Memes are works of art

The definition of art is a product created with intention of communication or creating an aesthetic. Art is more than putting pen and paint to paper . Art can be created with numerous materials and is not limited to one type of form . With memes we’re able to reference popular tv moments , exaggerated expressions and , funny images to express our emotions .


Memes allow us to brighten its recipients day . One meme can say a thousand words . When we have nothing to say , there’s always a gif to break the ice . Art gives you a feeling , and memes provide you sensation . Incorporating art into our daily lives gives us joy and the push to express ourselves all across the board . To spark creativity , one has to be inspired.


1 thought on “Memes are works of art”

  1. Good work so far on this! Hmm, Lets add a few more examples to show what Memes are, I would like for everyone to reference a few of their favorite memes by embedding them into their post, as well as create a series of their own. You can add more examples and content directly into this post to expand it over time, thank you!

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