Happiness on the internet

While i am on the internet i like to explore for tv shows, games and new music. When quarintine sarted I was streaming some shows and found out it was pretty good, and that was one of the things that gave me happy during the lockdown. I love using the internet, i have done so much research and found out so much things, the internet has been a good source of knowledge and fun that gives me happiness.  Gaming has been a large part of my time at home,

One of the shows I watched was Smallville, this show is just as old as I am but it is very good, it was very long and sometimes it was hard to follow, but this show was pretty good, it is basically about superman and how it was for him learning his powers and where he really came from. To be honest I am kind of a geek, most of the things I do on the internet are fiction related and it is actually fun for me.



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  1. Looking good! Lets add more content! See if you can find a series of animated GIFs to add to the post or a series of fan related links to also hyperlink back to! I love Smalleville also, funny enough, I just started watching it this year! :))

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