Week #2 – Assignment #1 – Internet Happy

Week #2 – Assignment #1

A Recap & Forward Motion!

The Course Schedule page is here (this is our most important page as it hosts all of our weekly assignments and their specifications – please check this page each week at the beginning of class.)

1. Did you read the welcome blog post located here <–it has an assignment that prepares us for this week – the assignment details are located at the bottom of the post, it asks you to leave a comment, and to respond to one of your classmate’s comments, did you? 

2. Let’s get signed up! Did you sign up for the CUNY commons and the CT101 website? If not, please review the process for access to the CUNY commons and the CT101 website here  Read this blog post for details < —

And now… this week, its time to get blogging!

Let’s learn about and tour our WordPress blogging interface here on CT 101’s website. We will discuss and learn how to sign in, create a new post, add text, verbiage, images, GIFs, videos, hyperlinks and contextual content into the blogging interface! We will begin by sharing some sentiments accompanied by visual media to help tell our stories.

***Each week I will screen record a video tutorial that demonstrates techniques and tips for each assignment – The tutorials will always be posted shortly after class directly into the blog post with the assignment details.

This Week’s Assignment…

Assignment #1 – What Makes You Happy on the Internet?

Your goal for this week will be to read and follow the info / links listed in this week’s blog post. Absorb the information and then begin to prepare and gather all of needed media, images, links and content that you need to create and publish your first blog post here on our class website!

(This assignment was originally created by Professor Michael B. Smith a few years ago, it still holds true as a great example and ice-breaker for our first blogging assignment.)

In a new blog post, take the time to introduce anything you want about yourself and describe a piece, or multiple pieces of the Internet that is “making you happy” this week. Share what the content is about, the media format, and the online space in which it was discovered. Let us know why this (or these things) make you happy! Make sure it’s something you can ’embed’ into your post and be sure to link back to the original source of the the item (hyperlink).

Below is also an example:

“I discovered recently a writer who made side-by-side comparisons of frames from the Simpsons with frames from the original movies that inspired the cartoon. I love this kind work because it shows how culture is seemingly endlessly recycled and remixed.”

simpsons / psycho movie parody


Also, here’s a video short (below) from the original, famous “shower scene” from the 1960 film Psycho that the inspiration is drawn from.

For another example of “how” your assignment #1 post can potentially look, check out professor Seslow’s example:


Assignment #1 Example Fun with Ryan

PS – THIS whole blog post is an example of a good quality post! Notice the length, the amount of embedded media added, hyperlinks, content and context to help support the verbiage.

It all just takes a little bit of regular practice.

Let’s do it!








Assignment #1 Example Fun with Ryan

an animated gif of the woodside train station in queens nyc

Assignment #1 Example Fun with Ryan

I’m excited to be back and teaching again!

Here we are in the Spring semester of 2023. I have a particular love for teaching CT101 at York College!

“CT” is short for Communications Technology, and the course is called “Digital Storytelling”.. (I know, the name of the course says it all!) It has quite a bit of history and I will share more on its origins soon. CT101 makes me happy. CT101 takes place on the Internet!

I love this class because it can literally help and inspire everyone. There is something here that everyone can learn and benefit from while also helping others evolve collectively. I say and mean everyone because lets face it, “we” spend a lot of time using the Internet..

Its a relationship, really!

We can all benefit from learning new digital tools, techniques, applications of self-expression and participating in a cross CUNY community here on the commons. (Which is a piece of the Internet that makes me happy! Oh I already said that..) CT101 puts an emphasis on creating and publishing content to a class blog whilst experimenting with what the potentials of “what a blog post can be”…

This also makes me happy. WordPress makes me happy!

What is making you happy on the Internet this Week?

So here we are, officially jumping into CT101 this second week. We have a ton of great stuff to cover, learn, share, create, apply, rinse and repeat this semester!

Assignment #1 asks you to share; What is making you happy on the Internet?  We can do cool things like hyperlink text and verbiage.. We can make an image or ten, an animated GIF like the one above and below – also a “clickable thing” that redirects to another page or place on the Internet. That IDEA in and or itself makes me very happy! So in essence, the creative and practical functionality of the Internet as a whole makes me really happy.

The Internet archive makes me happy too! (did you know about this?) Jump in and go waaaaaaay down the Internet cultural rabbit hole!

Lets dig a bit deeper..

The GIF above is taken from my profile on GIPHY. (go ahead and click on the image of the hyperlinked word to find my “stock” of animated GIFS. You can use them and embed them almost anywhere on the web. Thats the beauty of GIPHY.com – its a search engine for animated GIFs and animated Stickers, like I said, its Internet culture and Internet culture makes me happy! Website’s like Giphy have a lot of utility, they give us the opportunity to share our emotions and feelings through looping visual imagery. This helps me express myself in so many ways. Giphy.com makes me happy this week!

a screen shot of the giphy.com home page at the moment


I love to make animated GIFS! And guess what, you are going to learn how to make them in our class! I love GIFs and I feel that they are a huge part of Internet culture. Come on now, we all love animated GIFS! I made most of the GIFs in this blog post. These are just a few of the many of thousands that I have made (did I say thousands? Yikes, its true, I cant stop!) I blame Professor Michael B. Smith for this as he got me into GIFs and making them! Be sure to check out his blog here.

OK, so those are a few things that are making me happy on the Internet as well as a few ways that I use the Internet. Let’s get started!

PS – Did you notice the formatting for this blog post? Notice how my images are the same size and how everything has been aligned to the left? This is intentional and it helps the viewer/reader easily absorb the content. You too will learn how to apply a similar format, though it may see a bit tricky to manage at first, you will easily get the hang of it!



Getting Signed Up and Signed Into the CT101 Website!

an old TV from the 1980s hosts the Digital Storytelling course title program


Getting Signed Up and Signed in to the CT101 Website & the CUNY Academic Commons.

Welcome Back Digital Storytellers!

Please follow along with me during our class session to get signed up for both the CUNY Academic Commons and for this website, follow me and scroll down..

As we know, a big part of CT101 is the class website. It is where you will begin your active role as an “Author” of our CT101 community and where you will be publishing all of your class work and assignments. You will also become a part of the CUNY Academic Commons Community (Im a big fan!)

**First things first,

It is super important for you to have access to your York College E-mail Address, and to make sure it works!  You will need to have access to it in order to sign up for our CT101 web site and the CUNY academic commons.

***If you need assistance with setting this up do not hesitate to contact the York College help desk at 718-262-5300 as needed or at helpdesk@york.cuny.edu

Let’s Get Started!

We must follow the sign up steps in the order below (I will demonstrate the process in our class this week)

*Remember, you must use your CUNY e-mail address for this only!

1. We will Sign Up for the CUNY Academic Commons Here – simply click the  “Register” button and fill in the form and complete the sign up! You will receive an e-mail that verifies your account. 

2. After you sign up for the CUNY Academic Commons, please Sign-Up for the CT101 website and use the SAME Username and e-mail address that used to sign up for the CUNY Academic Commons – this info will allow for me to send you a direct invite request from our class website to become an Author of the website. Please “accept” the invite when it arrives via e-mail. You can also accept the invite under your commons profile under “my invites” (I’ll share an example)

.. And then…. You will have access to “log in” and start blogging as a CT101 author. We wont start that part until next week though.. The log-in prompt is always located in the main navigation menu area of the website – depending on the device that you are viewing the site in, you will see it in upper right hand corner of the page via desktop or laptops, but mobile devices may see the log in prompt on the left side of the page, either way, click “Log In” and enter your Log In credentials. 

**You cant start publishing content as an author of the website on CT101 until you have completed the sign up process steps above. Please let me know if you have any issues.

More to come!

Welcome to CT101 – Digital Storytelling! Spring 2023

Welcome Everyone!

Here we are: CT101 – Digital Storytelling! The Spring Semester of 2023!

bob ross painting

Ok, this blog post is a lot things, but first and foremost it’s a welcoming! Im excited to meet everyone and share our 1st class session to connect and learn about each other. Below, that’s Nyle DiMarco, he’s a Deaf Actor and Artist, he is showing us how to say: “Nice to Meet You” in American Sign Language. I’m also Deaf, so you can expect to learn some ASL and see more ASL GIFs this semester! I hope that you like animated GIFS, we are going use a lot of them here, and make them too! We are going to spend a lot of time discussing ways that we communicate.

an animated GIF of Nyle DiMarco signing "Nice to Meet You" in American Sign Language

There is a lot of compelling content to cover this semester in CT101, which will happen in many fun ways!

**This is the direct URL / Link to our class Website – https://ct101.commons.gc.cuny.edu/ <—that link is where EVERYTHING is happening for CT101.

I’m not a fan of blackboard (who is?? Its outdated and clunky..) and I will only use it to remind the class about password sensitive things or send a class e-mail. Please make sure you are familiar with the CUNY academic calendar for the semester as we will follow that..

kermit the frog rigorously typing - animated GIF

The CT101 Class Modality / Structure – CT101 will be taught synchronously in person this semester on campus here in the lab on the 4th floor in room 4m03 (academic core building) – we will also have course work that will be assigned and completed outside of class.

There are 2 sections of this course that will both follow the same course schedule & criteria – be sure to attend the right section of your course and not both 🙂

Please know, I am always here to help you be the best that you can be in our course. And we are all here to do the same for each other. Our class is a community! A big part of our class is exploring your creativity and being experimental with the Internet! Plus, we will learn about the evolving array of digital tools that are available to us. We do quite a bit of the creative work from our own personal work spaces as we integrate the class work into our lives. Please know, I will always screen-record each and every assignment’s description, how-to’s and tutorials and share those videos here on our website. Please think of this website as a repository of information, energy and inspiration for the course (and beyond!)

*The Class Website – Our class website takes place on the CUNY Academic Commons! You will soon discover that the Commons is a huge resource and regular source of inspiration and community! Im excited to share this with you all.

**This Week’s Assignment is Below**

Let’s leave our first Comment!

In the comments section below (if you scroll down to the bottom of this page) Add a comment, Your comment will serve as your attendance today, but please introduce yourself! Tell us a bit about yourself, What is your name? What you are studying here at York College?  What is your favorite movie, activities, ice cream flavor? Favorite place or apps to visit on the web? What are you most interested in at this moment? Etc..) Feel free to add some links! Let’s get to know each other. Also – Reply to someone’s comment, say hello and share some interests. Commenting and activity on the website is big part of our class!

**PS -I moderate all the comments to make sure that spam bots don’t spam us into oblivion! If may take a few minutes before your comment shows up, no need to submit it twice if you don’t see it appear right away **

Also, please explore this website, read through the syllabus and some of the course resources, it will be super helpful in the next coming weeks.


Assignment 10: Deja Vu

At first, I didn’t really know what to expect from this class.

I walked into the class, sat down, and listened to the first lecture and for the most part, my thoughts consisted of, “Hey, he looks like Jeff Bezos

And I also thought about this speech from Metal Gear Rising: Revengence about Memes at some point in class.

But I started to think about a lot of the stuff we were going to do.  The internet, whether for better or worse, is a home for me.

It’s my connection to the outside world outside of school and work.  It’s a place where I market, host, and promote my work

So I figured this class was fitting for a lot of the things I wanted to do especially when it came to my number-centric work.

Stonks: Why we're all saying it now.

I think a cool thing I learned later in the course was all the alternate free sites used for making Gifs.

Normally I would make them on Adobe Premiere but I was reminded of the fact that there are many free alternatives to the adobe products I used.  

It was nice to teach people how to make Gifs with Gifs and I wish more tutorial pages were like that.

In Assignment 3, I was able to divulge why I think Memes are an art form and what makes them special. I think that making memes as a means to tell a story during Assignment 1 helped me understand the potential for using Memetic language to communicate an idea. 

I got to photoshop myself into a historical photo which challenged my photoshop skills a lot and taught me how to use certain filters more effectively. 

I left the class with not one but two sites.

The first site I made was my MMM Page

I explained why it felt so minimal during assignment 5 but to summarize I felt so conditioned to make everything slick and simple as to synchronize with the current state of the internet that when it came time to maximize I struggled to figure out what to do.

The last site I made is very important. The process of making it was surprisingly easy to a point.

Staples Easy Button GIF - Staples Easy Button That Was Easy - Discover &  Share GIFs

Naming my site after my brand was simple enough. I didn’t have many other ideas.

At first, making the site was difficult. My goal was to place one of my two series on the site.

I really struggled to do what I wanted to do for my website.  The key to hopping the learning curve though was so easy I was practically upset by the fact I didn’t do it sooner.

Typing in WordPress and Webcomic I found a plugin called Toocheke and a tutorial on how to use it which made transferring my series far easier.


I feel like this site is the most important thing to come of this class so far because it can serve as a place to consolidate and archive my work if something were to happen to it on the other platforms I occupy.

I think because I handed in the final so late I probably deserve a grade between an A and a B. 

I thought I had done this assessment already but somehow I didn’t. I’m taking two classes with Ryan which are both a blast so I think my brain is fusing the two together.


As I explained in the Mid-Term assessment. I feel like I grew in my skills in terms of blogging and found a perfect balance when it comes to the usage of memes and Gifs.

I successfully create a website to host my series. I responded to as many posts as I can and giving feedback. 


The Final Blog Post

The Final Blog Post

Reflecting on the first day to the last day  of class. I am a little sad that this class has come to an end but not sad that the semester is over. Overall like I  mention in previous post, before this is the best class I have ever taken. Before this class i thought alcoholism was the best class to take and it was my number 1 class until I took this class. CT 101 was a great learning journey because the class was an open discussion and felt different. Ct 101 class was not just a normal lecture class and the professor going on and on about whatever topic they needed to go over.
Ct 101 setting was different the classroom is a studio. Everyday in class I would sit different because the feeling of class was different. Some days I’m sitting toward the computer, other days I am turned in between the computer and looking at the professor, and other days I am just reading the subtitles to everyone talking as if it’s a movie.
When I'M Really Invested In Someone Else'S Conversation GIF - Michaeljackson Popcorn Watching - Discover & Share GIFs
It did not feel like class it felt like a sanctuary of learning about life and the different situations that come up. The most memorable thing that was learned in the class was communication is key, and there are many ways of communicating; talking, sign language, dancing, writing, and a new way that I never thought about is gifs. Gifs is a new way of communicating it lets people know their reaction and how people feel better than words. Gifs also can be used to tell a story or sequence of events. Learning how to make gifs is something I will always be grateful for because it’s another way for me to express myself when words don’t do it justice.


I plan on using my own gifs after this class on social media and with my friends and family in text and using more creativity to add to it. I feel like this class has also help me with thinking and looking at things differently. Using creativity more is a goal in my everyday life and I plan on pursing it more. I was getting used to the system. I had a hard time showing a creative side and a hard time coming up with ideas on posts. My mindset was just getting the post done but being generic. I also plan on using my website that was made in this class.

Still not entirely sure about the direction I want it to go in yet. But I am leaning toward just showing things that I like as if it’s a newer version of myspace. For example my highlights of me high school playing football. Adding to it, highlights of me playing playstation games. Eventually the end goal I want to make it into a business that I can sell clothing. Throughout the semester using Giphy, imgur.com, photopea, on previous post and getting comfortable with those websites to edit gifs I think I should get an A in this class.  I should get an A because doing those other posts before this last post, I feel comfortable to be an actual blogger. I feel like I be an actual blogger and blogging everyday for the rest of my life. From the first post that I did all the way to this one I would be more than glad to do them again because each post was enjoyable and did not feel like school work. It felt like I was something I would like to do in my spar time.
If I had to pick which post I like the best it would be the third assignment Memes being art. This assignment open my eyes to me liking art more because I had the impression of art being drawing,, painting, things like that I can not do well; But using memes which I feel I am good at is apart of art, along with mainly everything else i do. Art is part included with all things like making a sandwich as James Franco would say, it’s all art.
To end I really appreciate the professor for this class using new ideas to make learning new things in technology enjoyable. This class was the best! very happy I got to take this course.

Week # 10 Picking a Domain name

Week #10 Assignment 8

My experience registering a domain name for my website was great.

I felt like I was learning how to swim except that the Professor would not allow anyone to drown for a second. I was nervous at the beginning because I was not sure if my code would work and I would have to pay for the website due to the fact I am doing this late. But following along with the video mostly everything is smooth.

Getting to this page I was at ease because this resembles other websites that are user friendly for me to handle.
I am just excited, at what this can turn into the power is like
After doing part 1 I thought the process was going to be a lot harder but shocking it was not.

Assignment # 4 Project DS106

Assignment # 4 Project DS106

I saw this assignment here and thought it was not hard to do. After realizing I need help on doing this I scroll down to the two tutorials you see at the bottom.

The links to the left refers me to the link on the right


After that I was brought to Canva a website that generates jifs and pictures together but before that I had to separate the jif alone, as well as the background I wanted.

After that I put both files together in the website

This is what the end result looks like
This was the final score of a football game on last Saturday 12/17/22. I chose this as the background because this football game crazy. What made it crazy was that the Indianapolis colts were wining the game as you can see from the picture above the jif, with 33 points ahead of the Minnesota Vikings earlier in the game and towards the end of the game Minnesota comes back from behind a huge point difference and wins the game in overtime. That is something very rare that happens in sports a come from behind victory. So I thought the perfect background of Clint Eastwood doing his turn around in disgust of the score like any Indianapolis fan would be just perfect irony.

Final Blog Post: THAT’S A WRAP FOLKS!!

 Let us Reflect, shall we……Because Boy Has it Been A Ride!

Relaxed Chill Out GIF by VH1

           Entering Ct 101 was like entering a whole new world for me. It was not completely what I had expected the class to be, quite frankly I did not know exactly what the class would entail while registering. A friend of mine spoke so highly of this class and somehow persuaded me, the most none tech savvy person ever, to text a fully tech-based class! the irony!

                           Let’s just say after the first class my face went from…..

TV gif. Megan Good as Camille on Harlem blinks her eyes and furrows her brow in confusion.

To then…

TV gif. Gary Coleman as Arnold on Diff’rent Strokes looks baffled. He says, “What’chu talkin’ ‘bout, Willis?”

   Yup, that is right! confused as to what did I get myself into and leaving like Nevanne…Really what did you get yourself into?

After leaving class on that first day I did feel a bit discouraged and felt I would not be able to accomplish half of what is it this course requires us to do but……

                                                                                                           Mixed Martial Arts Sport GIF by UFC

               I truly have to say I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish. I have always been adamant about it is not how you start but how you finish and the drive you have to do what seems impossible. Ct 101 and Professor Ryan Seslow have been nothing but a push for me to dive deep into these amazing tools that I have learned such as Hyperlinking, creating a meme, creating a website, embedding fun images and memes, and most importantly blogging and expressing my self in a fun and artistic way.

The thing I enjoyed most about this class has been the memes! Memes to me have always been a fun way to tell a message. And if I can be completely honest, it was the least challenging thing for me during this course. Speaking of this course, let us take a walk down memory lane.

                                                                                    Barry Jenkins Walking GIF by A24

Assignment# 1– This assignment was the start of something great. This was the start of learning different tools and tips that I now appreciate and use often.

Assignment#2– With this assignment, I began to feel more confident and not so terrified of the assignment at hand.

Assignment#3– THIS IS THE ONE! My favorite blog post of this course.

Assignment#5– This was another fun blog, the website was so easy and quick to use.

Assignment#6– Taking accountability!

Assignment#7– Now this is when things started to get tricky for me but I eventually tried my best to work through it.

Assignment#8– Stressed was an understatement.

As far as my website goes… That has been the most challenging part of this course. I tried my best to work on it but to be honest, the stress of trying to get things right got the best of me and I am far from proud of what it looks like. Although I feel like I did not devote as much time as was needed for this project I was glad that I was able to start. I will be using my free time after this semester to fully develop and take time to learn how to edit it and get my creative ideas from in my head to on the website. For now, my website looks a little like this

Although my website did not turn out exactly as how I had envisioned it in my head. I did not want this disappointment to take away from the fact that I came into CT101 not knowing what a domain is, how to even go about making a website, how to hyperlink and insert memes and images to being able to learn and apply it to the best of my abilities and for that I hold my head high.

Reality TV gif. Leona Lewis on Queen of the Universe puts her hands together and looks sincere as she says, "I think you should be really proud of yourself."

After looking back on how I first started this course feeling defeated and feeling Like I would not be able to do half of the things that were being talked about. To have more knowledge, more tools, and feel more confident in my abilities with Tech, I truly must say I am proud of myself. I won’t sit here and say I am the best blogger on our class website because I have seen some incredible work! But I just am truly proud that I was able to be exposed to these new tools and tips and create the best blog post I could.

Video gif. In a classroom full of dancing children, a happy child in a blue hoodie dances while standing on a chair. Impressed, the child next to him stands up and dances along.

Now to the question I tried to avoid the most LOL! “What grade have you earned in this class?”…

If I could give myself a grade for this class it would be a B. In complete transparency, I believe I earned a B because I was able to complete each assignment to the best of my ability but  I do believe certain posts could have been better. I also give myself an A grade of a B because I did not comment on as many blog posts as I believe I should have and my website was not to where I fully wanted it to be.

CT101 has been a growing course for me, I have experienced challenges especially when it came to creating our website, but I appreciate all the tools and challenges that I came up against. I have learned more than I knew coming into this course. I would like to congratulate those who are graduating! and for those like myself whose last semester is coming up next year!


Political gif. Barack Obama stands at a podium in a tuxedo. He puts two fingers to his lips and does a literal mic drop.

Assignment #5 Digital Art Making Immediacy

Assignment #5 Digital Art Making Immediacy

This is a picture of another universe that we do not know about and at the same time it is a heaven that lives oddly in my head, very weird. The avengers watching the Olympics. In this picture they are in the middle of watching David and Goliath  fight in sport. I am inspired by sports and I wanted to show some type of football game. But I could not make it look how I wanted so I thought of things that I also like. I am currently watching the timeline order of the avengers and I thought of all the characters and I thought about my favorites then I thought about adding them all in that I can think of. A wolf is my favorite animal. So I thought they would be nice to add to the picture. Along with my imagination I thought they can be a trophy and the winner between David and Goliath would get the wolves.
I think creativity is going from a to b, meaning nothing to something, white blank paper to the ending of whatever you started on the white blank paper. I think immediacy is another word for dopamine. Dopamine is in the body in whatever action the person is doing and finding enjoyment in it.  Intuition is when your brain works its motion, and the right answer or idea comes to your mind.  The order of those 3 things for art or creation is immediacy + creativity + intuition get the masterpiece.
Being alive to me means feeling, and realizing you feeling the emotion that you’re feeling. I guess in other words being in the moment. I never thought about the question about being alive beyond someone’s else interpretation but now that it is ask the movie that comes to mind is Soul the Disney  movie.
In the movie I connect with it because us/me as humans have ambitions to become or do the thing we want. And think thats the life to live right there until we have it or get to that goal; After that we move on to something else that we want more than likely.  So what I think the movie is saying is, what we want is not really living it’s more so knowing you’re alive doing things we want to do or even things we don’t want to do thats how you know you’re alive.  Another way of being alive is through religion.

walking and building a relationship with god. I believe through Christianity  Jesus can and does make us feel alive spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  I believe he has all power to do that. Talking, praying, meditating in Jesus and through time I believe what you want/looking for in life everything will be reveal to you and its in different ways you get answers.  I believe he answers all prayers and questions that is ask to him all is said in his word. His ways are not our ways and I don’t think it’s for us to understand. I believe that when god made our brains ….


And allow us to use 10% of it is just mind blowing in its own right; But whatever percentage is part of the imagination is wild to think about because being aware of the ability to think and audit this awareness to have the ability is just

hard to fathom pretty much. I don’t think its possible to intervene only right down what comes to mind which is this blog post. Me realizing I am living and creating knowing I am doing both is like wow and this the only thing coming to mind at the moment.
Inside Out Anger GIF - Inside Out Anger Explode - Discover & Share GIFs
I am passionate about doing the right thing as well as watching and rooting for the New York Giants and jets, and any other New York sports teams basketball, baseball all New York.  I always wanted to share my talent for the 3 sports meaning playing at the pro level and winning the championship as the fans watch me.  What holds me back is I never pursue it when I had the chance in college along with my health not being the best physically.



Frustrated Head GIF

Who would have thought creating a website would be this challenging….well I did but this seems next level.

After creating my domain name I started to think of the layout I wanted. And to be quite honest I was drawing blanks. Nothing was really coming to me. I knew I wanted it to be based around my love for fashion but I feel like I did not even know where to begin visually.

Help Me No GIF by PatrickStarrr

After a twenty minute breakdown I just decided to go for it….why not……what could possibly go wrong!

Well it seemed like everything went wrong.

I was having such a hard time editing and moving things around. This start of my website has been very challenging for me. Although feeling defeated, I did not want to give up just yet.  I eventually turned to the one place that seems to always have the answers.. YOUTUBE! and began to watch videos and try to turn this failed website around.
Nervous Season 3 GIF by American Gods


HMHMMM…..I never even knew what a domain was before this assignment and now I have to create my own?!

So I first wanted to think about what it is I wanted my first site to be about, I figured if I knew what I wanted my website to be about the name would come to me.

So I wanted it to be around something I am passionate about and love which is fashion!

Fashion Getting Ready GIF by Ilka & Franz

The names that started to come to mind were:

  4. FREEtheFASH
  5. COLOR2theT


GIF by Made In Heaven


Assignment # 11 – Final Post Assessment & Reflection

Well, my fellow classmates it has been quite a journey with all of you this semester, wouldn’t you say?


What I have learned are how to embed a video url onto a blog post and using hyperlinks to direct my classmates, professor and others to my source of information such as a link to a gif or YouTube video. I have also learned how to make my own memes on Giphy.com and Imgur.com as well as how to create my own domain and making my own website with the domain name. 

The blog posts I had done are assignment #1, assignment #2, assignment #4, and assignment #5, assignment #6, assignment #7, assignment #8 and assignment #11 which is this final post. Now that it’s the end of the semester, I feel like I would earn a B or a B+ because I haven’t been able to make up/finish my drafts for the other blog posts/assignments which I thought I would have been able to do if the other classes I was taking this semester wasn’t so hard and all over the place.

Im sorry

I have truly enjoyed our class and what I enjoyed specifically about our class is that we were able to use gifs and even embed videos into our blog posts which makes it a use your imagination, creative skills  and freehand/freeuse rather than a one specific way type of class which I extremely love.


Since I learned how to build a website, I don’t think I will be able to maintain and keep up my new website because I feel like it is too time consuming and frustrating to come up with something to post at least once a week as well as it feels like a huge responsibility.

too much time

So, my new website called Hardstylemotivator.com and I will give you guys a tour of it. First is the about page where I introduce myself and the direction/purpose of my new website.

About page

Next, its the movie gallery page and here I talk about the amazing movies I have watched that are also my favorite movies because of the cinematography or film score.

movie gallery

Then, I made a video game gallery page where I discuss what the story or plot of the game. I also labelled the games under the console/system they fall under which makes it easier to tell on what console you can play the game.

Video Game Gallery

I have also created a music category where I talk about the genres that I listen to the most and give some explanation of why I love or listen to it so much and I also put all the music related blog posts into this category.


I have made one more category called Tv shows/series for which I put any type of tv show that I have watched and feel like people would like to watch as well.

Tv series

The last one is the contact page which I offer my contact information such as my email and phone number to answer any sorts of questions or concerns about anything related to what I had posted on my new website.


My thoughts on my website building successes are I feel is going great because of the decision of making my background the cover/poster of the movie “1917”. The background I had put makes my new website that much more professional and interesting to view and visit more often. I feel so proud that I made this decision and especially the content/information that I put into categories and pages that I strongly feel that people my age would like to read/view since its entertainment like movies, video games and binge watching series.


But that doesn’t come with some frustrations. I was getting sooo frustrated over what sort of content I should put on my website in order to make it somewhat interesting as well as what gifs I should use that aligned with what I’m saying.


Overall, I’d say that the experience of building and having a website was exciting and crazy at times, but it was worth it because I like to see the result of my new website or anything new to me no matter if I had frustrations or not and also I like anything that is digital or include entertainment information that I can work on or use.

Thank you so much Professor Seslow for everything you have taught me in this amazing and cool class.

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