Why cities are more creative than villages……..

In his fascinating book Where Good Ideas Come from: The Natural History of Innovation, Steven Johnson discusses how cities are more creative than villages……

But why ?




We usually think of “creative persons” rather than “creative places”…..  

However , it turns out that…Creativity isn’t only in ….




But also…….




Our creativity is dependent on our environment and other peoples ideas

New Ideas= mixture of other ideas. 




Like living in a city ,when we are surrounded by more different ideas and many different people…. There is a higher chance that we will find new combination.

More ideas begets more ideas.

( Villages )

Less ideas * Less ideas = Less ideas


(Cities )

more ideas * more ideas = more ideas

copy right= the killer of creativity

As mentioned above, new ideas are a mixture of other ideas. 

More ideas will mean more new ideas ..

We can’t innovate and create in a vacuum , all innovation and creativity builds on each other…..

This is where  copy right laws can hinder the creative process ..




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