DS106 Assignment #1

The assignments on the DS106 site opened my eyes to a plethora of ideas I can choose from- which makes me really excited.

The first assignment that I will complete is a gif assignment. Once I saw the options of assignments to consider, I immediately went to the ‘gif assignments.’ I had mentioned in previous posts that I really enjoy gifs and before this class, making them was a struggle. Now that I have the luxury of making gifs so quickly on giphy.com, I do not pass up on the opportunity to make a gif. So for my first DS106 assignment, I will be doing a ‘reaction gif’ assignment. (See screenshot of the image below.)

I particularly enjoy the gif assignments because it allows me to incorporate my writing- which I enjoy doing. For this particular assignment, the instructions only require one reaction gif but I believe I will do more than one because of how fun they are to make. (Once completed, I will link the assignment in this post so the assignment will be easy to find.)

For future assignments I’d like to do, I’m thinking about doing video assignments. I actually found a specific one that caught my eye. (See screenshot of the image below.)

I had mentioned that I have a youtube channel with my sisters but my role is just to be in the videos. I am not a part of the editing process and all the logistics that would come with that. So, I think video assignments would be something I’d like to dabble with and learn more about. This decision isn’t just for youtube but with the career I want- broadcast journalist- there is no doubt that these skills would benefit me.

I’m not sure how many of these assignments I think I’d have to do for it to become second-hand nature to me but I’m willing to do as much as I have to do to become proficient with this.

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