The Internet’s Own Boy


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Who was Aaron Swartz?

Aaron Swartz was an intelligent and curious individual who fought to give credit where its’ due. As highlighted in the documentary “The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz”, Aaron didn’t just want to make money through his discoveries but he wanted to make the world a better place (1:09:18). Due to his determination and commitment to the fight for rights of users on the internet,  he is known as “The Internet’s Own Boy” Aaron at as early as the age of 14 presented his theories and discussions on various platforms and to this day is known as an important figure in the technological world.

What intrigued me about Aaron Swartz?

I was intrigued by Aaron’s drive to share knowledge and make resources available for anyone that wants to pursue any topic. He wanted to grant creator’s and researchers for their work credit rather than the credit going towards big companies with hidden agendas to maximize profit. Aaron figured that databases like that Jstor  require mandatory sign up to utilize their services tend to discredit researchers who work to make these materials and they also stand as a barrier for students who don’t have access to but need the information they hold in their journal articles. Aaron however, wanted to change this system and he fought for that.

My Reaction To The documentary

At first watching the documentary I was intrigued…

However, by the end of the video I was more like…


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