What makes me happy on the internet?

I go online every day to read the news, check my Tiktok, and watch YouTube videos. I enjoy watching videos about new healthy items. This week, one of the things that has been on my mind is my natural hair. I’ve been watching YouTube videos to learn more about how to care for natural hair. As a black woman with a 4c, taking care of my natural hair has been quite challenging. For years, my hair seemed to have remained the same length. So, this week, I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos on my natural hair.

First thing that i learned was my porosity hair type

The porosity of your hair determines its ability to absorb and retain moisture. The porosity of your hair dictates how easily oils and moisture may pass through the cuticle, your hair’s outermost layer. Medium-porosity cuticles are less firmly linked. I discovered that I have low porosity hair and that I have been using high porosity products to care for it for years, causing my hair to split and become dry. 

Second thing I learned is never comb your hair dry. 

The third thing I learnt is the best shampoo and oil for my low porosity hair type

I recently purchased @tgin from utal beauty. https://tginatural.com 

I used the shampoo and deep honey conditioner, and they left my hair feeling really silky. 

When it comes to Type 4 hair, this is critical. Oil may be used for a variety of things on natural hair, including: 


Hot Oil Treatments 


Scalp massages 

 Deep conditioners 

Adding to the spray bottle’s mixture 

Sealing Moisture




I decided to start from the beginning after learning so much about my natural hair. Seeing so many black women cutting their hair on YouTube has inspired me to do the same.


A shout out to the beautiful young lady for inspiring me.

Cheers to a new beginning.


ME with my hair cut! it been a great week.



3 thoughts on “What makes me happy on the internet?”

  1. Excellent work on this!
    Not only is this post super informative and helpful, its also very engaging and flows really well through your written descriptions.
    I love the uses of various media types to share the content and love the personal touch and connection.
    Your new haircut looks great!
    Thanks so much for sharing this!

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