Week 9,10,11 Website Work/ Inspirations/ideas & Information

Hey there, this is gonna be a transitional post that shows and explains what changed in my website during week 9, 10 and 11, it will also explain what is inspiring me to make this website like ideas that help me to grow the site.

Let’s start off with an issue:

It’s been tough when other unknown people from around the world are trying to gain access to my account, this started mid week 9, and continued till last week, every night I would get emails regarding this, in total I have at least 40 emails indicating a new ip trying to access my work, I don’t even know why but I am glad it stopped.

That’s more or less the only issue lol. Now with the good stuff:

I chose the recommended Twenty Seventeen option, I found it better for smoother transitions. I changed it later that same week.

You scroll down and see:

The basic website front page of the website now have more vibrant colors. I did this because vibrant colors tend to attract the eye. With the help of week 10s zoom, I was able to create a footer with different things, I chose a footer over a sidebar because the way I want to set up the site is to make smoother to scroll down on the phone, tablet and computer and for the viewer to just see the main information displayed. This is the current footer;

The music video is a form of new-retro wave music, funny how a while after the Vaporwave assignment was given, I’m a big fan of the style projected by vaporwave images. The music video itself can be played during the viewing of the site when reading information, I learned to do this during week 10s zoom recording. Thank you Ryan for providing the zoom recordings!

Also here’s the link to the music video;

Moving forward I was also able to learn on how to edit different pages of my website such as my “About” section, I changed the heading to “About This Site”, so from looking like this;

To making it look like this:

Cool right? Thank you Ryan for showing us about https://pixabay.com/. It really had a lot of pictures that fit well with my site.

Also the zoom from these weeks helped me to create the appropriate link connections by pressing on something, such as pressing on the read more button. Example below>

So with the help of the zoom recordings I was able to understand how to create the connection of the read more because I was kinda lost of how to do it lol, I’m used to different forms of how to do this on different places like Wix, although similar I was glad to learn how to do it in wordpress.

I am updating my blog section today just need to playback some of the zoom recordings again.

Also, you might see no link to a social media outlet on the site, why? Well FOREX in many social media sites are sometimes scam sites and with the bad rap a social media account for this website is perhaps not appropriate, for now, if I realize many people checking the site I will make a social media and link it within the site, only time will tell on that. I might put in my personal social media line too if I get emails with more questions asking who I am and stuff.

I just want to throw out that the things during those weeks and still current weeks that inspired my continuation on the website was the temperature of our economical status as a country, the idea of this site is just to learn of a form of investment that if you truly gain interest you can do your own independent learning and explore other sites, and youtube videos that can help you excel in your journey of learning on how to invest using FOREX.

So to help this interest I am trying my best to make information understable, simple and accurate in my website, I will provide links of news outlets in my blog section in my website that can provide more insight on economical factors that have inspired me to learn this form of investment.

A lot more really, but to see how all my work from those weeks have played out just visit my site; https://fxlearnersway.com/

Website is still under construction but fear not, empty gaps will be filled very, very soon ;D  Farewell for now, I’ll see you in the next post and I hope you can view my site. Take care all!





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