Assignment #2: CT101

I had a few friends take CT101 before and they told me that this was a really fun class and that they just made memes all week long. I wanted to take this class a few semesters ago but wanted to get all my required classes for computer science out of the way. CT101 so far has been really fun, I never used GIFS with while also describing how I feel about something or just talking about something in general, so this class is different when it comes to that. I have a class at 8am before this so I am usually out of it so I am glad we have recordings just in case I miss something.So far this class has been very new with how we submit our work and the use of media/gifs in our responses. I was very curious hearing about this class from my friends and now that I am taking it, I can see what they were talking about. Out of all the stressful classes this is definitely a class that lightens the mood even when doing an assignment. I think it helps a lot that the professor teaching the course is also very invested in what they teach and are also invested with the students in the course makes learning and doing things a lot better then just showing up for class and doing the same thing every time without any interaction.CT101 is very different from all the other classes I am taking this semester. Out of the 5 classes I am taking this semester this is the only one that does not have any math in the course, and because of that there is no stress from this class compared to my other classes. I am learning some front-end in one of my classes where we are going over HTML/CSS and I can see those relating to the way we submit our responses and the layout that gets created when we publish our posts. When it comes to this class I feel like I can use the creative side of putting together words with GIFS and use them in my code for when I plan on making my own website/portfolio which is most likely going to be at the end of this semester when we get the month off. Hopefully I can use some of the stuff I learn/make in this class for that.

Also check out Squid Games, if you like survival type shows.
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