Internet Happiness

Hello all,

During the quarantine, I discovered this Instagram page (@catanacomics) and that’s what has kept my boyfriend and I entertained. The illustrations are so relatable and not to mention, cute. Another reason why this page makes me happy is that they often include their pets in the drawings and online posts. I love their art so much that for Christmas, I got their Snug book. Below, I’ve attached a couple of my favorites and hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do.

I’ve also attached this link that shows the drawing process and the faces of the artists behind this great comic. Feel free to check it out!


1 thought on “Internet Happiness”

  1. Great!
    Looking good so far!
    Lets always make sure to include hyperlinks for context, for example, the instagram account mentioned above can be a direct hyperlink to the users account- that gives the reader here context and deeper insight 🙂 – posts can always be added to and edited, for examples, check out the structure and length of my posts as a guide :))
    Have fun with it too!

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