Assignment #9 – Registering my Domain Name + Hosting Set Up

assignment #9: my experience registering a domain name + setting up website



I finally chose my domain name!

After heading over to reclaim hosting to check if my domain name was available to be registered, I decided to name my website “”. Out of all my options, I decided to go with because it feels more fitting for what the theme and vibe of my website is going to be about, which centers around beauty, photography, art, other good stuff of that nature. 🧸ྀི

My experience registering my own domain was really interesting. I felt happy that the domain name that I registered wasn’t taken because it made me feel that I came up with a really unique name! (⁀ᗢ⁀)

I want my website to a hub and a space for daydreamers (the daydreamer in question being me, of course) to indulge in the content of simplicity and aestheticism that I hope to portray in my website.

Last week, I started registering my domain name, set up my web hosting account, and even started designing my website just a bit.

A screencap from my website,
I have to admit, for my website, I still have a lot to work on. There is still much for me to edit and design, all while trying to make it look as cohesive and appealing as it can be. Additionally, I’m hoping the content of my website is going to be interesting for the readers, as well.
˚୨୧˚ I do love the concept of web designing so I think that this is going to be very exciting for me.  Let’s see how this goes! 😀



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