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If I’m being honest, I hardly pay attention to blogs, podcasts or websites because I hardly have the time to keep up with them. I do however like to watch a good YouTube video to either pass the time or to be updated on my latest interests.

My interests


I love eating out (but not cooking) and I will try almost anything. So, it is only natural that I pay attention to the food YouTubers. Some of my favorites are Mark Weins (because he eats food all around the world and tries all different types of cultures) and also Steph Pappas because she loves Taco Bell like me!

My Domain Name

For my website, I’d like to focus on food and reviewing the different types of foods I try around New York City and also where ever I visit. My website will also be connected to my social media pages (which might also be a project I pursue for my writing class).

Potential Domain Names:

  • Vinika.Eats
  • Foodie Adventures
  • NYC Foodie
  • Little Girl/Big Eats
  • Vinika Eats Out

5 thoughts on “Vinika + Food”

  1. Awesome!
    Im a foodie too! I LOVE to Eat and Love to Cook!
    Haha, my wife was making fun of me yesterday because I finally got myself a crock pot and was beaming with excitement all day about it, haha, Im excited to use it tonight! But what should i make 1st???
    Thank you for the great work on this and your support of your fellow classmates by commenting so much here! Thank you!

  2. Vinika, your idea is a good dope example of my one (wo)man wrecking machine theory. Who needs/wants a media network conglomerate deal when you can just take your love of dining and produce your own content however you want. Especially with cancel culture out of control. Could you imagine capturing an authentic NYC restaurant moment on tape, you react based on your personal cultural upbringing, some putz gets offended and now your cancelled. At the very least, your (our) domain is your first line of defense moving forward in this crazy digital social world against these super wokesters that are waiting to take anything and everything out of context. Our domain gives us power in knowing people can’t just twist our narratives and/or intentions whenever they please.

    1. I hadn’t even thought about cancel culture 🤦‍♀️. But now that you mentioned it I could definitely see myself getting canceled easily because I tend to make whitty jokes without even thinking about it and like you said, my reaction to something can prompt it as well.

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