Hey Y’all I’m Breanna but y’all can call me Bree because I just prefer to be called that . I’m a Psychology major and I took this class because I needed an elective for my major. I’m not going to lie at first I thought this was going to be a speech type of class and as much as I love talking and stuff I’m not really a fan of presenting because I always get nervous whether it’s virtual or in person so at first my reaction was like…


But once Professor Seslow explained the class and what’s expected I’m like… Wait this is amazing. No tests, speeches , papers. Just vibes and creativity . I love to see it


I’m so interested in learning more about digital storytelling and I’m glad that this is a freewill laid back class that pushes my creativity and also allows me to use one of the things I love very much which is memes. As a big Tumblr and Twitter feen this is definitely fulfilling and combining two of my favorite things. Thanks Professor Seslow. You did that

yass yass

2 thoughts on “ASSIGNMENT #2 – MY FIRST REACTION TO CT 101”

  1. Hey Bree! I am a chemistry major so I understand what you mean. I walked in with no clue about the class either so your post is relatable to me. Also enjoyed your reaction gifs 🙂

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