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We have come to the end of the semester. Who would’ve thought I would actually miss taking a course?

CT-101 will be definitely be marked as one of my favorite courses throughout my college journey. Not because there were no exams (even though that contributed to the course’s likeability), but because I am walking away from this class having learned so much and learning was not a burden.

One of the first things we learned to do was make memes and gifs. I think this was my favorite part of the class as it gave me access to a world that I was trying to get into for so long.

The “Yes, baby” perfectly described my reaction when I made my first meme. It was such a simple task but after trying for so long and FINALLY being successful, gave me such a feeling of accomplishment. For memes, the recommended site to make memes was Imgur but for some reason, I did not quite like this site. I felt like there were not enough empty memes, and so that search time prolonged my time in making a meme. So instead, I found myself using Imgflip quite often.  This site is very easy to navigate and making a meme from this site is easier than counting to 5. I’d definitely recommend it for anyone that wanted to dabble in memes.

Next, came the gifs. If you looked at any of my posts, you would see how much gifs I inserted into my posts. This time, I used the recommended site, Giphy, and it has been my favorite gif making site. This site is also very easy to navigate and I love the plethora of gifs that they have. I think I’ve made more gifs than I should have but that will not stop me from continuing to do so…it’s become too fun to stop now.

One other great opportunity that this class has afforded us was the opportunity to make our own website. Before this class, I had already had an existing website for blog posts (feel free to check it out- And though I love this site dearly, I was excited to create a new website that would focus on a more serious subject.

And from that, came the birth of straighttalkwithkysa. The idea for the website was formed before taking the course but the course helped me bring the idea to life. My ‘Straight Talk with Kysa’ episodes features “talk shows” of me discussing social issues- mainly violence against children.

In a previous blog post, I wrote about all the ways I customized my site. The main thing to see on the site are the 2 episodes of STWK that I have filmed (which can also be found on ThriceAnointed‘s page on Youtube.) Because this course doubles as my honors course, I wanted to do more than expected for the class- so as to meet the requirements for the program.

So, there will be more episodes uploaded on the site, hopefully soon. But, even after the semester ends, I plan to continue recording films and uploading them to the site. The goal is to eventually build a recognizable brand that will raise awareness for violence against children around the world and will hopefully, decrease the levels of violence acts committed against children.

The skills learned throughout this semester will definitely be used as I continue to grow my site. I never want my website to become monotonous- it must always be engaging and inviting. So, even if there is a week where I cannot post a video, a blog post filled with all the learned elements from this course should suffice.

Now to discuss grades…

Not to be cocky, but I think I’ve safely secured an A in this class. I remember being scared to take this class because I was not tech savvy, and I cannot safely say that I am all the way tech savvy now, but I believe I accepted every challenge that was given and executed it well. Hopefully, the professor feels the same way about all my produced work.

Undoubtedly, this has been an amazing course and I am definitely going to miss seeing all of you guys’ posts. I don’t want to say goodbye, so for now…

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  1. Thank you so much!
    Great work across all criteria and then-some!
    Thank you for the commitment and consistent production of great work here on CT101, thank you for your participation and engagement with our community here.
    You site(s) are looking great and you must keep them up!
    Good Energy!

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