Assignment #2-How’s CT101 so far?

On the first day of CT101 I was nervous at first because the description of the class stated that we would have to build an online identity and it also mentioned networked conversation. And I interpreted it as having to create a personality and be able to converse with others. Which could be somewhat difficult since the pandemic “shut down” most of my social skills.

I did enjoy hearing about the course and its creative content, I was really excited to be using cuny commons again and to have the flexibility to be creative. I think it is very pleasant to have a community where we can just share our opinions and the things we like.

Compared to my other classes CT101 is very flexible, we can edit our work and we are encouraged to express ourselves. I think that CT101 will help us navigate the internet, we are getting a chance to combine many different tools.

I think the potential of this class would be to be able to make your own blog and be very creative. You will be able to add gifs, screenshots and some many more things. It will be different from other blogs and can even attract in many people. Another potential would be just to have knowledge about technology.

I personally liked Giphy over Imgur. My first three gifs I created were by using Giphy, I had tried to make the third one using Imgur but then realized that you couldn’t add stickers. Which as small as the difference is, it was the fact that I could add stickers to make that gif complete and what I had visualized. The fourth gif I got was from Imgur and this last gif I also made using Giphy. 

Assignment #2 – GIFs as Comm-uni-ca-tion!

Making our first GIF & GIF Post Narratives!

Assignment #2 – 

(Here is the video recording from zoom on 9/21 / the how-to access and make GIFS with Giphy / Imgur tutorial is below and also placed into blog post above) 


Video Passcode: Wb!jKw2d


Exciting times! Lets make some GIFS and explore the history, contexts and potentials of this Internet Culture Sensation! GIFs are obviously here to stay! How far will they go?

Will there be a Museum dedicated to animated GIFs in the near future?

You Betcha!

But First, and Importantly:

What makes a successful, compelling and engaging Blog Post?

We have a contrast and a result to work from now that we have published out first assignment, looking back, did you cover all of these aspects listed below? (You can always edit and update your existing posts! I highly encourage this as revising your work is a strong skill set to have!)

Good Blogging:

  • is thoughtful with your post titles –  How will your audience know what the post is about if you don’t make this clear and engaging?
  • giving your opinions, feelings, insights & philosophies – Ct101 is a platform for you to share, express and discover the potentials of creative writing through various media formats and narratives.
  • backing up your resources, inspiration and research with links, we need to see where the information has come from.
  • proof reading your grammar and punctuation. Its OK to work stylistically, but it should be kept consistent.
  • and always embedding cool media that’s made or found from elsewhere to give context and keep the audience engaged.
  • what could we add to this list?

And now, lets talk GIFs!

(you can click on the images above and they will re-direct you to their websites. I did this by selecting the “custom URL” option in the media / image uploading specifications area and added the URL)

Imgur and Giphy are great platforms to explore and create GIFS with! They have a HUGE repository to choose from! In our Zoom class this week (week #3) lets check out both of these platforms in a series of live video tutorials, both Imgur & Giphy are free to use and work with. (You can sign up for your own account, both are free – having an account makes it easier to work with the applications.) Lets experiment with both platforms this week as we work on this new post. Be sure to share your thoughts on what you think about both platforms, did one work better for you? If so, what were those features?

**Below –

(Here is the video recording from zoom on 9/21 / the how-to access and make GIFS with Giphy / Imgur tutorial is below and also placed into blog post above) 


Video Passcode: Wb!jKw2d


*The Assignment Details:

Lets publish a NEW BLOG POST of your own and also leave a few comments on one of your Classmate’s GIF Posts from assignment #2!

This week – lets create a NEW blog post on our class website and embed a series of new Reaction GIF s that narrates your feelings about our CT101 class so far! How can you tell the story of your personal experience in GIFs so far?

Think about these questions to address in your post:

What did you think on the first day of the CT101?

Did you like hearing about the course and its creative content?

How does CT101 compare to some of your other classes?

Also, address what the potentials of this class are?!

(yes, you can make this post as long you wish and make it flow like a story – This assignment description that you are reading is also a BLOG post example of the assignment!)

Each reaction GIF that you use should be accompanied by a sentence or two or three of verbiage to help describe the GIF and narrative you are communicating.

**And be sure to also comment on one of your Classmate’s GIF Posts!

Here is an example of me responding in GIF expressing above : “Demonstrations and examples will be shared and executed in our class Zoom lab time, don’t miss it!” (and if you do miss it, Ill post the video tutorial from class here below) Sinister audio fades in and out as Skeletor GIFs himself into oblivion!

Lets get started!

**PS – Here is a handy tutorial on how to make a GIF from a YouTube URL using Imgur from Prof. Smith a few years back –  My first GIF post

How do you say it / pronounce it? Gi-f or Ji-f?

The battle continues! And the Internet will not ever let us 

Oh, and what about some GIF history?

Here is the WIKI for the GIF file format – its a good read.

Smithsonian – History of the GIF

Mashables take on the History of the GIF

A good article for WIRED on the 30th Birthday of the GIF

Assignment #1 – What makes me happy on the Internet?

The last couple years the COVID pandemic sent millions of New Yorkers into “lock down” mode — ordering in, logging on, and downloading daily. It is so hard to narrow down finding internet joy to a single page or post, but I think I found a word best fitting: Connecting.


Image from Disney’s The Lion King

Like me, most are no longer able to connect with friends at the movies, park, or even stopping by in person to dine & dash (my favorite) — my new top three ways to connect are: YouTube, Twitch, and Discord.

  1. YouTube: If you haven’t visited, or are a latecomer (like myself), you can find just about anything on YouTube. I enjoy learning from nature documentaries, hearing new music, and dying laughing to hilarious clips.

I connected to a clip I found of my little brother’s college beer pong dunk (it made the news).

2. Twitch: Twitch is an online platform that used to simply allow gamers to connect to professionals. But like us it is still evolving…

A Fortnite player streaming

…now Twitch includes live concerts, ASMR (if you’re into that sort of thing — no judgement), and sponsored Esport tournaments. But don’t worry it still has the toxic “try-hard” “OP” “broken” gaming content if you want. As it is “Subtember” please check out a few streamers/gamers I follow: Work2Game, Tyler1, Swagg, and SSSniperWolf (who is now a 30M followed youtuber).

3. Discord: Last but not least is Discord, a messaging and digital distribution platform. A friend told me about discord back in HS when we couldn’t afford our own cellphones (that hasn’t changed much — thanks AT&T). Now, I use discord to connect to family, classmates, and radio co-hosts & guests for shows. I trust this platform because of the encryption coding (similar to Whatsapp) that allows privacy as you video or voice chat.

Discord constantly updates the channels you can join or create with innovative tech, emotes, and visuals…a far cry from trying to connect back in the day. You can download for free here (no, this isn’t a virus: just a link to their page).

Thank you for checking out this post, here is a final youtube clip I hope you enjoyed! 🙂

Assignment #1: What makes you happy on the internet?


I am going to be very transparent with you all. I LOVE FASHION. This week I spent too much time refreshing my phone with anticipation waiting for each look from this year’s costume institute gala also known as the MET Ball.The Met gala could be viewed on any digital platform, from social media to print media and of course Youtube.  The MET Ball or MET gala is originally hosted on the first Monday of may. This year the biggest night in American fashion was held on september 13,2021 due to covid-19. FortunatelyThe night was still as spectacular. For me the best part of this event is seeing guests (the individuals invited to participate at the MET gala) interpretations and execution of the theme of the gala.  The theme of this year’s ball was In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, which is meant to focus on all the emblematic figures and identity in America. 


Although some looks were a little bit odd and hard to understand…… 



(left)Image of Kim Kardashian wearing a fully covered black Suit by couture Balenciaga. 

(Right) Image of ASAP Rocky Wearing giant quilt by Eli Russell Linnetz Spring 2022 collection   


Most of the looks from that night were absolutely breathtaking and the viewers/ fans instantly understood the inspiration and appreciated the artistry of each glown/look 

(Top left ) Hailey Biber wearing black figure-hugging full length gown by Saint Laurent 

(Top Right) Amanda Gorman wearing a royal blue gown by Vera Wang. This gown was inspired by the statue of liberty 

(Bottom) Billy Eilish  wearing nude tulle gown by Oscar de la Renta 


I also love gowns/looks that create conversations and illustrate a political statement. What do you think she is advocating for?

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York wearing a custom Brother Vellies ivory wool jacket dress and the message “tax the rich” in red across her back. 


Ultimately, I believe fashion is not to be taken so seriously, it’s just fun and sparks some joy into people’s lives. Please give me your favorite look!

Assignment #1: What makes me happy on the Internet? Anime/Manga.

Anime is a form of Japanese animation which is usually based off of Manga. Manga are comic books/graphic novels that originate from Japan. I have been watching anime and reading manga for as long as I can remember. The internet also makes it possible for me to watch and read them. They are always published in Japanese first whether it is anime or manga and through the internet I have them available for me to enjoy in English via online websites or in the form of books(Manga). This has brought me many hours of pure joy and sometimes sadness as you get really absorbed in different stories.My favorite anime/manga of all time is One Piece, which started in 1997 and is still ongoing as well as the 2nd most sold comic in the world, Superman is first and Batman is third in-case someone was curious. The internet has made it possible for me to read and watch not just One Piece but many more and be part of something for 10 plus years! If it wasn’t for the internet, I wouldn’t have known if manga or anime even existed and I am very thankful for that.



Assignment#1-What is making me happy on the internet?

What is making me happy on the internet?

One thing after a hard day of work or going out with friends, I find myself really engaged into watching anime as it is my most favorite genre of shows to watch on tv. The content and the artistic creativity that they put into each show always have me waiting for more episodes every week and if I can’t I look for another anime to pass time. At first I didn’t like anime but after times of hanging with my friends and persuading me to watch I ended up becoming a fanatic to the shows. The one show that keeping me really excited this week is a show call “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”.

This show is absolutely hilarious and interesting but this last episode had me really happy and laughing in tears due to a reference of other famous Japanese anime and American satire. If you would like to know more about the show it is streaming on Crunchyroll and funimation streaming services. It is really funny and what made me cry in tears was this part at the bottom

“Street Fighters” and “DragonBall Z” are two japanese animations that really got anime over to western culture. From their influence in the western culture it inspired anime developers to go out and create more using these successful animation as inspiration and templates to create their own. Time and time you will see in these anime that some of them show respect by adding easter eggs(parody reference) into their anime to show respect to the ones that inspired them. I love seeing like this cause it shows how japanese anime stay true to their community.


Assignment #1: What makes me happy on the internet

Assignment #1: What makes me happy on the internet

Hello everyone! I wanted to share that what makes me happy, on the internet, is any type of social media platform (any platform for communication.)

First of all, you can see anything from current events all the way to memes and funny videos. You can connect with your friends and family and keep up with them on a daily basis.

Sometimes, I even get ideas of places to visit with my daughter. I get inspired to go out and visit all these new and fun places… even tho it sometimes hurts my wallet. 😭

Lastly, I love the FaceTime app. It allows you to see someone that you are missing when they can’t be there with you at the moment. I love it when my daughter calls me after class, even if it’s to tell me to buy her something. HAHA!

Social media is a huge platform with so much to do. It personally makes me very happy!

Assignment #1 – My Happy Place via Web Edition

There are many websites/apps that make me happy on the internet but if I were to choose one it would be instagram. Instagram makes it easier for people to communicate with their audience through images and videos. Having this platform allowed users to “think outside of the box,” and get creative.

To be honest, I think we can all agree that memes became a thing because of instagram, no?

People have become so famous from utilizing instagram to its fullest advantage. People started businesses, posted their art (and yes, meme’s is art and so are GIFs) and I wish I was one of those influencers/vloggers that got paid for living life but I don’t have the dedication in me.

My favorite feature on instagram is my explore feed. I discover new products, places, and affirmations every single day and although it makes me excited, I also feel overwhelmed. I would scroll through my feed for hours looking through everything, imagining myself wearing the same outfit as the influencer that I am looking at or bridal outfits from London or Pakistan. The explore feed allows me to escape my reality and pretend to live my ‘luxe lifestyle.’

Here is an example of my explore feed. Hope this gives you an idea of what my interests are.


Assignment #1- Happy on the Internet

what makes me happy on the internet 

I need my phone
I need my phone

Whenever I’m stress, sad, or overwhelmed, I look at my phone and go on the internet 

Many platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, tik tic, or even Facebook are available to visit, which can help change your mood from sad to joyful.

I’m a super fan of YouTube; it generally has everything I need, from fun stupid videos to educational professional videos that explain what I’m looking for in detail.

The other day I broke my phone, I took it to the phone technician, and he asked for $240 to fix it, but thanks to YouTube, I set it myself for free I only had to purchases the screen for $60.

I majored in accounting, and many topics needed a little more explanation than what the professor went over. Thanks to professor Farhat’s for guiding most accounting through college with his excellent explanation of every subject. Going to class knowing what I was talking about made me super happy, and most importantly, I got A+ in most of my accounting courses.

As a child, I loved watching Tom and Jerry, and YouTube made it possible for me to watch at any time.

There have been so many dance videos trending on the internet, and I could not do it, but soon YouTube will teach me them.

Assignment # 1: What is making me happy on the Internet ? TikTok.

TikTok is a teen app that allows you to record short 15 seconds to 3 minutes videos. People use these short videos to express themself whether it is by dancing, comedy, education, motivational speeches, lip-syncing. I love Tiktok because it is entertaining and it helps make time goes by fast especially when one has nothing to do.

In addition, TikTok is not just entertaining, it is also very educational. From watching TikTok I learned and discovered a lot of places. For example last week I discovered this amazing palace called Sip and Play from TikTok and I love the place. Sip and Play is currently my favorite place to go too. The food is amazing and they have a lot of games to choose from.


Fun Places To Go In NYC 🗽@sipnplaynycofficial #funthingstodoinnyc #dateideas #nycdateideas #cheapdateideas #nycdateplaces #datenight #datenightideas

♬ Peaches – Justin Bieber

Assignment #1: Baseball Reference!

24 times that the now-24-year-old Shohei Ohtani has made our jaws drop | MLB .com

I started to watch baseball again after I saw the juniors do something massive in the past years

Specially young talents from my country braking records of big players. I have been watching baseball all my life since is a huge deal in my country. Now that I’m older, I start to understand a lot beyond the game that I couldn’t understand back in the day. As I watched this season I saw how Juan Soto in the 2019 world series and even now broke so many records. Then I started thinking, who were the people that originally set the record. Because it is way easier to break something then actually being the first one in doing it.

Baseball Reference front page

While I was doing a research I found a website recently that have store all the data from games even from 1900. Everybody knows Babe Ruth, what he did will stay in baseball forever. But if it wasn’t for this website, I would never know the story of Ty Cobb.

Ty Cobb Once Beat Babe Ruth … at Golf | SwingU Clubhouse
Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb

He’s a legend of the same era as Babe Ruth. While I was looking at his stats on the website. I couldn’t understand why he was a Hall of Fame. It has been so long ago since he played, when I saw only 117 home runs I was confused. How can a HoF only have 117 HR, it didn’t make sense to me…

This is what someone who saw him play have to say

Warm up this winter and work on your baseball skills with Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth | MLB.com

Until I looked to the left and saw the second  most hit of all time was set by him in his era. It was impressive for me to think that, I would never have though that man would be the person with so many hits after seeing his HR so low in 24 seasons. That was the first time I saw him on the website. Since then, I have been looking at so many other players that I didn’t get to see play, but their records I don’t think would ever be broken. I hope I get to talk about another player next post, “The player who got tired of hitting“. Leave in the comments who you think this player is.

Assignment #1: What makes me happy on the internet? Youtube

Assignment #1: What makes me happy on the internet? YouTube

YouTube is a social media platform for many creators to express themselves and create content for viewers to enjoy. It’s been around for years now and it continues to grow as more content creators provides a great experience for their audiences. I personally enjoy watching YouTube videos daily ranging from reaction videos to gameplay videos. 

Reaction videos are interesting content to me mostly because it’s reacting to other people’s thoughts and feelings towards something. Watching a reaction video to a funny video will often have me laughing more at the reaction rather than the funny video itself.


Me laughing at a reaction video
Me laughing at a reaction video








Not only do reaction videos peek my interest, they also have me wanting to watch more. The content creators do a fantastic job in peeking my interest because of the way they react, no matter if it’s exaggerated or not. Bringing more comedy in a video is something that makes me thrilled to watch another video and it’s something that can be laughed about with friends or family.

How I act when there's more reaction videos
How I act when there’s more reaction videos

Like previously stated, I also like watching gameplay videos. Meaning I like watching people play various of games. I would rather see someone else’s way of playing a game rather than playing a game myself. There are times when I decide that I would like to play a game myself, but most of the times I enjoy watching others play the games. I have watched reaction videos to the recent reveal of Spider-Man 2 & Wolverine video games being made by the same developers who made the first two Spider-Man games and seeing the reactions of the content creators to the end trailer of Spider-Man 2 had me like…

Me and Reactors reacting to the ending of the video game trailer for SpiderMan-2
Me and Reactors reacting to the ending of the video game trailer for SpiderMan-2

This is the video that had me and content creators shocked and surprised by the Spider-Man 2 trailer. I enjoyed many of their reactions and it created more of an excitement for the game that wasn’t as prevalent as it now.






Assignment #1: Happy on the Internet

I spend an absurd amount of time on tiktok. I love watching comedy skits, dancing, and the crazy transitions people edit. It is an app full of creativity and it always brightens up my day. My favorite trend on tiktok right now is students catching “devious licks.”  It’s a guilty pleasure but it sparks joy. I know the trend can be problematic but I can’t help find it hilarious.

It started off  as an innocent joke…

Commercial Soap Dispensers For Restaurants & Public RestroomsTouch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser | Gempler's

Students were taking a single pump of soap and hand sanitizer putting it in their pocket and taking it home or even a handful of water. They would also take a single paper towel home. Students would also take a single piece of loose-leaf  paper from someone and call it a “devious lick.” The goal was to take a school item home.

This trend took a dark turn when it turned into …  

The freshmen at our school seem to have caught up on this new “devious lick” TikTok trend. Now the boys are restricted to two restrooms because they kept vandalizing and stealing theStudents taking soap dispensers off the wall! 

It humored me watching what students came up with as their “lick”.  It was all innocent fun in the beginning. Some students took it too far by taking the entire soap dispenser but I still found it funny to watch other peoples mischievousness. Especially since schools are aware of this trend and had to make announcements over the manner. The things people will do for some clout on the internet is questionable but entertaining.


HAIRCARE MAKES ME HAPPY EVERYDAY! (Assignment#1 by Sajani Sufian)

I am a haircare freak. I spend a lot of time researching how to take good care of my hair and grow it longer . I cut my hair by myself at home last year and it became really short. So, I am always looking for more tips and natural ways to grow it longer. Recently something caught my eyes and here it is.

I love how the experts share simple and easy tips to keep our hair healthy naturally. ♥ Anyone can follow this. These tutorials make me happy on the internet. As I am always searching on these tips; now my social media platforms, YouTube homepage is most of the time flooded with haircare video suggestions. It makes me happy hence the internet makes me happy! 〈♥〉

Yes, I feel REALLY good and happy taking care of my hair however it is. 

But as of talking about being patient about it? Not me! I have been extremely impatient about growing my hair longer! Well, I have calmed down a bit now when it’s way longer than before.

As we all get bored at some point with our looks, I made a little change on the front part of my hair. But I DID NOT shorten the length!! I just did the bangs on the front part of my hair following the tutorial above and that’s all. My looks are refreshed and I get to keep my long desired hair length!

Working on the betterment of my hair health always makes me happy. Watching these tutorials, reading articles on what to do to stop hairfall, grow hair longer, etc are the sources that make the internet a fun place for me.

Enjoy my post and the clips that I have attached!


Assignment #1- What is making me happy on the internet?

As of late, I have become exceedingly engrossed with the Persona video game series. Specifically, Persona 4. Because of this, I have been using the internet to learn as much about it as possible. And to speak openly, it brings me nothing but joy. It is mind-boggling how much I’ve learned from this game.

Talking Persona 4 GIF

You see, the Persona series has a lot of mythological influence in its design. The characters use personas, hence the name, which are based on Gods, demons, and monsters. There are a lot of videos that discuss the correlation between the persona users and personas themselves. Here I’ll share one for you guys.

My personal favorite character, Yosuke Hanamura, has a Persona named Jiraiya. Since I’m a bit of a pragmatist, I like to look at the characters’ stats to see how to utilize them in the game best.


I hope this post makes you interested in the series so we can talk about it together!