Thoughts on My Classmates’ Websites

First off, I looked at quite a few websites and its’ so good to see how far everyone’s come and I can also relate to the struggles that many of my classmates have in regard to their websites’ customization.

Exploring Websites

The first website I visited was Angel’s:

His website is very user friendly. So far his customized widgets makes navigating his website pretty easy. Since his website’s domain name is his very own name it is also helpful that a lot of his website’s features reflect who he is. As a first time visitor to his website, even if I didn’t know who he was from our class, I certainly would’ve known after exploring his site because he added that personal touch to his work.

The second website I visited was Justin’s:

Justin’s website is used to promote his talent and business and from interacting on the site I could tell he’s put a lot of work into making his site reflect who he is and what his interests are. His first blog post is very informative and he even adds YouTube links so that his readers get an idea of what he is referring to. Even though I’ve never paid attention to anything about haircuts, his posts and customized website gave me enough information.

After looking at these websites, all I can say is that by the end of the semester, everyone’s work is going to look great!

(Of course my post wouldn’t be complete without a Luffy GIF)


1 thought on “Thoughts on My Classmates’ Websites”

  1. Hello Vinika, thanks for making this review. While reading your review, I was most interested in Justin’s website. I am big on hair care, which includes hair products and different ways men can style hair. Thanks for adding his website to the review. Now I can just click the link and explore his site.

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