A Meme =’s Art Expression.

All of your feelings could be shared on the internet, with the aid of a meme, of course. Some people may not consider memes to be art, but I do since art is about expressing oneself, whether good or bad. A meme, in my view, is a form of art.

For every positive, there is always a negative, which could be applied to Meme’s situation. A meme is often used for satirical reasons and to promote political or social consciousness in society in order to bring people together. However, there is still a negative side of it in that it is used to spread hatred and negativity on the internet.

The internet be like…






5 stages of my current mood… Sit back and enjoy…






A meme, as I previously mentioned in my statement, is called art because it illustrates how one communicates their innermost feelings, as I did in this blog.