Assignment #1- Happy on the Internet


Assignment #1: Happy on the Internet

The one thing I like the most is playing video games and watch some gaming video. Gaming online is really fun because you want a challenge for yourself. Gaming for me is fun when some games involve story because it want you to know that person and what kind of struggle they experience.

But the most games I like the most is Kingdom hearts series, Five Nights at Freddy series, and CSR Racing 2. There are more but I can keep it to myself because some of those are very nice and their graphics are nice.

Two of my favorite Youtuber are 8-BitRyan and  Fusionzgamer. FusionZGamer is a horror/FNaF video gamer who plays different horror games and fnaf related games. 8-BitRyan is also a gamer who is funny and knows how to keep the mood up for you. He also play horror games and other good games off of gamejolt or from other sponser games that he get from other people