Digital intimacy #6


I was a little excited for this project because it reminded me of those aesthetic Tumblr mashups  or Pinterest collages 

I took me awhile to decide what I would use, but I figured the most entertaining thing would probably just be a mashup of all my favorite things.

I started with a sunset for the base picture from here ill add on details.
I used some of my favorite characters, including Sailor Jupiter from one of my favorite animes, Sailor Moon, Inosuke from Demon Slayer, Sack Boy, who was previously mentioned in a different blog post for currently being one of my favorite video games/characters, and Dragonanir, my favorite Pokemon, to create my final product.  I’m actually really happy and impressed with it. The dancing girl at the bottom wasn’t included for any particular purpose; I just happened to see her as I was finishing up the project and felt she fit in nicely.

3 thoughts on “Digital intimacy #6”

  1. cool gen you play little big planet too? your so cultured in the gaming world. I also love to watch demon slayer its one of my favorite shows right now. we should watch together sometime !

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