Are Memes art?

Memes are definitely art. Memes are just as creative as any other art work and they take just as much imagination. Memes are not just art on the internet, some people make products including memes that sell in a lot of different web pages.  Memes require people to have a funny way of looking at life which allow them to create the memes.

Memes are a form of expression for some people, they use memes to express what they feel or think and that is a great way to do that. Art is used to express feelings and thoughts and memes are just like this but people doesn’t think of memes as art because they think that they are just jokes, but that is part of their purpose, they are a way to lighten up people and to bring them joy. The best part of it is that there is a meme for everyone, theres is always one that reaches a specific type of person.

This class has been very great to explore the internet and all the great things that we could find there.


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  1. Good work! Fun series of memes! Don’t forget to always add a few hyperlinks to some of your sources and additional resources / context to help expand your narratives, we want to keep the viewer engaged and also curious to know where you are finding your information.

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