021 Theme by WordPress so I decided to keep it and make my background Black because it goes well with all my images. My posts so far work as reviews of restaurants and at the end I always leave a score of recommendation for my readers.

Where to Next?

At the beginning of my website, I didn’t think much of it. However, as I’ve gotten to work with it I think over the summer I will continue to post and add features to it. I even posted an animation I made for another class on there and I am thinking to create a separate menu that features all my digital work on the site in addition to my food blogs. I also wanted to create a Instagram specifically called VinikaEats (like my website name) to features images and also create a community that can always refer back to my blogs.

What Have I Gained?

The question should be what have I not?? Not only am I now more versed in Digital creation but even my writing has gotten better. This class was very flexible and I’d recommend Professor Seslow to anyone! It was probably the least boring class I’ve had and also the only one I had my camera on for most of the time!


I totally crushed it so I should get an A+!

Bye Guysss! 🥰

4 thoughts on “Final Post For CT101”

  1. I like your confidence Vinika! Btw Sticking to One piece giphy’s were definitely a cool idea, I was thinking about something similar but finding one piece Gifs to match the topics were tough for me.

  2. Awesome Work!
    You have indeed Crushed it! You Crushed CT101!
    Thank you so much for the great, consistent and hard work this semester!
    You have exceeded expectations in all criteria! Including commenting and participation, thank you so much for being a leader and an example here in CT101!
    I really love the thematic reflective final post here, a great specimen of the evolution of your work and style! Thank you so much, Vinika!
    Have a great summer!

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