Assignment #5 – Digital Art Making Immediacy

Assignment #5 – Digital Art Making Immediacy

What makes us human beings? What makes us different than all other living things? Yes, my friend, let’s look deep into what makes us who we are. We all need the necessary resources to keep us alive, such as air, water, food, home, etc.

But what completes who we are is family, friends, jobs, creativity, education, love, and so on. So let’s use the rectangle screen to express what we love and live based on.

Using the mmm platform, I expressed my life in the form of creativity, but first, take a peek at my website, on the first page. I used iced mountains along with a green forest and a running river background. This background explains my love for nature, clean air, and a beautiful view that motivates me to do my best.

The beautiful statue of liberty expresses my life-changing journey. It represents living the American dream since I immigrated to the United States about eight years ago. I moved from a country that has been in a civil war since 2014, and I can say that moving to the US was the best decision my family made.

As human beings, we need to be loved, and it’s an essential part of our life. The rings represent my marriage journey and the beginning of creating my own little family, including my wife and two children.

People need entertainment, and there’s one thing most people have in common: a sport. The soccer ball is one of the most significant worldwide sport, it is part of people’s lives, and Leo Messi is my favorite soccer player.

Music keeps me going its keeps me motivated and helps me focus. Music allows people to change their moods; it helps them feel better when depressed, stressed, or angry. It keeps us calm and helps us get work done by reducing the stress of overload work. ( I included an Arabic song for one of my favorite artists)

Tax day represents my college journey. I have been in college for five years studying accounting and focusing on the tax field; starting January, I will be a tax export, so have your taxes ready for my review.

In conclusion, using the mmm platform was a great way to summarize what represents who I am. It was easy to use, and it had many unique resources such as gifs, pictures, links to outside resources and most importantly, it allowed me to have my unique website.


3 thoughts on “Assignment #5 – Digital Art Making Immediacy”

  1. Wow, nice work here!
    I really love the reflective work that you put into the assignment. You searched and gathered all the digital assets needed to organize the page using mmm! It looks great! Keep in mind, you can keep adding more “fragments” to that page if new ideas or ways cross your mind.
    Feel free to also consider hyperlinking things here in this post (like the youtube video that you like)
    Thank you!

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