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Fall Semester 2022 – Course Schedule:

Weekly Assignments!


**Just a reminder, there are No Classes on Tuesday 9/27 & 10/4 for the Jewish holidays. Please continue to work on and complete any existing assignments, and also comment on the works of your classmates.**


Week #4 – Tuesday – 9/20  – 10am

Week #4 – OK, here is another great Internet culture-based assignment to get your creative juices flowing for a new blow post! You all have published some great posts last week utilizing animated GIFs, but now…. what about MEMEs? Are Memes Art?  What do you think? Will you respond by making a series of Memes to share your feelings about CT101 and the state of the world that we live in?

Assignment #3 – Let’s learn a few new skills using Meme making applications in our class session and get working on a new post. —-> Go Here for Assignment #3 <—– 

(A video recording from our class session on 9/20 will be published in the assignment #3 blog post after class)


Week #3 – Tuesday – 9/12  – 10am

 Week #3 – Let’s dig into a quick “how to blog on CT101 recap” and then jump into the Assignment #2 tutorial.

Assignment #2 – Making our first GIFs & GIF narratives –>  Read This for the Assignment Details! <—

(A video recording from our class session on 9/12 will be published in the assignment #2 blog post after class)


Week #2 – Tuesday – 9/6 – @10 am

Week #2 – Welcome back! This week we will get everyone blogging on the CT101 web site! We will get right to work – learning the blog editor interface and some of our class website’s authorship features. Plus, we will publish our first blog post this week! There is a lot to share and express through Digital Storytelling!

Assignment #1 – Details–> All of the details for Assignment #1 are located here <– click that link! so Please read the post and follow the instructions, have fun! <– and, here is Ryan’s example for assignment #1 – we shall discuss during our class-time!

(A video recording from our class session on 9/6 is located in the Assignment #1 post)


Week #1 – Starting Tuesday – 8/30 @10am

Welcome to CT101 Digital Storytelling! Introductions, learning about each other and our class potentials! We will discuss the Sign up process for the Commons & CT101 website – Please read both blog posts below and complete the tasks listed in each post. (links will activate on 8/30)

    1. CT 101 Welcome Post & Introduction Prompt <– read this

2. Getting Signed Up for the Academic Commons & the CT 101 Website <– read this one too



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