DS 106 work

In this chapter of our storytelling class , we’re utilizing a new editing machine . This page is great because it shows different ways to produce visuals . I’m learning that art can be displayed in humor, sadness and through parodies . The limit is endless to communicating through art . I choose two activities from the DS106assignment bank . I decided to do the “Silly movie poster” and the “Birthdays are the worst “ assignments . I picked these options because of them being beginner level and because they challenged my creativity . I typically go for collages or emotional projects . Doing something lighthearted was a trip down memory lane. It made me remember when I was younger and loved editing on computers.

This assignment made me realize how much art was significant in my growth . As I grew, my interest in art matured . Instead of simple collages , I preferred creating pieces that embodies emotion. This was refreshing and gave me a new outlook.

Assignment #3- Are Memes Art?


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Of course, memes are an art. I’m saying this because art comes in many forms such as paintings, drawings, etc. The role that art plays is to convey one’s message and express it. Memes are a form of art because they express people’s emotions, and convey the message that it’s aiming for.

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Although, some people might say the meme is not a form of art, however, I disagree. The reason being that just because you do not believe that it’s not appropriate and does not require the normal way of creating it ..it does not mean it’s not.

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Nonetheless, It does require the same amount of effort and creativity to create something. It should be considered art formally because we live in a time where technology is everything and used.



Digital storytelling

For this project I have chosen to do one of the visual assignments and one of the video assignments.

In the visual assignment I will have to create a logo. I have chosen this assignment because I always imagined myself creating my own logo representing something that I love to do or even myself, so this is a great time to start doing so. To start this, I will need to find a website that will allow be to create my own logo.

However, in the video assignment I will have to make a video from the perspective of my character. I think this assignment will be very interesting because it’s going to force me to really focus on who I really am.

To really do these assignments correctly, I think I will have to make more than 5 attempts, especially for the logo project. This is because I am not familiar with the websites that help with these kind of things, so I will explore multiple sites to find the good one.

Both assignments will not take me one attempt because I am not use to creating and editing videos or pictures. However, once I get the hang of it, it will help me for the future. Imagine I have a business or company of my own and I used these techniques. Less stress for me!

Heres an example of a logo I created for a bakery shop.

Assignment 4 DS106 Assignment!

Today I will be working on the DS106 Assignment Bank

Click on the photo above!

In terms of my two selections I picked one visual and one mashup

Here is my visual assignment!

I picked this visual poster because I thought it would be something

cool to do later on in the future. Customizing a current poster and making

it silly always seems like a fun idea.

Next is my mashup assignment!

For this assignment I have picked this because I thought it would

be cool to take two brands and mash them together.

This is the assignment I will be doing!

The photo above is my take on the mashup assignment.

I combined both the McDonald’s slogan I’m loving it with Dunkin Donuts.

I felt that these two slogans go well together and it just seemed fun to do


Assignment #4 – DS106 Exploring

Today, I will attempt one assignment and discuss another from the DS106 Assignment Repository website.

For my first assignment, I chose a visual assignment called Pop Star Out of Place by Courtney Rodenbough!

Pop Star out of Place

This assignment asks you to take a picture of a pop star and put them in a place where you would probably never see them. Their example is the following:

An image from DS106 website

First, I searched for an image of a pop star on google and saved it to my computer. Then, I searched for a background I thought would be odd for our pop star and kept that too.

I used the website Pixlr to cut out Ariana Grande from a concert and place her in the background I chose.


The image I made for the assignment

Voilà! We have our pop star out of place!

After completing the first assignment, I searched for other projects I could be interested in.

The next one that caught my eye was the following hyperlinked photo…

An image hyperlinked for my second assignment

This assignment, submitted by Jim Groom, instructs you to pick a movie poster and animate it.

Why not choose your favorite! (I thought)

Now, it may seem simple to do, but I wouldn’t get past choosing my favorite movie poster to work on.

However, our friend (the author of this assignment) posted a link to a tutorial from Michael Branson Smith. –> Click Here to Visit

That being said, I do hope to someday be able to complete such artistry!

Learning to simply photoshop might not cut it this semester. I believe there is more to a simple meme or assignment, such as the ones described above. We need to learn to create movement and add sound to images and videos, starting from scratch. Those are skills I hope to gain this semester in CT101!

Assignment #3 Are Internet Memes ART?

I do believe that Internet Memes are Art because they are special in their own unqiue way.  I think can be use for many diffrent ways such as expressing a feeling or even a mood.

I think it can also be a way to crack a joke, speaking from personal experience. I know that Art has its own way of speaking to an indiviual in its own way . Therefore I do consider it due to the fact that it can be whatever you want it to be and you won’t be judge for it


Assignment 4 – DS106 Project “Stealing”

As instructed, I stole two projects from the DS 106 assignment repository.


I chose Project 1 -Short Movie with Only Sounds because I find cutting out the original audio and replacing it with sound effects, makes the video much more funnier. To do this I think I would need to learn video editing and audio.

Example of this assignment that I found to be HILARIOUS!!!

Where my Mortal Kombat fans at!? 🤔 haha so hilarious 🤣 specially them sound effects! Feel free to follow my profile for…

Posted by Riyaz Jamani on Friday, May 29, 2020

Project #2

I chose Project 2- Real Life Brady Bunch Family because that is a challenge within it’s own, I grew up in a big enough family to fill the squares. People be really surprised to find out that my mom has 6 daughters (including me). I don’t have much access to my sisters’ personal/individual selfies or photos but I am pretty sure I can find some if I really snoop (which is the challenge) we don’t have each other on social media and I don’t really take much pictures of them & vice versa. I think I would be able to recreate this image better if I knew how to use photoshop which is needed for this project.

This is my attempt on the Real Life Brady Bunch without photoshop

*please see photo above*

I think a project/post should be assigned once a week since our class only takes place once a week. Learning how to do these types of tools and skills in our 2 hour long classes and having recorded tutorials so far has been very helpful without being overloaded with information. These skills are important to me because I am a marketing major and young adult in the digital era.  ALSO it is completely helpful to be tech savvy.


Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Saying MEME’s aren’t art is like saying HIP HOP isn’t music.

The reason I compared MEME”S to HIP HOP is because for a long time it wasn’t considered to be art or even a legitimate genre of music.

HIP HOP in it most basic form is basically pulling records that already exists. Looping the break section and rhyming over that loop.

And guess what 40 + years later.


Like HIP HOP MEME’S pull pieces pop culture media across the internet and transforms the content  to represent a different perspective and that appeals to a new audience than it was originally intended for.

Today MEME’S have become a norm in the way we express ourselves on the web and it has revolutionized our society in so many ways.

VOX posted this amazing video that  explains in depth the details of what  meme’s are, where did come form, how they have change internet culture.

I think MEME’S are just another form of evolution in human communication. Since the start of the digital age what was seen as communication was flip on it head when computers came into game. MEME’S are just by product of our inevitable transition into a fully digital world.

I say embrace them and let’s keep evolving. Right now on this site we are doing just that. I know that MEME’S have been seen as problematic and don’t necessarily fit the traditional conventions of art. But hasn’t every art form gone through that stage.

I see MEME’S as like the graffiti of the internet  they are hard to understand if you get the language or the refers. But when you do get it you respect and admire the inspiration they pulled from to create it.

Just like a painting each MEME tells a story and no one meme is the same even though they may look like they do.

Like this meme it is one of my favorite of all time.

You have probably seen this comercial growing up a million times but that is what is on the surface. What we don’t think about is why did that creator of this MEME choose this image? What does it represent to them ? To me this comercial when it came on tv no matter how bad of day I was having always made me smile and laugh.

It allowed me to be nostalgic and have a flash back into the past. To a moment where I know I was happy.

MEME’S are not just a piece of pop culture,  They are a piece of you. They represent not only the history of the content but the history your life. When you see that imagine you know exactly when, where, and how you felt in that exact moment you saw that image.

To me anything that make me feel that I consider to be art.


Assignment #3 Are Internet Memes ART?

Art consists of painting or sculpture, the representation or operation of human imaginative talent and creativity creates works to be admired mainly for their beauty or emotional strength.

An aspect of a culture or behavioral mechanism that can be considered to be transmitted by non-genetic means from one person to another, especially imitation. A humorous picture, video, piece of text, etc and, distributed easily by Internet users.

What is Meme ART? After  analyzing both definitions of what art and memes are I can cnconcule that anything that consists of images are art, by adding words and significance the image weather ist moving or still it can become a meme. Oftentimes come from funny interactions with something or someone that many have a reaction to.


I believe memes are Art. 

Memes are works of art

The definition of art is a product created with intention of communication or creating an aesthetic. Art is more than putting pen and paint to paper . Art can be created with numerous materials and is not limited to one type of form . With memes we’re able to reference popular tv moments , exaggerated expressions and , funny images to express our emotions .


Memes allow us to brighten its recipients day . One meme can say a thousand words . When we have nothing to say , there’s always a gif to break the ice . Art gives you a feeling , and memes provide you sensation . Incorporating art into our daily lives gives us joy and the push to express ourselves all across the board . To spark creativity , one has to be inspired.


Assignment 3: Are Memes Art?

Are Memes Art? I think memes are art. Its something created by a person to express somethings to others. Art is for someone to be creative and express your imagination.  So Memes are art.

Memes Are Art by rolfusmaximus - Meme Center

what is the meaning of Art?

Art, in its broadest sense, is a form of communication. It means whatever the artist intends it to mean, and this meaning is shaped by the materials, techniques, and forms it makes use of, as well as the ideas and feelings it creates in its viewers . Art is an act of expressing feelings, thoughts, and observations.”

( https://courses.lumenlearning.com/boundless-arthistory/chapter/what-is-art/ ) I also linked it in the word ART.

Art is whatever a person wants it to be. Therefor Memes are art. Memes are a sort of self-expression because its a creation of how you feel or what you like.  You could do whatever you want with a meme and add your style to it.

If someone does not think memes are art. All imma say is..

I was never a person who really used memes a lot. This class has made me realized of how fun it is using memes and also creating them. My friends would always send a meme to the group chat and once in a while I would send one to show my reaction to something they said just to try it out. Now I use memes a lot more.

This class is definitely one of my favorite classes and most fun class that I’ve ever taken.

Below is a link of a video I found talking about memes↓↓

Assignment 3: Are Memes Art?

Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

According http://webopedia.com 

Memes area concept or idea that spreads virally from one person to another via the Internet. An Internet meme could be anything from an image to an email or video file; however, the most common meme is an image of a person or animal with a funny or witty caption. The proliferation of social media has led to Internet memes spreading very quickly and reaching more people. Many Internet memes use humor and appeal largely to the adolescent and post-adolescent demographic: this demographic is much more likely to discover Internet memes, understand the humor behind them and be willing to forward it on to friends.”


The digital age has changed the type of media art is seen and created on. The use of paints and sculpting will always be needed, but the downside is these things break and get damaged over time. Memes are timeless in a sense they aren’t link to a period in time or an artist style. MEMES ARE ART

I had a horrible experience on the MTA Thursday after class. I got on a bus. My daughter and I boarded the bus, and the driver never secured my wheelchair. She told me it wasn’t her job to do so. She allowed my chair to skid while she drove as I held my daughter in my lap. By law, the bus isn‘t supposed to be in motion until my chair is secured. She wouldn’t give or name and badge number I reported her to the MTA. I even plan on Suing the MTA for negligence. I have made it my life’s mission to call people out on their crap when they violate my rights. Memes allow me to show how ridiculous people sound when they say ignorant things to me in relation to me being disabled. This is to bring awareness to inclusion and give a voice to people who may not be as vocal as I am.


Are Memes Art?

The question at hand is, “Are Memes Art?” In my opinion, if we stop to think about the process of both memes and traditional art, we see that both forms of artwork require expressive thinking, inspiration, and imagination. Looking at it in this sense, then yes, memes are art.

The great thing about having such a strong opinion about this kind of topic is that many others share the same opinion- so I think my opinion is correct :D. An article published by The News Record also classifies memes as being art and even stated that that classification is not receiving as much recognition as it deserves. (The article was excellent, you all should give it a read!)

Professor Seslow asked if we thought that soon we would find memes in museums or memes being recognized as actual artwork and the answer, for me, is YES! Whenever I go into a museum, I look around and there are many paintings or 3D art pieces that make no sense to me at all and so because of that, it’s always so hard for me to enjoy museum trips. Because memes are so relatable and understandable, it would be so delightful to have a museum dedicated to memes where I, and many others, would be able to immerse myself into art that I can appreciate.

Also, officially recognizing memes as art would be a great way for current meme moguls to make earnings from something they genuinely enjoy creating. Over the years we have seen jobs become more creative- there are people that play video games for their income and even those that post pictures on social media platforms for their income. I think soon enough ‘meme-making’ will become a mainstream career and more people will be able to make money from something from doing something they already do. (According to the online business realm, you can already make money from making memes!)

My favorite thing about memes- and you guys can tell me if this is true for you as well- is that they somehow seem to find you. Not sure what I mean? Okay, look at it this way. Have you ever been thinking about something and then you see a meme that perfectly describes what you’re thinking? Or have you ever been feeling some sort of emotion and then you see a meme that’s basically describing everything you’re currently experiencing? Well, that always happens to me. It’s like the memes are just waiting for me to experience a certain feeling and then they come to find me. I know it’s strange to think about in that way but it’s always reassuring to me that someone else is relating to my current emotion- because someone had to make that meme.

I’ve always been interested in making new memes but never knew how to- yes, I know there are apps that make memes pretty easy to make but those apps seemed so easy…and I like a challenge. So I just wanted to give Professor Seslow a shout-out for presenting us with creative ways to make memes and for giving us the opportunity to tap into our creative sides. I’m really loving this class!

Assignment #4: Digital Storytelling Flexibility Project Part 1



I choose the Word Cloud assignment from DS 106 my first project, it was easy to complete by myself.It requires you to use different words that have meaning to you. You turn it into a cloud by typing those words into a Word Cloud generator. WordArt Generator was the website I used. (They do charge for you to own it) However you can screenshot and crop the image. I love the 90’s vibe of the font I choose because it remind me of  the font for The Wayans Bros. The font is (Caesar Dressing).

I decided to twist this project by using a picture of me as a backdrop. I have been learning about a source’s bias when interviewing in my journalism 280 class. I realized how biased my word cloud would be because I didn’t want to put negative words in my word cloud. I decided to ask my social media followers on Facebook and Instagram to describe my personality using one word. While some most positive, some were negative (my sister is my biggest hater). Many of my friends didn’t read the previous comments and often repeated the same words. 

Some words that are mentioned within the art are: Lit, Dope, Afrocentric, Genuine, open-minded, loud mean, welcoming, loyal, red, devious, sarcastic, welcoming, beautiful, ratchet, intelligent, dedicated and outspoken. The colors are what is picked up from the image (Red, Black and Green) are the colors of the pan african flag and the green depicted is actual black. Its funny how my Africana studies influence always seems to come through my art in some way. This was the first thing I noticed.

In CT101, I’m learning the importance of communication because of remote learning. Accessibility is important when trying to engage with different types of audiences. Journalism incorporates the use of social media to interact with our audience, even after I posted on my social media people continued to give me words to use which was great.This project’s photo is a personality shot that gives whoever is looking at it a glimpse of who I am. The words have meaning because they come from people who have met me in different life stages. 

The Final Result
The original image.