Why I love CT101, but GIFs


In all honesty, I enrolled in this course last minute, because I was just a few credits short of being full time, which is required for me to stay in the ACE Program. So, when I first started CT101, I was a bit confused and frazzled.

As reading comprehension was admittedly lagging and it took a while for my profile to get setup on the commons site, I found myself worriedly refreshing the Blackboard page for more direction.

Further, it was until after Professor Seslow’s email about attendance that I realized the class met in person. When I sat in on my first physical class, I was instantly intrigued! Reading and hearing things online sounded complicated and almost impossible.

I thought to myself, “I’m going to CREATE a gif?!”. In my mind, those were made with complex code by computer geniuses.

But after attending class, and having the Professor walk us through that process and talk about the power of blogging, I felt so empowered!

I am a very visual/kinesthetic learner and getting walkthrough instructions with examples throughout this course has been a lifesaver! I have always loved writing and as a Zellenial (the generation between Millenials and Gen Z), I am constantly interacting with the internet. Because of my writing intensive major, I have very little time or motivation to write recreationally. However, I think this class has the potential to spark that interest in me.

I appreciate how the assignments are always guided by self-interest! My other classes are alright, but they would be 10x better if the assignments tied to my interests rather than some generic theme or topic. I love my major and the content but it gets tiring to constantly regurgitate information in research papers as opposed to writing on my understanding of Freedom in America, for example. 

This class has the creative potential to revolutionize learning in all majors. I think this style of writing, collaboration, and media literacy makes learning more fun and works with moving the generation forward in understanding technology. It feels like we are in the future!

I feel like after learning how to use all of the tools in this course, I can classify myself as one of the cool computer geniuses that I mentioned before. I can’t wait to use this course to express myself and become a computer genius!

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  1. Yes!
    We will take over the Internet!! Ct101 forever!
    Great work! Happy you are enjoying the class!
    Love the gifs and way that you shared your story here!
    Lets add a few hyperlinks (context) and a video (or 2) to polish off this post!
    Thank you!

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