Course Schedule

Fall Semester 2021 – Course Schedule:


Week #14 – Tuesday 12/6 10 am via Zoom 

Week #14 –**This is the last week of regular meeting classes in zoom**

***Important Final Info–>  CT101 Final Blog Post  Info <– *** We will be discussing the information, criteria & submission details to complete our semester. Please read the blog post in the link above.

Have a question(s)? Please E-mail me here – rseslow@york.cuny.edu


Week #13 – Tuesday 11/30 10 am via Zoom

Week #13Assignment #11 – It’s time to share your website’s URL and progress, let’s jump in! We will explore WordPress tutorials on adding Social Media content into your blog posts, pages and sidebar widgets. Using Social Media to tell compelling stories and activate engagement on your website. Lots of new creative energy in this post — > Go Here for the Assignment #11 prompt and video recording

Zoom Recording / tutorial from class on 11/30


Passcode: 7%cSatm$

Weeks #11 & 12 – Tuesday 11/16 & 11/23 10 am via Zoom

Weeks #11 & 12Assignment #10 – Getting specific with WordPress Part II – Last week we started setting up our new websites by discussing the potentials of creating new pages, navigation menus, working with widgets, installing and adding plug-ins and the differences between posts & categories. This takes practice and a little bit of experimentation. Lets continue forward. More techniques and applications – Cross posting content and more! I will be sharing the live demonstrations and will add the recorded video from our zoom classes here –> **This Week’s website work & blogging assignment prompt** <– Read This

Zoom Recording / Tutorial for Weeks 11 & 12 – 11/16 & 11/23


Passcode: 4@4+dOr#


Week #10 – Tuesday 11/9 10 am via Zoom

Week #10 – Moving into Assignment #9Exciting Times! Let’s start setting up our new websites! Lets talk about pages, posts, categories, navigation menus, working with widgets, installing and adding plug-ins, and much more! Lets also get specific about how we are going to customize and use our websites! I will be sharing a series of live demonstrations and a recorded video from our zoom class this week – Im posting the class video to this post here – READ THIS for the Assignment Info <—

**Reminder – You cant start this process until you follow the steps in Week #9 – (Coupon Codes were sent out via e-mail on 11/2)

Zoom recording from class on 11/9:


Passcode: fpnY&eb8


Week #9 – Tuesday 11/2 10 am via Zoom

Week #9 – Moving into Assignment #8 -> Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set Up & WordPress Installation! <– Read This! Lets follow along as prof. Ryan shares this process in our zoom session on 11/2. and then publish a blog post about the experience of registering your own domain, and setting up your web hosting account. (A full video recording of today’s zoom session will be added here after class.)

** – Reminder – You cant start this process until you have the Coupon Code. (Coupon Codes will be sent out via e-mail on 11/2)

The Full Process Video Recording from 11/2 is below:


Passcode: 8?n8h%+x


Week #8 – Tuesday 10/26 10 am via Zoom

Week #8  – PART 1 – For Assignment #7 it is time to begin thinking about a domain name and discussing the process. What is a domain name? Read this for the assignment prompt – DOMAIN NAME TIME!

PART 2 – Screen the Video and respond with a blog post to : “The Internet’s Own Boy” A Story about Aaron Swartz

**Did you publish your mid-semester assessment post? Please get this done as a top priority before moving on to the new assignments above – thank you!

Zoom recording from class on 10/26-


Passcode: ??R4!&aG


Week #7 – Tuesday 10/19 10 am via Zoom

Week #7 – For assignment #6 it is Mid-Semester Reflection time! Lets have a class discussion about where we are, what stands out and what happens next as we move forward.  –> Please Read this to get started on the Assignment! <– (a class recording of the process will be added to the bottom of this post shortly after class on 10/19)

*Zoom Recording / Tutorial from class on 10/19:


Passcode: GGk3^mCg


Week #6 – Tuesday 10/12 – 10 am via Zoom

Week #6 – Welcome back! We have an exciting assignment this week and the introduction of a new tool to work with. Lets dig in to this new post that prof. Ryan wrote to get us inspired – Lets talk a little bit about Creativity, Immediacy and Intuition. In this new post, lets learn how this formula of words can inspire your storytelling: –>  https://ct101.commons.gc.cuny.edu/week-6-digital-art-making-immediacy/  <– READ THIS to dig in! This is assignment #5

*Zoom Recording / Tutorial is here from 10/12:


Passcode: XJ?#u8%V

**PS – As a part of assignment #4 (Are Memes Art? ) did you create 1 meme addressing how you feel about CT101? Lets add that file to this shared –>  Google Drive Folder here <– please do this now during class – I am collecting 1 CT101 inspired meme from everyone for an online exhibition on the Net-Art website


Week #5 – Tuesday 10/5 –10 am via Zoom

Week #5 – We will dig into this new assignment via the link below – it is chock full of useful and creative information – lets get busy working with the DS106 Assignment Repository!! (a class video recording is located at the bottom of the blog post for week #5) Assignment #4 Read this –> Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility

Zoom tutorial from class on 10/5:


Passcode: du32Me#G

**As a part of assignment #4 (Are Memes Art? ) did you create 1 meme addressing how you feel about CT101? Lets add that file to this shared –>  Google Drive Folder here <– please do this now during class – I am collecting 1 CT101 inspired meme from everyone for an online exhibition on the Net-Art website


Week #4 – Tuesday 9/28 – 10 am via Zoom

Week #4 – OK, Were got our GIFs on and here is another great Internet culture-based assignment to get your creative juices flowing! You all have published some great posts last week utilizing the animated GIF, but now its time for Assignment #3…. Are Memes Art?  What do you think? Will you respond by making a series of Memes to share your feelings about CT101 and the state of the world that we live in? Let’s learn a few new skills using Meme making applications in our class session and get working on a new post. <—-Go Here 

**The Zoom class video recording and tutorial for Week #4 -9/28


Passcode-  .@f5nwcw

PS– let’s get some dialog going by leaving a comment or two on each other’s posts. (don’t forget to respond.)


Week #3 – Tuesday 9/21 – 10 am via Zoom

Week #3 – We are now officially signed up for the CT101 website (needed for blogging) & the CUNY Academic Commons – (if you are having trouble with either of these sites please e-mail me) – most of you got blogging on assignment #1! Did you check to see if I left you a comment? Or perhaps a classmate left you one? You should respond 🙂 – Lets take a peek at those first posts and jump into some new strategies, techniques and practices for good blogging habits this week – oh, and its time to get our GIFs on! Lets learn how to make and use animated GIFs as a communication tool for storytelling!

Assignment #2 – Making our 1st GIFs & GIF narratives -> assignment #2 details are here -READ This <-

(Here is the video recording from zoom on 9/21 / the how-to access and make GIFS with Giphy / Imgur tutorial is below and also placed into blog post above) 


Video Passcode: Wb!jKw2d


Week #2 – Tuesday 9/14 – 10 am via Zoom

Week #2 – This week we will get everyone blogging  on the CT101 web site! Please join me for the live demonstration in zoom on how to do this (ill post the class video recording here after the class is over and in week #2’s blog post) We will get to work on learning the wordpress blog editor interface and some of our website’s Authorship features. Plus, we will publish our first blog Post this week!

Assignment #1 –> All of the details for week #2s Assignment are located here, so please read the post and follow the instructions, have fun! <– and, here is Ryan’s example for assignment #1

Video recording from our zoom class on 9/14


Passcode: ms#54*Ac


Week #1 – Starting Tuesday – 8/31/21 – 10am via Zoom

1. Welcome to CT101 Digital Storytelling! Introduction to the course, learning about each other and our class potentials! Read the welcome blog post here <–

2. We will discuss the Sign up process for access to the CUNY academic commons and the CT101 website –this post has the “how-to” video tutorial link  – Read this blog post for details < —

***Be sure to read through the course syllabus too!


Have a question? E-mail me here – rseslow@york.cuny.edu