The World Runs on Memes

My time is now because memes are finally part of my homework assignment!

My Favorite Memes

Most of the time, I find memes on Reddit and Instagram very relatable. I sometimes fall into the habit of saving memes but really why am I even saving them? When am I going to use them? Here are some of my recent favorites:

Are Memes Art?

Over the years, memes have evolved and are now a part of the world. Even if someone doesn’t utilize social media platforms for the social part, they are aware of what a meme is and in some cases they even have a few stacked away in their phones that they laugh at.

I would say that memes aren’t exactly art. But as Kate Knibbs highlights in her post “Can internet memes be art”, even though memes can be temporary, some can be impressionable and prompt great memories of a specific time on the internet. I would agree though that memes are powerful in communication. One of the main reasons memes became popular was due to their relatable features. Memes have the power to bring people together and give us all a good laugh.

It is good to note as well that memes do not always have to have pictures for them to be funny. For example some memes are still funny because of what they communicate. Like this one for example: (I know I’m not the only person in here that cannot take morning conversations)

Making my own Meme

In my previous post, I talked about how Ct 101 was my favorite class so far in the semester because of the fact that it takes the pressure off by having fun assignments. So I made a meme that reflects just that.

PS: For the meme above, I utilized the story features on Instagram to cut and paste text on to my image. Usually, some people would look at creating memes as being a difficult task but you don’t always need to utilize a different software or website, all you need are the same platforms we use everyday.

I also made a few memes on including  another one about CT 101.

Yes, this almost happened to me once

Hopefully you related to some of my memes and had a laugh or two. See you in the next class!

3 thoughts on “The World Runs on Memes”

  1. Hey Vinika, great post. I love the structure, your insight, and its genuinely funny without being over the top. That Kermit gif had me rolling. Good stuff.

  2. Hahaha, I like your post girl! I can relate with you, I have hundreds of memes saved, pinned, and screenshots on my camera roll. They are just too much to just scroll by and let them get lost.

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