Mid-Semester Evaluation

How am I doing in CT 101?

Short answer- I am doing great!

Long answer- The past 6 weeks just flew by and like they say, times flies when you’re having fun. Unlike some of my courses, CT101 has been fun because I am able to create little things weekly while interacting with my class and also not having the pressure of deadlines. Even though each post contains simple content, it is rewarding to publish something every week. I also realized that with CT101 I get to discuss the things I like and also I could base my assignments on what I am passionate about (even though I’m not that passionate about anything I do like food, as I mentioned in my last post).

What have I learnt and what have I gained from CT101?

I remember in my first post, I was trying to insert a Gif but I couldn’t do it because I was unsure. But by my second post, I realized it wasn’t as difficult as I had thought- and that is my most gained asset this semester from CT 101; Creating anything digitally isn’t complicated, you just need to review the tutorials and take it one step at a time.

What do I know now that I didn’t know before taking this class?

Even though this class is creative in nature, there are some things that through videos and discussions that I was able to pick up on. One of my favorites so far was the Aaron Swartz documentary because it introduced me to who he was and his work but also had me thinking about the internet and how databases can be biased and misused.

Do I see myself expanding creatively?

Yes, each week I try to model my posts like Professor Seslow and they are slowly becoming quite like his even though sometimes I try to add a little tweak to mine. I do enjoy the fact that unlike other classes I can be more chilled in this class and work at my own pace while still completing the work. In my first post however, I think i might have to go in and edit a few things to make it a bit more interactive. Since it was my first post I was less interactive and even though I included some media forms, I think it needs a little something. I am also looking forward to creating my website (even though at this point in the semester I am tired and patiently waiting on Spring break)


I do think I am in line for an ‘A’ since I have been doing what is required of me and I am all caught up on my weekly posts. I am also pretty interactive in class and on our online platform so that should count towards my grade too 😅.



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