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What is making me happy on the internet?
TV Shows

As I try to keep up with this very busy semester, I’ve been watching Brooklyn 99 and I love it so Far! One of my favorite moments happened in season 2 when everyone showed up with the same cheap bottle of wine.



Other than my obsession with BK99 right now, memes generally make me happy as well on the internet. I have been wanting to delete my Instagram for some time, but I can’t do it because it also makes me laugh when I need it the most.


Aside from the memes though I also like the internet especially right now, because it allows me to communicate with my friends even those that don’t live anywhere close to me and honestly, sometimes all you need is to talk to your friends


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  1. Hey Vinika, I agree with you this one of the main reasons why I appreciate the internet as well because it allows you to network and communicate with people from all over without having to rely on phone cards, mail , and other forms of communication that would take a longer period of time to reach the person where as the internet it’s instant.

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