Hey Class, Check Out My Introductory Post on My Purple Website! (Assignment#10) by Sajani Sufian

Dear CT 101 Community,

On my brand new Purple Website  I just published a NEW BLOG POST!

Please check it out & leave your thoughts on the comment section!

On this post here, let me give you some hints by attaching a picture which is related to my recent post.

I took this picture in a Rose Garden when I visited my country Bangladesh this year.

A Short Introductory Post from the Purple Site Owner

I am yet to select an icon for my website. Following Professor Ryan’s tutorial, I created a category named “Photography”. But later on I removed it because as of now I wanted to focus more on posting writings. Even if I want to add an image to my home page, as of now I am not sure which one I’d like there. I’ll add one if I think it’s appropriate for my website later on. Or maybe a GIF. I want to combine my about and contact menu together as “About/Contact”. I tried to edit one of these menu names on the primary menu customization, but it doesn’t allow me to do that. I think the primary menu bar looks too congested with all the menu/categories/sub-pages. Once I learn how to put these two menus together, I’ll edit that page with content and hyperlink my social media to that menu. That is why I did not put my social media icons to the footer page area.

I definitely created a sub-page for my “Blog” menu and named it “Creative Writing“. I activated the Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin. 

Assignment#9- Getting The Feels

I had a good experience while editing my website. I did come across minor obstacles that I was able to resolve myself. It just took some time to figure out as I was playing around with the different features.

Before playing around with the features, I thought:

So I Can’t Add GIF’s? 

I mean I was really confused because I basically live off of GIF’s. But then I figured it out!


I press on the “+” sign and populate the other options. Then I proceed to press “image.”


It gives me the option of inserting the image from my gallery or pasting a URL. Since I want to upload a GIF, I insert a URL.








Assignment #4: DS106 Assignment Repository

As my first assignment I chose: “That’s not what I expected” which was from the visual assignment section. It seemed as something simple but meaningful to do. It was something I could quickly figure out on my own by simply looking at the assignment directions. This assignment,in my opinion, reminds us to always look at the bigger picture. Sometimes, by only looking at one part or a simple piece of the picture, you might get a misunderstanding. Like in any situation, even in the real life, problems can arise when you do not look at the whole picture because you get a whole different idea than when you actually see the entire picture/situation. In this case, by simply looking at a zoomed in picture, a million guesses can come to mind, but it might be tricky guessing correctly. I will now show my outcome for this assignment.

In my opinion, if I wasn’t the one that took this and I was seeing if for the first time, I wouldn’t know what it was. If anyone comes across this post and picture, leave a comment below with your guess. I was looking through the submitted works for this specific post and I found myself staring at a picture for an extended amount of time trying to figure out what it was a part of.

As my second assignment, I chose: “Create a house” from the 3D printed assignments. I chose this as the assignment that I do not know how to do yet but I would love to complete one day. From reading the first sentence of the assignment instructions, I knew I would not know how to complete it because I do not know what a CAD program is. P.S. I still do not know because I have not looked it up yet (LOL.) Anyways, I would love to complete this in the future. Everyone has in mind what kind of house they would love to own one day. Imagine putting all your ideas into a program and, hopefully, in the future being able to own your DREAM house. I find that fascinating but, since I know myself 100%, I know I will be making changes every week, or so.

I’ve stated, in the previos paragraph, what I would need to learn to complete the project. I do believe that I should be doing these kinds of projects at least twice a month. Therefore, at least 6-8 in this semester. Not only will this be a fun project, but it will also enhance my skills, more specifically, my storytelling skills. I think these skills are very important because anything that enhances your knowledge is very valuable to have. Learning new skills and learning how to use different tools is necessary to keep your mind and creativity working.

Assignment #10 – Chapter 1: Deciding to go Natural


Website progress – I love the visual design of my website, so I won’t continue to customize my website.  I added a new blog post to my website.  I will not re-publish posts from CT101, but I will use the technique shared in class. For my personal website, I will create new content on my website.  
The process of getting a relaxer as a child.

Dear classmates

I just published a new blog post here on my website: http://kikisnaturalhairjourney.com/uncategorized/chapter-1-deciding-to-go-natural/ please come and check it out and feel free to engage in some fun dialog. 


Chapter 1: Deciding to go Natural


“Just For Me” children relaxer

Growing up my mother always relaxed my hair so it can be more manageable, so I didn’t know how my natural hair texture would look. Although my hair was chemically altered it was still long and thick, but it had the potential to be healthier. Natural hair is so hard to manage, especially when it’s thick, long, and curly.   

At the age of 12, my hair was no longer long and thick, it started to get short and thin due to overprocessing my hair and not properly taking care of my hair. I would constantly flat iron and relax my hair resulting in damaged unhealthy hair strands.  I realized that my hair wasn’t growing, so I stopped overprocessing my hair. I started to wear braids and protective styles. My hair still didn’t grow as much because of the years of damage.

Natural Hair GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals
The big chop, the removal of relaxed ends.
I was desperate for my hair to grow, so I started to educate myself about natural hair care. I realized that I needed a fresh start in order for my hair to grow. There were two routes I could take, which were transitioning or the big chop. The transitioning process is when you’re not ready to cut all your relaxed ends. So, you let your hair grow out and then you cut the damaged ends on a scheduled basis. The big chop is cutting off all your hair. I started transitioning at first because I didn’t want to be bald. My hair became so unmanageable and tangled so I to did the big chop. July 2016 is the day I decided to go completely natural, there was no turning back when I cut off my hair, I was left with a tiny little afro.   
Website progress – I love the visual design of my website, so I won’t continue to customize my website.  I added a new blog post to my website.  I will not re-publish posts from CT101, but I will use the technique shared in class. For my personal website, I will create new content on my website.  


Exploring the WordPress Potentials, Part II!

Exploring the WordPress Potentials, Part II!

Customize, customize & cus-to-mizzzzze!

Zoom Recording / Tutorial for Weeks 11 & 12


Passcode: 4@4+dOr#

Welcome Back!

***This post and assignment will cover weeks 11 & 12 (11/17 & 11/23)***

Getting specific with WordPress and context?

Last week we started setting up our new websites by simply discussing the potentials of the creation process. We talked about how to set up a new page, working with the navigation menus, working with widgets in the sidebar or footer areas, installing plug-ins (especially the Classic Editor for blogging) and the differences between posts, pages & categories. We will review this again this week too.

The process takes practice, trial and error and a bit of curious experimentation. How did you do last week? WordPress is a very intuitive piece of software, and it wants your creativity! Lets continue forward. I will be sharing a new series of demonstrations (and as always I will add the recorded videos from our zoom classes here below.)

Lets begin (or continue) populating our new websites by publishing both a new blog post there this week and also “cross posting” that information here on CT101 as well. There is an efficient way to easily cross post content across wordpress websites. This means we can publish and re-publish that same content in two places for more visibility. 

Here is a hypothetical example -> Lets say you just published a great new blog post on your personal website (the one with your new domain name) but you also want to share it with your classmates here on the CT101 website. Lets go ahead and try that.

Here is an example of that – you can prepare something in a new post that reads:


Add your Blog Post Title (all blog posts need a great title!) 

(insert an image – GIF – Meme – Quote – or some kind of related media)

Dear Readers / Friends / Colleagues  –

I just published a new blog post here on my website: http://yourwebsitename.com, (make sure to hyperlink the post url) please come and check it out and feel free to engage in some fun dialog.

(add context)


This is a very minimal example above but perhaps just a title and a link is not that interesting? We need a bit of compelling energy to draw the reader from CT101 over to your site. So make this interesting and creative!


Assignment #10 (2- parts) 

  1. Website progress – Continue to customize and work on the visual design of your website. Will you add a new page, a category, a plug-in? Will you re-publish posts from CT101 on your personal website or use the technique shared in class? Feel free to publish your progress as a part of the blogging assignment below.

2. Blogging Assignment Prompt – Publish a NEW blog Post on YOUR new website, the post can be about anything that you wish that has direct context to your new website’s stated intentions (what you site is being used to promote and share.) After publishing the post create a new blog post here on CT101 that shares a synopsis of your new post from your website that will entice and grab our attention, be sure to include the direct URL to the new blog post.

Zoom Recording / Tutorial for Weeks 11 & 12


Passcode: 4@4+dOr#

Assignment #9 – WordPress Customizing Fun

This week, I worked on developing a logo, background, and the about section. The background was simple and enjoyable. The logo was difficult to troubleshoot because most websites demanded a fee and choosing a logo was challenging. The first step was to log into WordPress. The second step was to update my post. Step 3: Locate an image for my background. The fourth step is to design a logo. In the future, I plan to use my website to archive my natural hair experience and give suggestions on how to achieve long beautiful natural hair. My website will have a series of posts on my natural hair journey, from the beginning to the end.   Check out http://kikisnaturalhairjourney.com/  and tell me what you think. I’m super excited to share my hair journey with you guys. 

So Excited Reaction GIF by MOODMAN

Art Hair GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals
Art Hair GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals
Natural Hair GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals
A visual representation of a big chop. The big chop is cutting of all relaxed ends to start a natural hair journey

Assignment #8- My domain is live!

World Cup Love GIF by Molang

We did it guys! We’re proud owners of a domain. I’m assuming most of us are first time owners. How exciting! My registered domain is erickughh.com Don’t peak yet, it’s still under construction! I really liked all five of the domains I had came up with. I was going to pick one based on process of elimination and seeing which one was available. Of course to my luck, all of them were available. I am a very indecisive person, especially knowing something like this is permanent. In the end, I chose erickughh because I wanted it to be easy to follow me throughout all platforms and have consistency with my handle.


Scared GIF by mushroommovieAt first, I was extremely nervous. All of this was new to me and I felt intimated by the process. I’ve never used any of these websites before or anything like it. I thought for sure I would have a difficult time.

Excited GIF by mushroommovie

The actual procedure of registering and installing WordPress was simple and straightforward. I did not run into any hiccups along the way. I was relieved at how easy it was. I also find it comforting that it had the same dashboard that I’m used to using for CT101 the only difference was I’m an admin now! Now I’m ready to go. Super excited about developing my website and what the future brings!

Assignment#9 by Sajani Sufian

Hey Class, Welcome to my purple website!

Now when I have invited you to my new purply website, may I please let you know how excited I am about this?

It is very exciting customizing my website. This week, following Professor Ryan’s tutorials I customized some basic things on my website. I picked a color for the background. Purple is my favorite color! I checked how the other available colors looked as a background as well, but I decided to pick purple. Also, the content I am thinking about will match with a purple background on my website.

Then I wrote my site title. “Hello, This is Sajani!” sounded good to me. Because I wanted the visitors of my website notice the first thing about this site is me. If anyone randomly visits my website without acknowledging that they are visiting Sajani’s website, this site title will catch their eyes. I removed the tagline.

I added a new category to my primary section menu named “Favorite Quotes”. I am thinking about posting the quotes I like to my website. It can be a quote I saw in any social media platforms from a famous/popular person and liked it (of course I will mention their names). So, I decided to make it a category. For my homepage settings, I left it as a static page. Then I edited my first page. I put a quote that I wrote in the center of my homepage. I removed the default images. I want my about and contact menu to be together, as Professor Ryan has for his website! Once we learn how to do that, I am planning on posting a persona of myself to the about/contact menu. This persona will include an image of myself, and basic things about me (where I am from, where and what do I study, what do I like to do, etc). And, I will also hyperlink my social media to the about/contact menu.

I posted my first blog post!

I decided to remove the “search” and “recent comments” widgets from my homepage as a footer. And only left the “recent posts” category there. And, I do not really want to keep any secondary menus.

As I go forward with my website, I am planning on using it for sharing my creative writings, movie/book reviews, my random mobile photography, and of course my favorite quotes! So, I think the background color synchronizes well with my future content. As I was following Professor Ryan’s video tutorial and customizing my website, I did not face any difficulties. It was fun, exciting. I hope it will not get so stressful moving further!




Me and my bestfriend, after telling him I created a domain for his clothing line http://a-townclothing.com/

I had an easy experience creating a domain thanks to Professor Seslow’s recorded video on zoom. The video was self explanatory, all you had to do is watch the recording and follow along.

Me Following Professor Seslow’s zoom video


So far everything is good. I’m looking forward to what next !

Assignment #8 – Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set Up & WordPress Installation!

Assignment #8 – Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set-Up & WordPress Installation

I am now an owner and founder of Naderphotography.net

Finally, I can proudly say that I can create my website using a few easy steps shown by professor Rayn.

I couldn’t hide my scary feeling when I heard Prof. Rayn mention something about working on the website and registering our domine at the beginning of the semester. I was somewhat scared, and I asked myself if I had made the right choice to enroll in CT101. I was expecting something complex that would take a lot of studies and time to get done, but likely it was an easy, fun process.

Visual search query image

First off, we must have done our research to ensure that the domains are available, and of course, that was done in assignment#7. Once that was done we gained access to the free coupon provided by prof. Rayn. 

Once my website was set up and officially had my domine, I became the owner of the Naderphotography.net website. I installed the WordPress application. It was super easy to do, It was fun, and I had some excellent set up. I expected it to be difficult, but it turned out to be easy and quick to complete, and I can’t wait to get the prof. Rayn instruction on setting up the website and making it looks official, looking forward to learning a lot. 

See the source image

Assignment #8- Official Business Only

Guess whose the new boss baby in town? This gal!


Thoughts before registering:

I was nervous. Although Prof.Seslow showed the class a demo of what how to register our domain name, I thought I’d still screw it up because I screw up everything else I try to do Woman Facepalming on Apple iOS 14.6.

Thoughts While Watching The Demo: OH, it’s pretty standard. I was super excited when I saw that my domain was available. I was also proud of myself for getting it done and NOT messing up.

Thoughts While Watching The Customizing Part of Demo: 

Okay so this is the hard part. Although I already know the theme, it’s just a matter of how to make everything look appealing while intreating with the user, but that’s part of the process.

Picking A Domain Name

Picking A Domain Name Bring IT On !

I don’t know whether to be excited or nervous about making my own website. My best friend has a clothing line named A – TOWN and he is currently looking for a website designer. This the perfect opportunity for me to learn how to make a website. So I can save my best friend some money and help his clothing line expand.

The website name is going to be A – TOWN.COM

Assignment #8: A Sad Story


Major League Baseball Wow GIF by MLB

As you may know from previous post I have bought a domain name. (I did not have to). I found out late and all of this happened because I rushed. I’m not mad since I had a card under my sleeves.

card uno GIF

I have the same name as my brother (Victor Pimentel). Is like god gave me a second chances. My brother also wanted a domain name so when I showed him the domain I bough he told me to create him one as well. So I was thinking of giving him the domain name I bough and staying with the one from this class. Rushing did not end so bad.

Or that’s what I thought… I find a little time to finally create the website with reclaim hosting So When I make the account and finished up registering the domain I was welcomed with an error message. I then check again to see if I skip a step (I did not want to make a mistake for rushing again). But I did every stop the correct way so I don’t know what went wrong. At least I have a back up domain if this one goes wrong. I already contacted the professor and hope to resolve this situation soon!

Assignment #8: Domain name registration

-Me after successfully setting up my domain and hosting wordpress.

This was such an easy experience, in my opinion. Following Professor Seslow’s recorded video on zoom and description on commons, it was such an easy and fast process. Hosting wordpress wasn’t anything out of this world either. Following professor’s steps on zoom allowed me to set it up very quickly. Since I was already at the page, I decided to change the website’s icon to a picture of my daughter and I. I went ahead and changed the background to a light-blue color. I also added two or three sentences about myself in the about section of my website.

I was very indecisive when it came to choosing my domain name. I ended up going with —> http://julissa1122penaloza.com/ I did not, and still do not, know what kind of ideas I wanted to incorporate in my website; therefore, I just added my full name and my two favorite numbers: 11 and 22. Overall, the process was fun and it was not difficult at all. I was expecting it to be more complex and difficult to create since it does sound like an important and complex topic: CREATING A DOMAIN. As I mentioned before, it was easy by following the steps provided to us by Professor Seslow. I think the difficult part will come when deciding what type of content to include in my website. I am, however, excited!