To Meme Or Not To Meme…

Memes are like…………. A box of chocolates  …..NOPE.

Memes are like…………….

Memes are  conventional wisdom…. but on STERIODS.


In their book Freakonomics ,Stephen J. Dubner and

Steven Levitt talk about the most influential people

on culture …..

Journalists and Advertisers……….


However , things have changed since the publication of Freakonomics. 


With social media … EVERY ONE ( including you) is a journalist and advertiser ( even if you are unaware of it)…




The Great Debate Of The 21st century : Does global warming exist ?

Are Memes a form of ART ?


NOT EVERY ONE LIKES MEMES. Some even go far to  denying them the RIGHT to be called ART.



I am on the side that says Memes are a form of art ( I hope you are too)

 I will PROVE it to you.  By the end of this post

all your doubts will be CRUSHED !.


Are you ready to see the proof?

( this might shock you)


There you have it  !!!!!


Still skeptical ? IM sure you are convinced by now, but I’ll show you more proof. 




And….. here is the final proof ( if you are still not convinced then LEAVE!)  



I think this settles the debate…… speaking of debates.…… 



 MEMES. The Past , Future and 






CT 101 the place to learn Memeology




My favorite 2020 memes……..






My favorite meme of all time.






6 thoughts on “To Meme Or Not To Meme…”

    1. Thanks professor, Yes I am trying to give the post a HUMAN VOICE so It could connect with the readers. I Write as I am speaking to someone else across the table from me. My favorite marketer Russell Brunson actually prints out a picture of his “ideal reader” on his desk. As he writes, he looks at the picture and writes to that one person alone.

      1. Excellent! I love that and will check out Russell – Im a big advocate for writing the same way that one would speak/communicate as it helps your authentic self to come through, its a practice for sure!

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