assignment 3




These are 3 blogs that I  believe address the question “Are memes art?” the best.

The question over whether memes count as art is a hot issue in today’s conversations. Memes, often known as online humor, can be considered a type of art due to its creative and expressive character. They use photos, writing, and on occasion films to express ideas, emotions, and references to cultures in a brief and appealing way. This accessibility makes art more appealing to a wider audience, particularly younger generations who may not be familiar with standard artistic forms. Memes also contribute to communication by allowing the exchange of ideas and emotions across different populations. They serve as a kind of self-expression, letting people share their present emotions or beliefs through hilarious or relatable content. Furthermore, memes may go beyond self-expression to express stories and narratives. On the internet, memes are widely utilized to create funny tales, reflections on current events, and even harsh criticisms of recent events. Memes are a one-of-a-kind tool for digital storytelling due to their flexibility and variety, altering online conversation and cultural dialogue as they go.

Assignment 3

Art defined by google is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”
Memes can be categorized as an expression or application of creativity and skill. The effort that is being put into these memes showcase their ability in creating something new and unique, which could be said about anything related to art.
There is no one definition of what art is, wherever their is creativity….there is art.
As you can see, Kanye approves!
Memes are here to stay and it is a great thing for Art, especially in this day and age where everything is digital. It is new and broadens the view-point of what art is considered to be.  It can also be a form of communication because it appeals to almost everyone who comes in contact with them. We all share the same experiences in life and it is good to know that we are not the only one who deal with them.
Memes are perfect for storytelling because the images being used gives the audience a better understanding of what is being said. It is a form of self expression. Each meme is unique to everyone’s experience and gives them an outlet or platform to showcase their creativity.
Here are a few of my favorite memes…..
Here are a few links to whether meme’s are art  –

Assignment 5: Flexibility coming

After a little break, I am back and ready for the action.

Time to get started

This assignment I chose will bring me  out of my comfort zone and I am ready for the challenge🙂.

I had chose this post called “making  a simple program” to make a simple code using the language Python.
I am somewhat familiar with python but here is the actual definition and a little  tutorial to see it visually🙏

I remember the days where I was confused and couldn’t understand programming🥲. Even though I still am considered an amateur, I am better than I was sometime ago.

Here is my proof🙂

This is a quiz program game that I have been playing around with. The bottom section is the terminal testing the program. The code editor I used was visual studio code.
If your answer is right, then the program will tell you its correct, if not then you will have to start over and try again. Hopefully you get it right next time🙏
Assignment #2
Another assignment I took an interest in doing is wait for it….. this
I would like to do this one because adding different Gifs to a tv show to especially a show that is great can add more nice things that can make a show more enjoyable to watch🙂.
Thanks for this, Until next time🙏

Assignment #7: Picking a Domain Name!










These domain names are all simple and capture what each page will be about with my nickname (Mish)/combination of my initials (Mishla Mendel).


Considering that this will be my first website, this experience will be interesting. I need practice in each interest but if I want to take these practices seriously, my business will grow. I never imagined having my website because I never thought big so this will be one step into taking myself seriously.

Assignment 2



On the first day of CT101, I was excited and curious about what the course had to offer. Although I was eager to explore the creative possibilities of digital media and technology, I was also nervous being that I have never done it before.


Hearing about the course and its creative content made me feel inspired and motivated. Knowing that I would have the opportunity to express myself through various digital forms filled me with anticipation and enthusiasm.


CT101 stands out from other classes due to its emphasis on creativity, digital literacy, and hands-on learning with internet tools. Compared to more traditional courses, CT101 may offer a more dynamic and interactive learning experience.


The creative potentials of CT101 are diverse. I have the opportunity to explore digital storytelling, graphic design, video production, blogging, podcasting, and much more. The class encourages experimentation, allowing us to express our ideas in unique and engaging ways and simply having fun.


Learning new skills that use internet tools can be both exciting and challenging. On one hand, it opens up a world of possibilities for creativity and self-expression. On the other hand, it requires adaptability and a willingness to learn new technologies and techniques. Overall, I feel positively about the opportunity to expand my skill set and explore new avenues of digital creation.

My overall experience of my website

Well well well, it’s good to be back here sorry I haven’t blogged in two weeks I had a lot going on BUT! BOY I HAVE A STORY FOR YOU 😀

Introducing the Quby Shrine!!!

(If it looks blurry I apologize) Yes I made (still a work in progress) and honestly I making websites is fun to do since I have a lot of idea at times and this is one of my ideas a website filled with Quby and how he was made and more Quby gifs that would make you go “aww :)”.
I’m so happy to finally make websites again but in a different way without any coding because it really is simple to do. It’s been since high school I made any websites but no matter I’m still happy I can do it 😀
My experience with Reclaim Hosting is interesting because it is the very first time I ever used a site that can make you your own website but at a cost (if you don’t have a code) but overall it’s amazing to do at least it’s only a year so I’ll be fine as well as Quby will be fine.
Until next time everyone!

Assignment # 7: Picking A Domain Name

1. – This domain name suggests a central hub for multimedia content, reflecting the diverse range of interests and topics covered on the website.
2. – Conveying a sense of exploration and creativity, this domain name hints at a space where various forms of media and storytelling intersect.
3. – With a focus on dynamic and fast-paced content delivery, this domain name implies a platform for quick updates and engaging multimedia experiences.
4. – Reflecting the fusion of different interests and passions, this domain name suggests a website that seamlessly blends diverse topics into cohesive narratives.
5. – Evoking the idea of storytelling and documentation, this domain name hints at a platform for sharing personal narratives, experiences, and insights.
6. – Suggesting a journey of discovery and exploration, this domain name implies a website that takes readers on an immersive multimedia adventure.
7. – Reflecting the creative nature of the website, this domain name implies a digital canvas where various forms of media are used to express ideas and narratives.
8. – Conveying a sense of vitality and energy, this domain name suggests a website that keeps readers engaged with fresh and dynamic multimedia content.
9. – Hinting at expansive views and perspectives, this domain name implies a website that offers diverse multimedia content from different angles and viewpoints.
10. – Evoking the idea of storytelling and documentation, this domain name hints at a platform for sharing personal narratives, experiences, and insights.

Speculation about the New Website:

The new website,, will serve as a digital platform for exploring and celebrating the intersection of various interests, passions, and creative pursuits. It will be a space where I can share my love for cooking, poetry, digital media, and other eclectic topics through engaging blog posts, multimedia content, and interactive features.

On, readers can expect to find a vibrant mix of recipes infused with poetic flair, thought-provoking reflections on digital culture and media trends, and visually stunning multimedia projects that showcase the fusion of different artistic mediums.

As a website owner, I’m feeling excited about this next chapter in my digital journey. Building represents an opportunity to express myself creatively, connect with like-minded individuals, and inspire others to explore their own passions and interests.

Favorite Existing Websites:

1. [The Minimalists]-I admire The Minimalists website for its clean and minimalist design, which enhances readability and user experience. The use of whitespace and simple typography creates a calming and inviting atmosphere, allowing the content to shine.
2. [Tasty]- Tasty’s website stands out for its visually appealing layout and mouthwatering imagery. The combination of vibrant colors, high-quality photographs, and interactive elements makes browsing recipes a delightful experience.
3. [Brain Pickings]- Brain Pickings is a treasure trove of insightful articles and thought-provoking content. I appreciate the website’s thoughtful curation, engaging storytelling, and timeless design, which encourage deep exploration and contemplation.

Assignment #7: Picking A Domain Name

Maya Rudolph Snl GIF

Assignment #7: Picking A Domain Name

When coming up with these domain names, I thought of what best represents me. This is when I went back to my passion assignment, ultimately deciding to make domain names based off of music and my attachment to the piano.

alexibexi GIF


The reason I went with gray keys is because you have both black and white keys on the piano, and when you mix those colors, you get gray.

Tim Ryan Ohio GIF by GIPHY News

While this seems like a basic explanation at first, let me explain. There are many people who get by with playing mostly white keys, or mostly black keys, and some musicians even use transposition buttons on their pianos in order to play in other keys without having to playing these other notes. The reason I chose gray keys is because only by knowing how to play both white and black keys fluently will you be able to sound good on the piano.


This choice was inspired by the keyboardist Stevie Wonder. I love the way that he maneuvers through chord progressions with ease. He is known for being able to change the progression without people noticing that the song went somewhere totally different, hence sly.

Here is a song that shows Stevie’s ability to go to places no one expected and come back to the original key.


Reality TV gif. Blonde contestant on The Bachelor with her fingers behind her head and her eyes darting left and light, pondering or scheming.

Despite the title looking like complete foolishness, it fits with some of the pianists that inspired the way I play today. Pianists Art Tatum and Oscar Peterson are musicians who are praised for their technical skills and flashy performances. They use runs often to impress the audience and to create an effect in the moment while performing. This, plus their crazy ability to play at top speed, is why I decided to go with FlurryRuns.

Here’s an example of the speedy performance and flashy runs by Art Tatum.


This domain name is based on something new I was looking into a musical term called chromatic mediants. I began looking at it in order to spice up my chord progression in a way that didn’t use the circle of fifths in its traditional way. This method allows you to travel between different keys without taking a long route there.

Fun fact: Most widely known Disney songs, like A Whole New World and Circle Of Life, make use of chromatic mediants, but it is used in order to modulate to a different key instead of simply using it to build a chord progression.


Implying GIF by Harlem

This domain name is based on the melodic minor scale. The melodic minor scale has been another new thing that I have been working into my performance habits.

Originally, I just used this scale for a sound over dominant chords, however, recently I have been experimenting with when I could use this scale in order to make my improvisation more interesting.

Cartoon gif. The classic ending to a Looney Tunes cartoon: a big red circle with the cursive text "That's all, folks!" slowly written out across it.

The WordPress Customizing Series, Part 1!

The WordPress Customizing Series, Part 1!

Welcome Back!! 

Here is the class recording from 4/16:

Passcode: vF2.WFzk

Assignment #10 – > (details below)

This week in CT101 we will be focusing on getting everyone set-up with their new websites! The coupon code that you need was shared last week in class and or to your York college e-mail address by request (please e-mail me if you still need it).

By now, many of you got started, you have a new domain name, a web hosting account, and a blank / default website framework ready to be customized and stylized!

I’ll be helping here with the customizing process of WordPress. This part will have multiple aspects to it.

There is a lot to share, create, experiment with and test!

The process is fun and will take a few weeks as you make several aesthetic and functionality decisions about how you would like your website to look.

This will all play out in context to “how” you plan to use your new website. Not only as a new site owner, but looking into the future as well.

So, how will you be using your new website?

Assignment #10 –

This week let’s dig into some of the customizing features that WordPress offers as we begin to design our new websites.

What will you work on first? Will you create a series of new pages? Will you remove default content from your theme? Customize the home page? Publish a blog post? Will you create a category or two? Add plug-ins? Changes colors?

Let’s publish a NEW blog post that shares a narrative statement about your process and discoveries, as well as HOW you will be using your new website as we go forward. You can publish this post on the CT101 class site. Please don’t forget to embed various pieces of media (images, screenshots, gifs, hyperlinks) and also share contextual content to help expand your post. 

**For example, there are many video tutorials on YouTube that share “how-to” videos for beginners, or customizing videos for the theme that you will be using, this is context 🙂

I will continue to make and record class videos and also share some helpful curated content from the Internet. We will be discussing HOW we will all be using our websites individually, just to mention again 🙂

But WAIT! You cant do anything above unless you have done this: -> Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set Up & WordPress Installation! <— Please read this important post to get started! (from last week)


WordPress themes are extremely versatile and are great for WordPress newbies and beginners. I highly suggest that you consider using the theme that I share. All themes are different, and many of them out there promoted on the Internet are not free (plus, its always helpful to start with a theme that has a good amount of video documentation that already exists.)

More to come!

PLEASE E-MAIL me and say hello, let me know how I can help you! rseslow@york.cuny.ed

Assignment #9 – Registering my Domain Name + Hosting Set Up

assignment #9: my experience registering a domain name + setting up website



I finally chose my domain name!

After heading over to reclaim hosting to check if my domain name was available to be registered, I decided to name my website “”. Out of all my options, I decided to go with because it feels more fitting for what the theme and vibe of my website is going to be about, which centers around beauty, photography, art, other good stuff of that nature. 🧸ྀི

My experience registering my own domain was really interesting. I felt happy that the domain name that I registered wasn’t taken because it made me feel that I came up with a really unique name! (⁀ᗢ⁀)

I want my website to a hub and a space for daydreamers (the daydreamer in question being me, of course) to indulge in the content of simplicity and aestheticism that I hope to portray in my website.

Last week, I started registering my domain name, set up my web hosting account, and even started designing my website just a bit.

A screencap from my website,
I have to admit, for my website, I still have a lot to work on. There is still much for me to edit and design, all while trying to make it look as cohesive and appealing as it can be. Additionally, I’m hoping the content of my website is going to be interesting for the readers, as well.
˚୨୧˚ I do love the concept of web designing so I think that this is going to be very exciting for me.  Let’s see how this goes! 😀



Assignment 4

In everyday life, one of the most used words I hear in today’s society is the word passion. Passion could be associated with anything you love committing your time to or even doing on your spare time.



The thing I am passionate about is technology. We live in  age where technology is advancing every year but I honestly feel like it’s advancing everyday. I will be honest, at times I be feeling overwhelmed because of how big the field is and at times feeling lost.


This is how I feel inside knowing how hard it can get at times

The history of technology goes back to millions of years ago dating back to when humans first came into existence. I honestly thought it was more recent than this but we learn something new everyday.

I am a computer science major but have recently been looking into Information technology because this field have been capturing my interest as well. I am currently experimenting with these two options but as time go on, I will know which field to lean more toward to or even have the option of combining both.



The message I tell myself everyday is that knowing the more I am invested in this field along with practice, the higher the chance I will get to getting my dream job.

Thanks for tuning in🙏

Assignment 9

Experimenting with Domain names and finally speaking and finally ending with “Threads and Headlines”. For those of you who didn’t see my the explanation behind it, the reason is it’s the name of my page on Instagram. Since I’m doing a journalism internship I wanted to share my passion for both fashion and journalism.

Threads, like the threads and needles used in sewing, and headlines, like the large font used in newspapers to indicate the subject matter of each article.

I think it would best suit for the type of content I want to post. Some ideas I was thinking about including is trending fashion item, fashion tips, fashion do’s and don’ts, and many more.

As far as the process of creating the account it was fairly easy. At some point in class I was following as the professor displayed it on the screens and then I left the rest to do at home.

I ran into some issues accessing and installing Word Press. Here are some screenshots of the process along with some GIFS to see how I felt.

This was ……
What gave me the most trouble is this
I emailed the professor to help me with this issue. This is how I felt when it wasn’t loading. Whenever this problem is fixed, I’ll update this blog post.
Overall I give the experience a 8/10. Had the website loaded I would give it a 10/10. I’m glad there was a coupon code because if we had to pay for it, that would not be suited for everyone.

Assignment #9

Assignment #9

Simpson GIF - Simpson GIFs

First we went on the website reclaim hosting to be able to test if our domain names were even available to begin with.

Yarddog GIF - Yarddog GIFs

I ended up making my domain name, finding it best suited out of the 10 I came up with in the last assignment.

Whatever You Think Is Best Moira GIF - Whatever You Think Is Best Moira Moira Rose GIFs

Works For Me Shrug GIF - Works For Me Shrug Sure GIFs

I chose this as my domain name since I would have the website being about a variety of comics, pratically a place to see a multiverse of comic book runs or discuss which you would consider or suggest to others.

The experience making these were interesting as this is the first time I ever taken part in something like domain name creation with website building. The plus side as well……………….ITS FREE 😀

What Did You Say Cat GIF - What Did You Say Cat Shocked GIFs


Assignment# 7

I’m an avid fan of analog horror, occult, ARGs, and creepypasta so the website names I’ve come up with all have to do with some horror stories I’ve come up with.


I think these names are good because they tie into the ideas for creations I want to write while also being either scary, foreboding, or unnatural but not explanatory.

I think this site would be about posting niche projects I make, like fictional stories, homemade horror videos, art, and other stuff that I created.

Assignment #7: Picking a Domain Name !

Picking a Domain Name ✩₊˚.⋆☾⋆⁺₊✧

Domain Name Ideas + Explanation 🪄⋆。 °✩

1. *ੈ✩‧₊˚

My name + my favorite thing to do + my favorite color


My name + my birthday, not just that but my birthday falls on Friday the 13 once every 10 years, and it will again in the year 2026.


My last name + my favorite hobby

4. *ੈ✩₊˚

I’m leaning toward this one, this domain name is for a food review blog where I would try different foods and talk about why I liked them or didn’t.

5. Aniya’*ੈ✩‧₊˚

Another fun one I’m leaning towards for film reviews where again I would talk about movies and shows on my blog.

*ੈ✩‧₊˚ My website could be on a variety of things but I think I might go with the film reviews blog. I honestly really enjoyed all the website names I came up with, it was fun.