Project Flexibility

The first prom that I choose is something that I think I can do, not perfect, but I like to do it.

I started with the small things on the first floor. this is a house for just one person.

then I found that instead of use rectangles for the couch, table, or anything inside; I can insert the object:

I couldn’t insert much stuff because the app did not have it. But the table, lamp, and sink are from the app.

The first fool is petite. The kitchen and living room are in one rectangle, the same as the bedroom and bathroom.

I am not really good at creating stuff without reference, so I had a hard time thinking about doing it.

Is a very simple design, I just had to put together pictures from Pinterest and add the letters saying Happy Earth Day.  For this, I had to use two apps sketchbook from windows, Pinterest, and PowerPoint. I use PowerPoint to take out the backgrounds.

I had fun doing both projects.