DS106: A Letter to Myself As a Child [Self Reflection]

Dear Isaac,

This is your future self from the year 2020. I’m writing this letter to let you know that I am doing well, despite some of the struggles I’ve been going through. Unfortunately, I can’t say life gets easier once you grow up because in all honesty, it’s been a real race trying to keep up.

What I can tell you is that you grow up into a fine young man. While I did drop out of school two years ago, I got back on my feet and am currently working towards my dream career of becoming a User Designer. Yes, not a doctor or police man, a designer! Your passion for creativity blossoms exponentially, so keep drawing in that sketch book and don’t mind those remarks your brother makes about your doodles!

All in all, I want to let you know that I am proud of you for coming this far and that you don’t have to worry about your future. I’ve had to deal with a lot anxiety because I was trying to do what would “make my family proud” or “make me the most money”, leading me to a dead end.

Instead of worrying about what others want or what is the “best way”, reach for what you want! Scribble in those books, splatter the paint all over the wall, let the ink from your markers bleed through the paper! And most importantly, never stop doing what you love.

From your older self,

Isaac Moon

P.S. You get a really sweet and pretty girlfriend!  😀

This assignment was pretty fun! Anyone else that wants to try it, just click on the image above to check it out!


Mid-semester Assignment

Honestly, it has been an extremely difficult semester and the class I thought would be the least stressful..is now my most stressed about class. Juggling remote learning (me & 5 year old), work, family in a pandemic has really taken a toll on me. I said all that to say, I have not been able to get much done to my website. Maybe I am thinking too hard about the website and posts for this class. But I guess, since we have such an awesome professor, I have been trying to catch up on my more difficult classes. Which I see now, was not a good strategy. My hope is to tackle the site (http://rosepinc10.com) head on this week, Nike said it best “Just Do It!”

Website Progress

In the past week I’ve been  slammed with work from my other classes so it was hard to find time to log on and update my website. As I can imagine everyone else is probably dealing with the same issue. With finals coming up it feels like professors want to throw mad work at us for no reason like NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Now that its the weekend I was able to post an older Film Review that I got published on Pandora’s Box’s Website and added in some new categories, widgets, and just gave it bit more character. I’m satisfy with how looks now, it’s almost in its final form.


Check it out and let me know what you guys think. I would love some feed back and maybe suggestion to help improve it.

After I went in and did some maintenance to my website. I decide to look through everybody else sites to see what your guys are up too. I have to say some of you guys have some cool idea.

Like this one http://manilogue.net/

This is Imani’s website and first off that logo in the top left corner is dope. It’s eye catching and really complements the theme of her website. Also, her post so far powerful and authentic. If you haven’t gone through and read them you are missing out.

Pro Choice: My Body My Choice  

Success : Security VS. Passion

There is No Such Thing as a “Slut”

Truly, wonderful work keep it up Imani!

I also want to shout out Issac Moon and his website. I love the artwork you posted there beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing you add more to that gallery. Also I love the home screen image it gives your website a really chill vibe.


Those were two that really stood out to me but everyones else is doing great. Each and every individual site is unique and represent a different personality and interest. I can’t wait to see at the end of the seamster everyone final product and see it populated with more blog post, art work, photos, and whatever you guys have to share to the world.

Congrats to everyone for getting this far! The finish line is just around the corner just hang in there and will make it together. Good Luck !!!

Classmate’s Website Review

Season 2 Hello GIF by Friends

Hello everyone. I’m going to leave a couple of comments on the websites of my classmates. First I want to say that in general there is no good or bad design, only with different tastes.


I would say that this web page is about baking cakes and desserts, and I say that because she has an image at the top of her web page a whick, eggs and foam that I don’t know what is to be honest. The design of her page is simple since it only has one image and also uses a white background for the rest of the page. I would recommend adding a bit more colors to make your page more inviting and friendly.


The design of this page has red and black as main colors, which combine very well. However, she also uses the color red in the main title of her page (WHEEL CHAIRBAE The Rolling Rebel) and this makes her title a bit difficult to read as it does not highlight the red with a red and black background. So, I recommend changing the color of the title font. The rest of your page is oriented to the right and leaves its left side empty so I would add something there.


I especially like its design. I find it simple and elegant. As background images it has on social networks like instagram and facebook which makes sense since its website is about digital marketing. I personally think this page is ready to start publishing digital marketing methods to attract more viewers.

Week 12: Classmate’s Website Review


I looked at a few of my classmates’ websites and it was nice to see the variety of different content people were focused on. The domain names were very creative and authentic. Here is a review of my top 3 favorite websites from my classmates: 


The first domain name that caught my eye was Tershara Hogan. Wheelchair Bae is very intriguing, call me noisy but I wanted to know more about this person. I have sooo many questions; Is she disabled because I’ve never an disabled classmate before. Also, I’m intrigued to hear the background story behind using a wheelchair? What are the benefits and challenges of using a wheelchair? Has it been difficult during quarantine? I loved the website slogan too “The Rolling Rebel”. It shows me that she has embraced her reality and she’s breaking stereotypes and the limitations set for her. For her first blog post I think it’d be cool to write about her backstory and the reason she chose this domain name. I think her website would inspire a lot of people! Can’t wait to see the final product, I’ll be looking out for it!


I like the website setup, it looks like Kysa is very up to date with the personalization of her website from the previous 3-4 weeks. I loved how she introduced herself and what I’ll be viewing in her posts. I liked how incorporated a very nice picture of herself. This was a nice touch because now that we are online we can’t see each other to remember faces and interact. So, by her putting up a picture of herself allowed me to put a face to a name. I viewed one post and I loved how she made a Youtube video instead of writing a lengthy blog post. This was definitely different.  I look forward to reading/watching more. 

3. https://slimshakey.com/

Shaikh Isalm’s website is something different. Looking at the background picture I knew what it was about. It gives me an irgy feel, so he hit the nail right on about sharing creepy/scary content. I like the different floors he made as well; viewers would be able to view pictures, written stories, and even videos. THIS IS SWEET! 


Mid-semester assignment

Before CT101 I knew that movies affected us emotionally and impacted our choice in live thanks to different sort of contents and technics, but I was barely unaware that I could use one or some of these visual contents to share my own feeling and even influence others. CT101 granted me that awareness, and all I can say is thank you!

Not only CT101 helped me to use GIFS, memes and logo to communicate my gladness, sadness, anger, embarrassment, desire, skills, etc., but also it taught me to create them. I do not know for others, it has not been easy for me because I only used to click and watch. Maybe this and other circumstances my slow learning during the semester. But, no worries! I surely will reached the destination.

Now I own a domain name, don’t I? And my website www.guadelead.com is getting customized.  wow! I just made a hyperlink! How exciting! Progressively I install the different features such as Menues, homepage, plugins.

As I said before, my website will be meant to Leadership. The goal is to bring out the invisible Leaders, those pillars who support the visible Leaders. In fact, leadership acts are performed everyday around us, sometimes at home, by normal and unknown people. Those people and individuals or groups they make happy need to share their experience. Also, guadelead is committing to bringing back to the present, as models, Leaders who have left their mark on the history of mankind…

What are my strengths and weakness so far? I think  I need to improve every aspects of what we have learned. But, our bigger weakness lays in our lack of time. We have so much things to do at a time. Beside mastering tools to design a logo,  completing the customizing of my  website remains an exciting challenge for me.

Customizing Website Part- 2

Hello Everyone!

As I mentioned in part 1 of customizing my website, I was completely lost but after spending hours, now I feel my website looks pretty good. Click on the link to check out my website killermonsta.

I added a new page “Digital Art Gallery


I added a contact form on my website so it will be easy for people to send a message.



Also, I used “Really Simple SSL” to secure my website.

My next step will be to add social media links to my website and I am very excited about it.

happy disney GIF

Vaporwave + Creative Tools = Storytelling ENERGY!

Soooo, what is Vapor Wave?

**The Digital Art Making Tutorial / Recording from class on 11/19 is at the bottom of this post – scroll down to follow along please**

Well, before we dig in, I blame professor Michael Smith for getting me hooked on the Aesthetic! Did I just say “aesthetic”? It all started when I saw that he created this post and assignment for a previous CT101 class that we were team teaching:

(PS – The assignment details are at the bottom of this post!)

Prof. Smith went on to say:

“I saw this morning’s DS106 Daily Create and thought of the Vaporwave Aesthetic (read the wiki – it helps) and thought I’d share my interest in it. It’s an amalgam of retro culture remix focused on the commercial aesthetics of 1980s and early 1990s – VHS artifacts, Glitch art, a little greek classical sculpture, 90s web design, low poly 3D computer graphics, and more. It’s a fairly recent phenomena starting around 2010, but there’s already a brief history video if interested.”

I updated the video link to another variation as the original video from a few years ago was removed.. but if you go to YouTube and do a search for “VaporWave”, well, down the rabbit hole you will go!

Prof. Smith is also responsible for introducing me to the infamous but yet now very famous – KIDMOGRAPH – a motion graphics artist based in Argentina who continues to dominate the Motion Graphics world in many many ways! Including inspiring tons and tons of artists and designers of all types, all over the world.

“There’s a Tumblr by the handle KIDMOGRAPH that’s a personal favorite GIF artist in this particular genre. Here’s an example of his work which incorporates low polygon 3D models.”

KIDMOGRAPH is also on Instagram of course – here

Prof. Smith made a few cool examples below using some mobile and web applications, Ill also go a over a demonstration in our class! (Below)

“If you’d like to attempt to create vaporwave styled piece, consider using this – I like this Trianglify Generator to create low poly backgrounds or how about a low polygon generator from images. I made this remix from an NYPL Vulture archive image.”

“This I then took into a couple apps Ultrapop and Ultrapop Infinite to recolor and then to animate the images using ImgPlayPro all on the iPhone”


“There are a lot of other influences to consider in vaporwave such as 90s windows application interfaces and greek classical sculpture. Have a stab at this AE S THE TIC.”

We actually do a lot using https://photopea.com as an interface to make some digital art pieces, there are tons of transparent graphic assets out there on the web, ill share the process in class this week!

(Ryan’s photopea.com examples made in class – above)

Below – watch the video tutorials made in class


Passcode: *3cBkkh?



Passcode: vs=Zt1Pk


The ASSIGNMENT: In a new blog post, review this blog post and its content! Describe what you see and perceive, what is Vapor Wave? Do you love it? Hate it? Somewhere in between? Will you review the vaporwave aesthetic from a journalists perspective? Or will jump in as an artist and make some VAPORWAVE digital art? Will you do both? Either way, lets get to work and share this creative project on CT101 (and your personal websites if you wish! Be sure to check out the vaporwave student gallery here from CT101 students in the past!

Classmate Website Thoughts

I want to start off by saying how incredible everyones website is looking!

I think I have some competition lol, anyways after going through a bunch of websites one that really stood out was https://paperpig.net/

Man, Isaac this is some really good stuff showcasing your drawings. I hope other people find this website and see more of your stuff. I liked your website layout with the social media handles it was nice, clean and easy to follow through.

I might have to take some tips from you to make my website amazing as well!

With my website https://slimshakey.com I hope to bring a horror experience for the audience members and make it big eventually one day!


Mid- Semester Assessment

Oh my God! This semester is already coming to an end, CT 101 is the easiest class I am taking this semester. So far I’ve learned a lot from this course, every assignment teaches me new things. For me, the best part of the course is when we learned about GIFs and memes because it shows that we can communicate without saying too much.

will ferrell yes GIF

The only thing that’s giving me a hard time is customizing WordPress.

Confused Basketball Wives GIF by VH1

I am currently working on my website by following steps from lecture recordings. This is how my website looks like at the moment click here. I must say the professor has been very helpful throughout the semester.

Election 2020 Thank You GIF by CBS News

I would give myself an A in this class because I believe I did good in assignments and I made progress in each blog. So, I am really hoping to get a grade in As.

Animated GIF

Good luck everyone for the rest of the semester.


Websites in Progress!

After spending a few weeks on our websites, it’s finally time to see our progress.

The first website I checked out was by Clark Vaillant, at https://clarkv4.com/. His website is a website for gamers, and he talks about news such as the hottest console of 2020, the PS5.

I left a comment on his website talking about how great it was that he was creating a website centered around video games. As a gamer myself, I love hearing about the newest consoles or video games being released. I also really love the background image he uses for his website. The logo combined with the controller really sells the website’s theme as a whole.

The next website I checked out was by Louannie Smith, at https://raaiwlou.com. First of all, I absolutely love the background image on her website. It’s a gorgeous but light hearted image that puts my mind at ease.

After observing Louannie’s website, I left a comment talking about what I liked about it. I personally love the overall light hearted themes and the fact that it’s more of a personal journal website rather than a business/portfolio website makes it casual and relatable.

All in all, I love the designs and themes of our websites so far.

Adding Social Feeds and Posts

Hey CT 101. I’m happy to share that I finally added an Instagram social feed directly to my personal website, paperpig.net!

I decided to place it in the Blog Sidebar widget so that it can remain visible while on the homepage. I also managed to embed both the Instagram social feed and an Instagram post into a blog post!

All in all, I’m really enjoying the updates and improvements I’m making on my website. Can’t wait to learn more!

Mid-Semester Assessment Assignment

When I first started CT101, I was terrified by the content we had to accomplish this semester. I mean, I wouldn’t call myself tech-savvy…

Anyway, as the semester moves forward, I realized the work wasn’t only comprehensible, but FUN!!!

I got to write my first blog ever, Intenet Happiness, and make my first ever meme!

Animated GIF

However, this was just the beginning of my internet enlightening journey… now, I can even build a website!!! It is incredibly exciting to say I can make a website. I thought I was far from ever achieving such an accomplishment, but here I am, a proud owner of a brand new website!

I’ve learned so much from this course, things like blogging, website building, and completing assignments through the DS106 Assignment Repository website, such as summarizing a movie with Animated GIFs and placing a pop star out of place!

All of these assignments, and more, have helped me become a better communicator. They showed me how to have a voice online. When you blog and post words and content, you can bring your internet persona to life!

Before I started this class, I had no idea how to do any of these things, but with the help of Professor Seslow, all of this and more has been made possible!

Right now, my website is under construction. I need to improve and work on the small behind-the-scenes data and add content. It seems simple, but there is so much to do!

My domain name is claudiabakes.com. I decided to go with a simpler web name because I found it to be very catchy. I hope to do exactly what my domain name says, which is to bake! I would love to share many recipes I have in mind and explore new ones through other people’s websites.

Like Professor Seslow said, right now, we all have As! I am going to do everything possible to keep my A and keep moving forward. I hope we all get As when this semester is done. It will be a sorrowful goodbye to this class…


Midterm Assignment

Mid-semester already??!? I refuse to believe that this semester is halfway already. It feels like just last week I learned how to make memes, how to include hyperlinks in my posts, and how to customize my own website. In previous classes, I’ve created websites but it wasn’t anything like the one where I can create the website of my dreams. For years I wanted to create a website with personal hacks I know of, tips, how-to, recipes, blog posts, and so much more but never knew how. However, now I do and can’t wait to fill my website with all these.

A strength of mine in this class I believe would be my blog post. I’ve always enjoyed reading a blog post and always wanted to create one myself. In CT101 I have a serval blog post all of which I enjoy doing so much. It’s so relaxing to sit after a stressful day and write blogs about whatever interests you.

I do feel like in this class I’ve learned many new skills but still need more improvements. I would like to work on adding more hyperlinks to my blog post because I feel like I lack in that. I remember the first blog post I’ve created, Internet Happiness. I included a few hyperlinks there but now that I know more, I’m going to be adding more to my blogs. I also feel like blogs have helped me as a communicator because I can use pictures, GIFs, Memes, and more as a way of communicating. I feel confident in this class and I feel like I’ve earned an A. I’m in each class, have a hot drink along with Professor Seslow, do the assignments, and comment on other’s amazing post. Something else I need to continue working on is customizing my website. For my domain name, I went with Vibewithcindy.com. I was nervous about creating my website but also so excited because it felt like a beginning to something great. If you would like to see what my website looks like now, click here. I know that whenever I’m stressed out I can go on my website and type away my stress. I always had a passion for writing and through this class and my website, I can fulfill this 🙂


Mid-Semester Assessments

By far this has been my favorite class this semester. Its an extremely organized, well compressed, clean-cut class, unlike others. As a student that never did their studies from home, this class was a huge reliever. One thing that I enjoyed learning the most Is how to make GIF’s . This was my favorite thing to learn and do thus far because GIF is animated art.

Your telling a story or a reaction through an animated and or moving picture of an expression made by various people. One thing that I am getting really good at is inserting hyperlinks, and making them open in another tab while keeping the current tab open. In addition, I’ve learned how to screenshot which is something I’m super excited about. Now that I’ve learned that I’m able to show someone what I’m talking about through an email with pictures and proof not just with words. This comes in handy when you want to explore different things yet keep several tabs open. The blog post has helped each student learn from each other. Many of us share the same ideas yet we are so different in the way we express ourselves through our blog post and our upcoming websites. One thing that gave me a hard time but I was able to struggle through and figure out was regarding my domain name and haveing my already existing Reclaim Hosting account connected to WordPress. I realized that when using Safari often times it does not update its software. This caused my domain name (deandrajohns.com) to open in Reclaim Hosting like this.  

This only happens when I type my domain name in Safari. After reaching out to Reclaim Hosting they notified me that my domain name actually does work and that Safari was outdated. As of right, this is how my Website looks, I’m still working on it and you will see the change as the weeks go on.

I am feeling inspired, yet motivated to keep pushing forward to finish my website I’m super optimistic to see how the finished product would look.