assignment 10 website admin

Time for the good stuff. Creating an interning cohesive website other people would enjoy as much as me. The first thing I did was change the website color and font size, quickest and easiest thing todo right as you begin the creation process

I decided on a short and funny heading and tried out a few pictures, nothing seemed to fit together well.
I found these images while looking through the WordPress options and fell involve, they matched perfectly with the background and really brung the front page together, I also liked that the flowers were named.
I knew already I wanted a comment section in my website but I wasn’t sure how many or where. I downloaded a plugin For comments and after my first attempt I had a comment section. My next step was adding pages.
After a few mistakes, I figured out how to add an about page, now I have to explain to the people what my site is all about.
I was beginning to feel like a pro I knew what I needed todo and how todo it. I found the website coming togther way faster now, all it needs it more content. If you don’t believe me take a look for yourself 😉

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