Assignment # 9

The theme was the first thing I worked on, however, I chose to go with the default configuration of Twenty-Twenty. The new WordPress theme is Twenty Twenty-two. As a new to WordPress I active the theme Twenty-twenty which helps me to customize my site after watching zoom recording instructions.

For this assignment, I add a new item to my menu. I neam this new item ‘Photography’. Photography is my hobby. I’m so happy to upload my all photograph to my site. To add this option, first you have to go to ‘Menu’, then click on the primary and press the ‘add items’.
Another thing I edited from my site is the Social menu. I add my personal email address and my facebook link. I didn’t want to have my Instagram icon on site. So I remove this from the menu.

1 thought on “Assignment # 9”

  1. You just reminded me to add my socials. While I like to create it private it important to keep in mind that that social can be an extension from our blog posts. I cant wait to see your final customizations.

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