“The Internets Own Boy: Reflexion”

This film was painful yet fantastic to watch, I feel like this film should be used as an example for people that wants to take away our rights. The internet is where we can find our freedom from the real world, we have so much to explore, and helps us be who we are.  People should not be denied the right to express themselves freely on the web or in the streets.

The story of Aaron Swartz is a story that sets an example for everyone in the world. it was amazing how he was such an intelligent guy, and not just intelligent as in book smart, but intelligent in his life choice, he decided to give people a place on the internet to express themselves like they wanted to. the sad thing is that he paid a high price for this. but this gives us all a lesson, it tells us that if you believe in something and you have a passion for it then nothing can stop you.