Assignment #1

What makes me really happy on the internet, is that I am able to connect with my friends who are in different states. I could play online games with them, and communicating with them is truly a blessing. I have two cousins who are in the military, and I am able to contact them easily through an application called Discord. Another would be YouTube, and finally, it would be a game called Valiant. 


  1. Discord is an application that lets you communicate and meet new people in communities all around the world. There are communities based around many niche things. Being able to communicate via Text or Video Call is also a bonus.
  2.  YouTube is an application as many know that lets viewers watch and broadcast videos. I feel as though YouTube has become such a mainstream source of media, that it has become a part of my daily routine. Of course, there is skepticism involved regarding the media posted
  3. Valorant is an online tactical shooter game. I have made many friends and actually met my neighbor online as well. It was quite a shock for both of us. As there was a 3 year age gap, we didn’t really communicate all that much in person. Until after we met online, and every now and then we would play together.

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