The End… of the semester

This is my final post for the ct101 digital storytelling class and it is bittersweet.

I have enjoyed the class, especially in relation to other classes but in the what is my opinion the more important later weeks I was missing a few classes which made it harder for my website.

I will work on my website even after I submit this post as I truly do think it a powerful asset to have I just wish I didn’t have any distractions from the class and could’ve come every day but things happen and I still tried my best to make things the best I could’ve.

I did post the midterm assignment

and also thought I was doing good and have made sure I did all the assignments since then even though they are later than most(I am a chronic procrastinator)

Turtle | Species, Classification, & Facts | Britannica

Still getting to the finish line tho no matter what 🙂

As well as past that finish line to keep my website up and hopefully learn more about it

As far as what grade I’ve earned I really don’t know what to give myself as grading is a hard thing to do as there is much to take into consideration but I’ve done the assignments and regardless of the grade I think I’ve at least learned how to incorporate all these various forms of media into blog posts, my website as well as getting a free year from reclaim hosting so no matter what I am happy with the outcome but in the midterm, I said about a B so I will stick with that.

If you wish to see my past posts as well as my website I will hyperlink everything below hope next semester is great for whoever reads this<3

Looking Jim Carrey GIF by Golden Globes

Front Page

Assignment#1 internet happiness

my ct101 exp

me omw to make a ct101 post

A page of myself Assignment #5

Middy Times Assignment #6

Assignment#7 Domain Names

Assignment#8 Setting up camp on Reclaim

Assignment#9 making my site unique

Assignment#10 Cross Posting


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  1. Thank you, Sir!
    It was a great semester filled with endless creativity!
    Thank you for the hard work and steady evolution in CT101 – forward we go!
    Thank You!

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