Assignment #2: First GIF Post!


On the day of our first lecture, I remember going onto the CT 101 website and reading through the syllabus. It felt overwhelming, especially the part about being required to do 2-3 assignments per week. It’s been about a year since I’ve last been in a college classroom, so I was a bit worried if I could handle the workload.

However, despite the initial fear I had of the class, after meeting Professor Seslow in the Zoom meeting, I began to understand the class a little better and realized Professor Seslow’s main concern was not to follow some strict guideline, but to allow us to utilize creative freedom.

Personally, I enjoy being creative and doing artistic works more than working with numbers like in calculus and computer science. When I heard about all the creative content we would be making in CT 101, like blog posts, I admit that I got a bit excited.

Compared to my other classes, CT 101 is definitely my favorite class of this semester. All my other classes require me to read 40 or more pages per week on topics I am not really interested in, and then I’m assigned very specific questions regarding the text I read. It’s certainly straightforward, but it’s also very dull and boringly systematic.

After completing the first assignment about Internet Happiness, I realized how powerful digital storytelling was. There’s so much more appeal in telling stories through the use of organized text, design and moving visuals rather than just tiny, compact words (like in a newspaper).

Considering how much society relies on technology and the virtual world, learning how to create stories digitally is invaluable.

My major at York College is Communications Technology with a concentration in Web Design, so learning how to create appealing, EYE CATCHING messages for online audiences is definitely a plus.

I’m really excited to see what this class has in store for us. Hopefully, by taking CT 101, I can learn what makes applications like Imgur so popular, and overall, expand my creative horizons.



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  1. This is wonderful!! Such a great example of expressive narration and imagery! This is FUN and energetic! I love the curation of GIFs and your take on asserting the intentions of the course, thank you!

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