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This Isn’t Goodbye :'(

CT101 has been the best class I took this semester! I was allowed to learn at my own pace because of the live sessions, where I learned technical skills and supporting tools about building my personal website – I never felt discouraged or thought any problem was too big. For that, I want to thank Professor Seslow and his unique approach to teaching us in such unprecedented times. Thank you, thank you! So, without further ado, let us dive into this reflection and assess my time here in CT101:

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Week 1-4


The first four weeks were by far the most anxiety-filled. I was finally taking a course that I was actually looking forward to and wanted to succeed in. Coming into the first week, I remember feeling nostalgic remembering my elementary school days when I first took an ASL and Scratch(coding) class. Getting back to these roots in subtle ways, like learning how to say “nice to meet you” from Deaf Actor/Artist Nyle Dimarco and taking a college-level Communications Technology class, made me realize how much I had grown. As a first-generation immigrant these exercises ultimately igniting a new level of inspiration and motivation to succeed in this class. After officially signing up for the CT101 website, I dove head-in to my first posts and learned the fundamentals of blogging through practical strategies, zoom sessions, and writing my own blogs. Around this time, I also had the chance to dive into the history of memes and answer the question…Are Memes Art? Yes, they are! Reflecting on these early weeks, I am so glad I was able to dive head-in into the material while getting the chance to learn immediately through repetition. It helped get rid of the early anxiety I felt about this class and built confidence in my capabilities moving into the following weeks.


Week 5-8

By this time, I was pretty much settled into class – I felt comfortable publishing blogs, adding media, gifs, and hyperlinks! The foundations of blogging were there, and now it was about sharpening these tools. From there, I was confident and eager to create more projects, so diving into the DS106 Project by my 5th week was a great way to challenge my foundations and learn new technical tools in content curation. For this project, I chose the sub-category “Design Assignments,” where I created a sports poster using any editing software to produce a cohesive design.


Through this project, I had the chance to hone in on new digital storytelling skills through Photoshop and illustrator while implementing them in a blog post with skills I already learned. In the following weeks, my bag of tricks grew more robust, and it was time to start thinking about domain names for my website. So I created a blog post about potential names, the purpose of my website, and the services I would offer. This process was all so exciting! I was in the groove of learning things every single class, practicing new tools in my blogs, and finally was so close to creating my website.


But I was so passionate about the material that I was constantly inspired to create my solutions and genuinely enjoyed the state of not knowing. As the weeks intensified and expectations grew, the mid-semester recap felt like a perfect time for all of us in the class to hit the pause button. It was a moment for us to reflect on how much we had learned, appreciate our efforts, and see our incredible growth in 6.5 weeks. However, the semester was not over, and the job was not done.


Following the Recap, I felt refreshed in my creativity. Finally, I was ready to tackle the rest of the semester, starting with submitting our domains and setting up web-hosting through our partners, Reclaim Hosting.

Week 9-12

Week 9-12 felt very similar to Week 1-4. I was onboarding a new project and learning everything from scratch, just like when I first entered this class and knew nothing. The feelings of confidence from prior weeks slowly faded, and the anxiety grew. I told myself I had no clue what I was doing, and the thought of building a website seemed ever so daunting.


With nothing to lose and my anxiety growing at an alarming rate, I resourced to the simple fundamentals of my work ethic and relied on motivational quotes like:


I accepted the oblivion that lied ahead and dove head-in. This method worked when I first started this class and was the only sure thing I knew how to do. From here, I looked at the facts. I had chosen my domain name, set up a web hosting account, and had the necessary framework to start building and customizing my website. Professor Seslow and his blog posts early on in this project helped me understand the purpose of my site, which ultimately gave me clarity on what visual and functional decisions I would need to make. From here, I went on to explore WordPress. Having the zoom recordings at my disposal made it easy to go at my own pace and grasp the software functionalities fully. After two or three weeks of making changes to my website and growing this new knowledge, my classmates and I had the opportunity to exchange feedback and look over each other’s sites. Some of the ones I got to look over were:




My classmates were making so much progress on their various websites, and it was so inspiring to see their growth. I particularly want to shout out Baźan’s website, so definitely check out my thoughts in this blog post. From here, I went on to finalize my website with inspiration from my classmates and make all the final edits to customize and personalize my website for its intended purpose.



This is my final product and the first website I have ever created. On this site, you will find my latest projects as a Nike stylist, web design work, advertisements, and other creative mediums on the services page. The home page will be a brief introduction and a place for my latest work to be posted. The About page will have a description of my personal and professional background and my hopes with this website. The blog page will showcase any industry-related case competitions, papers, and features in publications. Lastly, the contact page will allow for any inquiries to be sent to my business email immediately.

To sum up the website building process, I’d say: what once felt like a daunting task seems like yesterday’s problem. Professor Seslow made this whole project a reality with his detailed instructions and gave me constant support when needed. Thank you so much, Professor Seslow, and I really would not have achieved and learned so much this semester without you.


I look forward to taking all the individual lessons, the technical skills, and the connections I have made beyond this class. I am excited to utilize my introductory view and understanding of Communication Technology to further my education in this industry and create opportunities beyond school in my workplace and the freelancing field. In addition, I will continue maintaining my website and use it as a place to sharpen the skills  I’ve learned throughout this semester.


Mid-semester Recap: this is what I had to say as far as grading goes: I have been able to catch up on all assignments to date, try new things within blog posts using Adobe Creative Cloud, which I learned myself. I also think about text placement, images, and spacing in my blogs. From my first post to my more recent post, I feel that I have way more confidence in some of the practical skills we learned initially, like using blog tools before upload, media upload, and making gifs move. In conclusion, I would give myself an 87 for a maintained grade right now.

Final Semester Recap Grade: In a semester of unprecedented times and so many external factors, I do believe I have done my best to show up and give my 100% effort with every single blog post and quality of what I upload. Keeping it simple, I have learned so much this semester, from the copyright and delivering a website to saying “nice to meet you” in ASL and fighting for memes being Art. I would love for my quality of work to speak for itself in the grading process, but if I had to quantify, I would give myself anywhere from an 87-93. In the end, I am so happy with everything I have learned and everyone I have met that I don’t believe the grade could account for such factors. Lastly, cheers to everyone, our successes, and cheers to Professor Seslow being the G.o.a.t. of a professor he is. Thank you!!


Ymacula’s Final Blog Post



Mid-semester reflection:

Out of all my years of being in college, this has been one of the hardest if not the hardest semester I have experienced.  Not necessarily because of the workload but because of my lack of motivation.

My first semester of distance last year was hard for me. It was hard because it was such a sudden and odd transition. The pandemic also caused a lot of anxiety, stress, and confusion and this was the very first time I had ever experienced burnout. I was expecting to have another burnout this semester…I knew it was coming but this time it came sooner than I expected. I also feel like I let one of my other classes kind of set the tone for how my semester is going to go. With this class, I was very and I still am very disappointed by the way it is going. I also had to deal with a lot of personal issues back to back and found myself carrying the weight of others before carrying my own.

I consider myself to be a very creative and innovative person and my light dimmed this semester. What made it even harder for me was realizing I hadn’t been myself and not knowing exactly how to get back into the swing of things.

Thankfully now I am in a better headspace. I was getting lost in the sauce lol. Sometimes I still have moments where I kind of freak out when I realize all the work I have to do but I know I am capable of pulling through because I always do. I am thankful to have this class to look forward to.



Sheesh, my mid-semester reflection was… A LOT

Final Reflection:

First and foremost I’d like to thank Professor Seslow for being an understanding and enthusiastic professor. Some professors don’t understand that they also set the tone for how students will perform in their courses. I took two CT courses this semester along with a Psych course and a communications course. The other CT course I took this semester ain’t nothin’ compared to this class…no shade LOL (a lot of shade that class is terrible) I’m thankful to have had this class with Professor Seslow. This course gave me something to look forward to.

Tiffany Pollard Memes Crying

Before taking CT 101 I never thought of having a website simply for myself. I used to use Tumblr a lot and I still log on from time to time but it’s best to have something of your own. I have created two websites. I remember creating one in elementary school, most likely in the fifth grade, about nails. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the domain name is. I currently have another website for my hairstyling business.

Unlike my hair site posted above, with the site I created in CT101 I will not only showcase one specific thing. I want to use my new site to showcase things I’ve created thus far and things I will create in the future. I am a very creative person and I like to figure out how to make new things on my own so the content still varies. So far I have resin dominos posted on my site and animation I created last semester. I even have an oil pastel project  I made back in elementary school that will be posted on my said. It feels too good to have a place to have all of my work.

Although the semester has come to an end I am still going to browse through the CT101 site and check out my fellow peers’ work. I am happy this class used Cuny Commons instead of blackboard.

I can’t stand blackboard.

Hmm. now…as far as my grade. Honestly I don’t really know what grade I should get but I definitely know what grade I want. Although I fell behind a lot this semester I am still proud of myself for being able to pull through. How about…88 ?? yeah 88. I think I should get an 88.

smile" Meme Templates - Imgflip

this meme cracks me up. I love it so much I had to share it on my final post.


Wow we’ve finally come to an end. First I just want to thank you Professor Seslow this class was definitely not what I expected but in a good way. I think this is by far one of the most creative classes that I’ve ever taken. I feel like this class has definitely pushed my creativity like I’ve always used memes literally all the time on twitter but I never thought I would or even consider using it to tell stories. Your class was the break from hell that I needed from my other classes  feel as if I deserve at least a minimum of a C+ in your class only because I was late with some assignments and I feel as if some of my posts wasn’t as creative as my classmates but I did try though. do betterI enjoyed making my site the most I was been supposed to make one for my food business and you made the process easier and allowed me to experiment and play around with my site on my own time so I definitely will be keeping my site and I can’t wait to see the growth in it once I develop it more over time. I enjoyed the entire process of building my site no complaints and I can’t wait to show you guys the growth of it. This is the link to my website : http://breesbrunch.com/ and I definitely will be posting more recipes , vegan transition advice, and updates on vegan events so if you’re interested in that definitely keep updated with my site. I’m excited to show you guys what I have in store. Thanks for an amazing semester Professor.



Copyright is the legal right given to an originator to print , publish , perform, film , or record literary , artistic , or musical material and to authorize users to do the same .Users of the web should only feel as if their work is being stolen if it’s the same exact thing just being displayed for example like a major event or paper for an assignment as theirs with no credit given. Otherwise using the example as remakes to convey an important message or a funny meme shouldn’t be considered copyrighted. Fair use is the condition of things that can be considered something that isn’t copyrighted or stolen from the originator this can be something that’s used for criticism , teaching ,news reporting , research , experiment , and more. I choose assignment #1 from Larry Lessig’s ted talk and the quote that stood out to me the most was “every single use of culture produces a copy”. I completely agree because over the years we have seen so many different adaptions from different countries and cultures that have sometimes even been better than the original from the best and I personally feel as if long as the creativity is there or it’s to provide some sort of entertainment or knowledge and not credited as your own that it shouldn’t be copyrighted because it’s a freedom of speech.simpsons

My Final Blog Post!!!!

Its honestly so sad to see this semester go by. And CT101 is one of those reasons as to why. Thank you, Professor Seslow for making the class such an entertaining learning environment.

I feel like I’ve learned a lot because of CT101. Such as finally learning how to make my own animated gifs. I say “finally” because gifs was something I’ve known a lot about and something I use a lot. Especially when talking to friends. So being given the chance to actually learn how to make them for myself was amazing. I also learned the importance and convenience of hyperlinks. Being able to hyperlink things was something I also had no idea how to do before CT101. After I learned how to do it I eventually started using hyperlinks in most of my other classes. Not only this but I also learned a lot more and was given more insight about I already knew about. For example things such as copyright and its positive and negative affects on creators. And our professor even touched on things such as deaf awareness. Which was really interesting to hear about.


Here is one of the assignments that I have done throughout the semester that I’m most proud about:

Assignment# 2 GIFs

For me this course is so far really good. I was kind of skeptical about the course only cause the professor told us that a lot of people chose to drop the class only after the first session. I on the other hand loved hearing about what we would be learning in class and what my peers expected of the class. The professor seems like a really chill person and I am a fan of the types of assignments he has given us so far. Especially this one. I really like GIFs so its weird to me that I’ve never made a GIF before, nor ever thought about making one. Here are a couple of GIFs representing how I feel about the course and the things I enjoy about it so far.

Me in the first zoom session of the course hearing what we are going to be learning about and going over,

Me after finding out that we would be making our own GIFs and that the course could have a focus on animation,

Me after finding out this course doesn’t have a final exam,

Me after finding out that this course does not require me to purchase any books,

This was an assignment where we had to create our own animated gifs. This blog post was easily my favorite one to do and in my opinion, the best thing I’ve learned throughout the entire semester.

In terms of my overall grade and performance in this class. I think I deserve a low 80 or a high 70, (if that makes sense). I did a good job keeping up with work and assignments however, I feel like I could’ve done a little more. Like maybe participating more during the class sessions.

Finally, here is the link to my website.


Before you go and take a look at it however, I wanted to inform you that you may or may not be able to access my website because I’ve been having problems with logging in to it myself.



But to talk a little about my site, I honestly don’t see myself keeping my website up for long term. This is because when I was making it I didn’t put too much thought into it. And pretty much did whatever I wanted with it (especially with the domain name) just to get by. This is because I had a hard time coming up with what I wanted my website to be about. Which was the main difficulty I had with making it. If I was to make a website that I would keep for the long term I would definitely want to put more thought into it. And make it somewhat professional.


Id like to end my final blog post with saying that I thoroughly enjoy this course. Learning and participating in a computer science type of class was truly a treat for me. And I cant wait to apply what I have learned in CT101 for other classes to come. Thank you again, Professor Seslow.

DS 106 Assignment

The DS 106 assignment surely looks very fun! After researching a variety of the assignment posts, I decided to go with a fanfic assignment. In this assignment, I have the opportunity of changing the ending of a book or show which did not go as we planned.

This is definitely an interesting one. I have so many ideas in my head of which I can use for this assignment but I thought this will be perfect. If you have watched “How I Met Your Mom”, this is a very interesting story and I loved the show from the very beginning. However, the ending was not as expected as the main two best friends  of the show ended up together, instead of that if they would have remained friends, it would make more sense.  However, opinions may vary, but I thought this could be an alternate of the story!

Week #12

Well one of the websites that mostly caught my attention was Kyla’s Website. https://kingkyla.com/

It has a lot of Good posts about self love. I think that websites like that are really necessary since of the society nowadays, we shouldn’t compare ourselves to no one. We each are beautiful the way we are.  So, thank you Kyla’s, love your website!


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CT 101 Final Blog Post

Before writing about anything else, I want to thank Professor Ryan Seslow for making this course so fun and entertaining! I also want to thank him for all the hard work and support he has for students. Now, I will continue sharing my part of the post,

I will be graduating this semester and I can surely say that CT 101 has been one of those courses that I enjoyed from the very first day of classes. It also has been one of the most hard semester in terms of everything being virtual and some issues. However, I have throughly enjoyed the qualitative content of this class. In my other classes, I would just come and complete the assignments. On the other hand, in this class, I used to look forward to come to the class. I always have loved attending the class learning new exciting materials in this class.

The fact that I worked on my website and published a blog post was a very interesting process for me. Overall, I am just really happy that I was able to attend this class and learn some new techniques about Digital Storytelling. It surely has been one of the most fascinating experiences for me. I will also make sure to come back to the materials of the classes to review some of the contents again!

I learnt about new technologies, editing tools, photoshop and using creative ideas. I will make sure to keep up to date with all these learnt experiences in the future as well.

Will you maintain and keep up your new website? If so, how? If not, Why not?

I will definitely keep my new website up to date. I will make sure to add new content on my website to present this. I have some projects that I want to add on my website and I will try to continue adding new materials to the website as well. I am super excited to work on this!

I will also continue to miss this class, as this was one of the most fun classes I had ever taken. The fact that I took this class in my last semester makes me happy that I received the opportunity to learn new skills.

I had fun working on my website, here is a virtual tour of my website:

My website link: http://nafisatabassum.com/

In Home, I will be sharing my experiences with technology and also some scientific facts. My internship blog post: http://nafisatabassum.com/uncategorized/about-nafisa-tabassum/

Scientific facts: http://nafisatabassum.com/uncategorized/scientific-facts/

I also have added an about me page where I have introduced myself with my previous experiences: http://nafisatabassum.com/about/

I also have a contact section on my website where I have linked my Linkedin profile. I will make sure to add new contents to this website.

Grand opening, Grand Closing: Final Blog Post

Its been real. Every good thing does come to an end. Sometimes the best part about a journey doesn’t lie in the destination, but in the reminiscence of the journey. I can never get over my initial reaction to the class. I my now 4 years of attending York, I have never enrolled in a non traditional class. I thought those type of classes didn’t exist.

Then boom, it was this cold afternoon in December where I sat in my room trying to create my schedule for this semester. I searched the course catalog and found a couple courses I found interesting. I narrowed the courses down to 2 course and I ended up picking this course over that one because the class wasn’t too early or too late in the day. Little did I know my creative edge was about to go for a wild ride.

In my honest opinion, this is probably the only course that I actually found enjoyable. There is no traditional homework per se. Instead, we have blog posts that we have to write once we learn something new. The best part about it is that we don’t have to read a textbook, paper or any literature to be able to write a well written blog post. The only limits are our imagination and creativity.  Boy did I love this. Let me quickly fire up my DeLorean time machine so we can take a trip down memory lane to some of my favorite sessions of this semester. Buckle up, time travel activated in 5..4….3…2…1…..WHOOOSH!


Week 3, are internet memes art?  My blog post response to this prompt was really what set it off. In the first 2 weeks, we learned how to do basic blogging This includes hyperlinking, creating gifs and images.  This was the first chance to really synthesize that new knowledge and apply it to something. This is kind of how a basketball player would learn a new move in the gym and use it to score extra points in the game.

I really let my creativity loose with this post, since I wrote about meme stocks. Around this time there was a frenzy about meme stocks, such as AMC and Game Stop. I explained the situation and gave my impression on what’s going on.

I think I went above and beyond with this because I put so much writing and effort into it. The goal was to start strong in the semester so I can have more motivation to finish strong.

Professor Seslow’s comment was even more encouraging. It felt great. I was doing good work and It was being recognized. My work wasn’t just an assignment the professor only looks at so he can grade it. No no, my work was more than this. My classmates also gave approving reviews. The accolades don’t stop there…there’s one more!

Turns out Professor Seslow read my post 3 times in total! This was all the motivation I needed. I barged into assignment 3 with newfound energy and motivation. I really got to blog about one of the most comical things on the internet; Memes! Even better, I had a chance to argue whether memes were art or not. In that week I learned how to blog my thoughts in a fashion where I present an argument, and use supplemental images such as memes to support it. This was more interesting than writing a paper and using peer reviewed research articles to support them…..BORING.


Making the blog posts on ct101 were a warm up to a bigger picture…..CREATING OUR OWN WEBSITES. This propels us into week 6.  Building a website was always something I’ve dreamed about. I didn’t know what exactly goes in to the process. Turns out, the first step in building a website is creating a domain name. The domain name is a unique address of your website so it can be found on the internet. This is similar to someone trying to build a house from scratch. Before they do this, they must choose a location. Understood? Good. Now moving on.

Initially I was a bit indecisive about my domain name. There were a few subjects I wanted to relate my domain name to. These subjects include cars, financial literacy and a “current events” website. I settled on financial literacy. Thus, my website was born. In a subsequent assignment, I explained my plans for the website. I plan on creating a financial literacy website for all to access and use, The site will fund itself through money generated from ads.  This way, people get to access my content for free and I still make a little money on the side.

Everybody wins here. I plan on maintaining and keeping this website because I’m a person that likes to finish what I’ve started. I learned all these digital oriented skills. I believe it would be a waste if I don’t put them to good use and apply them to the real world. After all, that’s what this class is about. Over the summer I’ll add more content and promote it. The goal is to write about 2 blog posts a day. I don’t expect immediate results. If I do this consistently for a year and do some moderate level of promoting, the website will gain a decent amount of attention soon enough. I’ve already started researching the basic ways to promote a website. The first half of the video below has already been taught to us by professor Seslow. However, the second half has been very useful.

As cliche and sappy as it sounds, I truly enjoyed every aspect of this class. The class started with the basics and gave enough time to learn and develop these basic skills. Once we’ve mastered these, we progressed into creating websites. Creating websites was probably my favorite part. I want to take these skills even further by building my e-commerce site from scratch, element by element.

This would be the perfect real world application of my newly learned skills. As you can see, my summer will be very busy! I think that knowledge is meant to be applied to the real world. In a traditional class, hardly is the material learned applied to the real world. If it’s applied, its usually applied when someone is in their field of profession. This class gets rids of that convention and allows newly acquired skills to be applied right away. I can honestly said I learned a lot in this class and I will continue to learn about building websites and creating content. It’s rare that a class inspires you to take things a step further and add on to knowledge learned, long after the class has ended. It’s time to board the DeLorean once again to return to the future. Buckle up, taking off into the present In 5….4…3…2….1….WHOOSH!

Lets talk about grades now. Based on the consistency and in depth nature of all my blog posts, I think I deserve an A in this class. I’m sure everyone says they deserve an A, but hear me out. As aforementioned, I stated I started off the semester strong with my first official blog post. I kept that energy up until this point. Even with this post I’m writing, this is my longest post yet. You can clearly see the progression in my blog posts.  This class has interested me long enough for me to keep posting quality blog posts. Each of my posts capture a piece of my personality, giving the impression  I’m actually engaging in a conversation with you. I stay far away from monotonous sounding text. I reserve my monotonous writing for the more boring traditional courses. LOL.

A major constituent of grading is consistency. Another is progress. If you combine the two, it wont be hard to achieve a more than decent grade. Another constituent is pacing and submitting assignments on time. This doesn’t really apply to this course because we are given ample time to complete our blog posts. In fact, we’re advised to take our time and not rush to submit. Quality is prioritized over punctuality, which is good.  Even then, I still completed blog posts in a reasonable manner where I don’t have to rush to complete multiple blog posts in the week before the semester ends.

Once again, its been a great run. I genuinely enjoyed this class and I would definitely recommend my peers to take it. The semester is over, summer is here, the weather is great, and best of all IM GRADUATING! I hope you all have a great summer. Stay safe, get vaccinated and be well.

JOHN OUT! (Mic drop, champagne glass up).







Well, we finally made it to the end. What a crazy and hectic semester this has been. CT101 was one of my favorite classes this semester and one of the most informative classes I have ever taken. It has given me more confidence in my computer skills, especially when it comes to website building. I’ve always been curious about if I can maintain my own website and guess what? I can! Sorta.

One of my favorite things about the class? Professor Seslow. He has been excellent when it came to online classes and his approach to this semester. Although things got hectic for me, especially mid-semester, I never truly felt lost because Professor Seslow was always there when I need him. His class recordings were very clutch and detailed and easy to follow along with. I am hopeful that I run into more Professors like him on the rest of my journey through York. Three Cheers for The Professor!

I plan to keep my newfound skills on display so they can stay sharp for the future. That includes making constant updates to my website to keep developing as my designing skills improve. I want to keep my website and turn it into an official site on all my social media. I still have some work to do on it but I still get excited about the fact that I have my own piece of the internet.

So without further ado, This is


As you can see my website is based solely on myself and myself only. As of now, it is all purple in supports of my twin, Urkel, and his new products. The site only has two posts as of now, but they both are just the beginning of what I want to do with the site. I want to promote myself a lot more and get some of the videos a couple of views. I always thought that maintaining a website was a little past my skill level and I wouldn’t be about to handle the details. After running into a few walls and studying a couple of Professor’s recordings, I started picking up the necessary skills and was off to the races! Once I got the chance to start customizing my site and making posts, I was having a lot of fun with the whole thing, which made it even more worth it. I’m so excited for the future of my website and what we are both capable of.

So long story short. I deserve an A. Mostly because I am a natural at this and It would be embarrassing to get anything less when my site becomes the biggest in the world. Imagine everyone coming to the most viewed site in the world and finding out that it only got a B in class? What a joke amirite?


Picking a Domain Name

For my domain name, I wanted to pick a broad name. I was not sure about what I was going to post on my website so I did not want my domain name subjected to one specific thing. First, I created a list of names and chose the one I thought sounded the broadest.

The list included:

  • ymaculatecreatvity.com
  • ymaculatecreations.com
  • macscreations.com
  • theemac.com
  • ympcreations.com
  • thevisionary.com

I decided to make my domain name visionarymac.com. I decided to go with this name because consider myself a visionary person. Although my domain name is not specific to one thing you can still get a sense of what to expect on the site which is showcasing my creativity. I also wanted my domain name to include either my name or one of my knick names. I would like to showcase some of the work I’ve done so far in CT.

Memes are in fact art

Memes are definitely is a form of art. People can express themselves by using memes. The use of memes in text message convos or comments on social media platforms gives the reader clarity on how a person is reacting or how they feel towards something. Sometimes it is much easier to simply insert a meme instead of trying to explain something in detail. Memes can also save time and they’re more entertaining than reading a paragraph.

Example: My first day of CT101 went better than I expected

My example explained with Spongebob memes:

At first, I was a bit nervous. I’m always anxious at the beginning of each semester.

Nervous Meme GIFs | Tenor

Then I was loosened up and felt a sense of relief when professor Seslow introduced himself and explained to us what we’ll be doing in CT101


Thankful GIF - Spongebob Class Excited - Discover & Share GIFs

here are some of my favorite memes of all time. I’ve probably had some of these memes saved in my camera roll since I was in high school or my freshman yr of college.

“Mid-Semester” Reflection

Out of all my years of being in college, this has been one of the hardest if not the hardest semester I have experienced.  Not necessarily because of the workload but because of my lack of motivation.

My first semester of distance last year was hard for me. It was hard because it was such a sudden and odd transition. The pandemic also caused a lot of anxiety, stress, and confusion and this was the very first time I had ever experienced burnout. I was expecting to have another burnout this semester…I knew it was coming but this time it came sooner than I expected. I also feel like I let one of my other classes kind of set the tone for how my semester is going to go. With this class, I was very and I still am very disappointed by the way it is going. I also had to deal with a lot of personal issues back to back and found myself carrying the weight of others before carrying my own.

I consider myself to be a very creative and innovative person and my light dimmed this semester. What made it even harder for me was realizing I hadn’t been myself and not knowing exactly how to get back into the swing of things.

Thankfully now I am in a better headspace. I was getting lost in the sauce lol. Sometimes I still have moments where I kind of freak out when I realize all the work I have to do but I know I am capable of pulling through because I always do. I am thankful to have this class to look forward to.



What do I think of CT 101 so far?

At first I was bummed because I’d recently taken two classes with Professor Nelson and I knew I wouldn’t have any classes with her anymore.

I really enjoyed both classes I learn a lot. With this being I did really well. I was afraid that wouldn’t find other classes or professors that would be as interesting and motivating. It seems as the pandemic progresses my ability to remain is becoming more of a challenge.

Despite having these fear I log on without having any expectations and remained optimistic.

My first reaction was ” This profressor appears to be welcoming and informative”. As Professor Seslow continued to explain a bit about what the class is about and how things will go I knew that I am going to enjoy this class.