Assignment #7: Picking a Domain Name

Assignment #7Potential Domain Names

When I heard that we were going to start coming up with domain names for our own websites, I was kind of worried. I’m not sure what the name for my website would be! After much pondering, I decided on these 5 names for now…
These domain names are good examples for the website that I’m going to design because I want my website to have a vibe that’s very dreamy and peaceful. I’m hoping I can achieve that, starting with the domain name, of course.
Now, what might my website be about, you ask? ˏˋ°•*⁀➷
I want my website to be about a few of my favorite hobbies, such as photography, beauty, and maybe video games. I think that writing about these specific hobbies would be very enjoyable for me, since they interest me the most.
Photography is passion of mine that I would love to write blog posts about because it’s something that I genuinely enjoy doing. Below is a photo that I took of the glorious moon about a month ago. 🙂
。.。:∞♡* As a website owner, I’m now starting to feel excited about this new journey. An opportunity like this is giving me the chance to express my passion and hobbies in such a creative way, and hopefully my content can resonate with people.
One of my favorite websites that I would like to share is a website called Pinterest. Pinterest is a wonderful way of sharing images and videos to gain ideas from them. It is an endless feed of inspiration!
And of course, YouTube is always a favorite website of mine. It’s a great way of unwinding and you can practically find at least one entertaining video on there.

5 thoughts on “Assignment #7: Picking a Domain Name”

  1. Excellent!
    Great work on this post as a whole. I like how everything is both stylized and harmonized!
    I like the smaller sized gifs intertwined with the larger images, super fun!
    The potential domain names are really fun!
    Do you have a favorite?
    The kitten GIF / Meme at the beginning of the post is so relatable!

    1. Thank you, Prof! I’m glad you like my kitten GIF meme, lol! I think my favorite domain name would have to be option #1, “”. I’m considering using that one for my website, actually. 😀

  2. Hi Rehaana. I could relate to your first gif because coming up with domain names that are actually unique or catchy took me time to come up with. With your hobbies, were they always something you were interested in or were they recent interests?

    1. Hi, Misha. My hobbies were something that I have always been interested in! I’ve loved playing video games since I was a kid, always loved doing makeup, and photography is another passion of mine that I have always been drawn to. I’m glad you find the kitten GIF relatable, lol!

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