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As I was scouring around for ideas on what my website should be about and what audience I wanted to attract, I decided that I would create a food blog filled with my adventures eating around NYC. Beginning work on a website can be intimidating at first because its’ like “Where do I even begin???”. But after rewatching our class tutorials and going through my photo gallery filled with various dinning images, I started to work on my website vinikaeats

The idea behind my website is that I want to share my experiences in a single place online so that both I can have a sort of “memory box” and so that people looking for somewhere out in the City to eat can find possible recommendations by looking through my blogs or photo gallery.

Website Style

Specifically for my website I liked the idea of the collage styled pictures on my homepage that came with the 2021 WordPress theme so I decided to keep it and place my pictures over each other instead of in alignment. I also prefer a darker colored theme (as many people today also do!) so I decided to go darker rather than lighter. I still have some work to do on my site but so far I’ve done some little things with it.

Content vs Coursework

My website will particularly focus on my personal posts while here on CT101 I will continue to post my progress with the course as I keep exploring and learning new things which will eventually give me a website that I can look back on someday or maybe even continue to post on even after this class has ended.


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